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Don’t know how to correctly uninstall Kodi v17? You’re not the only one who got stuck in the removal. Just read this instruction for the effective solutions.


Kodi v17 is an application that you can get from Windows Store. It features a great amount of work in areas like video playback, live TV and PVR/DVR, the music library, skinning and more. The problem is that sometimes users can’t successfully remove this program. For that reason this article has been written to provide convenience. Let’s see how to correctly uninstall Kodi v17 in Windows.

Possible Consequences Caused by Incorrect Uninstall

  • Uninstall failure
  • Re-installation failure
  • Intractable registry entries (remaining files)
  • Screen freeze or system crash

Now you know where those errors might come from. The following instruction will guide you through the correct uninstall process, to effectively uninstall Kodi v17. And anytime you face an unknown problem, don’t forget we’re still here to help.

Regular Steps to Manually Uninstall Kodi v17

Compared to Windows 8, the main difference of Windows 10 is that it has both a fresh new Start menu and the Start screen, and these two can be easily switched between each other. In the following steps, I particularly listed the steps you can take via the Start menu in Windows 10 along with those in Windows 7/8. Hopefully they see to every reader’s needs.

First of all, make sure you’re using an Administrator account. If your system never had a second account, skip this, and start the removal right away:

1. Close Kodi v17 first.

Stop the Kodi v17 program from running in the background no matter what. It may not be necessary towards the removal of some programs, but just in case.

2. Open the list of currently installed programs.

Windows 7:
Open the Start menu > Select Control Panel > Click Uninstall a program

Windows 8/8.1:
Right-click on the Start button > Click Programs and Features

Windows 10:
Right-click on the Start button > Click Programs and Features

3. Uninstall Kodi v17 via the Programs and Features.

Click on Kodi > Uninstall or Double-click Kodi to activate its default uninstaller > confirm the removal > wait for the wizard to finish the process.

Uninstall Kodi v17 through Programs and Features.

4. Open the Windows Registry Editor.

Windows 7:
Open the Start menu > Execute “regedit” in the search box

Windows 8/8.1:
Point your mouse to the bottom-right corner > Select Search > Execute “regedit” in the box

Windows 10:
In the bottom-left corner of your screen, execute “regedit” in the search box on the taskbar

5. Delete the vestiges to completely uninstall Kodi v17.

Now you’re removing the files that regular uninstallation might leave behind. Before doing this, you might want to read How to Back up & Restore the Registry in case of any mistaken deletion.

To delete the leftovers of Kodi v17, navigate to this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kodi, and delete it.


Then on the navigator of Registry Editor, click Edit > Find… > search for “Kodi” > Delete the file (s)/folder (s) if found.

6. Reboot your PC to take effect.

Then check your system tray (right end of the taskbar) and Task Manager (hit Ctrl + Alt + Del to open), if Kodi v17 is not there then the removal was successful.

Uninstall Kodi v17 in A Much Simpler Way

Yes, there is always another way to uninstall Kodi v17 much more efficiently. No matter in which version of Windows you’re performing the removal, steps will always be the same:

1. Download & install Max Uninstaller.
2. Uninstall Kodi v17 by going through: Select Kodi > Click Run Analysis > Click Complete Uninstall.

3. Delete the remaining files (registry entries) by doing: Click Scan Leftovers > Click Delete Leftovers.

To quickly show you the whole process, I’ve put this short video below:

Clicking/tapping Back to Step1 will bring you back to the list of currently installed programs, so that you can check whether the uninstall was successful. Free feel to use Max Uninstall on other programs you wish to remove, I’m sure you’ll dig the convenience it brings you. For any questions or doubts, let us know by leaving your comment.

How to Uninstall Kodi v17 Addons Cache Manually?

To do this, simply go to the specific addon folder that you wish to clean, the path to that folder is dependent on the platform you’re on. Please note that in older versions of the software, the Kodi directions were named XBMC.

In Windows the folder should be C:\Users\”you”\AppData\Roaming\Kodi. Another way to find it is to enter “%APPDATA%\kodi\userdata” via the search box.

In the End of this Article…

Any feedback about how I uninstall Kodi v17 or anything useful to share? Leave your comments, communicate with us and let the visitors get your ideas. I believe there are always more than one solution to solve a problem, and it’s our job to work out. As for you, just remember where to find us when you encounter issues, and have a nice day. 😉

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