Safely Uninstall Norton Security Deluxe Without Leaving a Trace


Some PC users might have the problem like “how should I finally remove Norton Security anti-virus software from computer?”, so today this tutorial is about the guides how to safely uninstall Norton Security Deluxe from PC, keep on reading if you like to learn more.

Norton Security protects your PC against the latest viruses, spyware, and other threats. It delivers fast, powerful online protection to keep you a step ahead of cyber attacks. It lets you chat, email and share files without worry, updates automatically, offers easy-to-use features, and includes free customer support during your subscription period.

Uninstall Norton Security Deluxe by These Guides

However, Norton Security suffers from Norton’s reputation of being difficult to remove, mostly owing to older versions of Norton’s security tools. Luckily, today’s users, you have the priority to read this helpful removal guide to truly uninstall Norton Security Deluxe from Windows.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/8.1/7
  • Antivirus version: Norton Security Deluxe

In the following content you can find two different methods to completely uninstall Norton Security Deluxe

Fast &Easy Option to Uninstall Norton Security Deluxe

First of all, the easiest and fastest way will be listed as you see. In this part, a removal tool you must download and install on your system, it’s all the same on each Windows operating system, no matter you have installed Windows 10/8/8.1 or Windows 7, and you can simply follow the steps below to proceed, because it actually works all these systems so far.

1. After successful installation of Max Uninstaller > Launch it.


2. Begin your removal tour for now by processing Max Uninstaller in just three simple steps:

In Step 1:

Select Norton Security Deluxe in the list of interface, then click Run Analysis on the left;

step 1

In step 2:

Select all the shown items and click Complete Uninstall, easily click Yes to confirm your choice;

step 2

Just do as it said to conduct the removal;


In step 3:

Wait until this part finishes and the below green Scan Leftovers button turns into green, and click it to proceed with the removal and click Delete Leftovers to completely uninstall Norton Security Deluxe.

step 3

By now, Norton Security Deluxe has been successfully removed from your computer all together with all its leftovers stored in different folders in it. Therefore, this small application is surely a very convenient way to clean out useless programs from your computer

Watch the actual operations in video to easily uninstall Norton Security Deluxe on PC bellow:

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Manually Remove Norton Security Deluxe step by step

This part is about how to normally uninstall a program on your own, every PC users might use this method to uninstall any unwanted program of course, but you must still be careful of every step in case to make some mistakes.

1. Reboot your computer system into Safe Mode

Before performing Norton Security Deluxe removal, you’d better restart your computer to boot into Safe Mode and use the Administrator account to run the system.

2. Exit the running software

Just to confirm the smoothly removal of Norton Security Deluxe from computer, you must quit the running app as:

  • Go to the taskbar on the lower right corner>> click the triangle icon to open the hidden apps >> select Norton Security Deluxe >> right click to choose two Disables


  • Click the taskbar >> choose Task Manager >> select the related processes with Norton Security Deluxe >> click End Task.

2017-10-19_12-51-28task manager

3. Remove Norton Security Deluxe Programs and Features:

You can remove your Norton product from your computer in the following ways:

  • From Windows Control Panel.
  • From the Start menu.
  • From Windows Start screen (Windows 8/8.1).

In fact, in the last step to remove things in windows just looks like the same way, they are all in the Programs and Features, or you can say in Control Panel/Setting.

In Windows 8/8.1:

  • Click the Menu bar at right lower corner, then click down arrow;


  • Select Norton Security Deluxe icon, right click it;
  • Choose Uninstall button;


  • Then you move to Features and Programs;
  • In fact, you can also launch Features and Programs by clicking Features and
  • Programs option from the menu bar as you see;

control panel

  • From the interface of Features and Programs, select target Norton Security Deluxe icon;
  • Choose the Uninstall /Change above a little bit or right click choose the same option;

Safely Uninstall Norton Security Deluxe Without Leaving a Trace

  • Allow the uninstall process to run buy clicking “Yes“;
  • Norton will initialize the uninstaller;
  • On the next screen select “Please remove all user data“;


  • Don’t keep any feature Norton offers, even if it’s free. Select “No, thanks” if you get a screen like this one;
  • Now that you removed Norton Security Deluxe, you have to reboot your computer before the changes take place. Better now than later.

4. Now remove its written entries

  • Go the Star Menu ;
  • Hit Run;
  • Type “regedit” in the Open box, hit OK


  • Confirm the opening of Registry Editor window;
  • Press the shortcuts of Ctrl + F to open the search box in Registry Editor;
  • Type the program name “Norton /Norton Security Deluxe” in the box;


  • Delete the target file once it has been searched out in all five folders;



  • Until Finishing Searching comes


  • Reboot your computer to confirm removal.

Solution: getting tired to uninstall Norton Security Deluxe in so many process steps with manual approach? Then have a try on Max Uninstaller, no matter antivirus software or any other installed program, it will work for all. Like I always recommend, it’s better users to take use some tool to help instead all on their own. Be care when you solve this kind of computer issue, because it easily hurt your computer.

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