Windows Removal Guides: How to Completely Uninstall Defraggler

First of all, happy new year to you all! This is the first blog in 2018! We’ll offer the latest guides to completely remove Defraggler  today. Blueman6, from a member in forum, asking a question about How to Completely Uninstall Defraggler 2.14:

“I do not even recall installing Defraggler 2.14 (I use the built-in XP Defrag) but it is installed and I would like to uninstall it.

In the Defraggler 2.14 folder are a ‘Lang’ folder, Defrag.exe, Defrag Config settings file, Defraggler64 file, DefragglerShell64.dll file, Defraggler.dll file, df file, df64 file, License file, and Portable file but no uninstall-related files.

I opened Defraggler 2.14 and it looks similar to Windows XP’s built-in Defragmenter. I clicked ‘About’ and it states Piriform Defraggler 2.14 so I assume that it is a legitimate piece of software.

It is not listed under ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or listed on the ‘Start’ menu-If it was as simple as doing that, I would not have created a thread.”

Apparently, this user is trapped in the Defraggler uninstall on how to do to successfully uninstall it due to none-work of built-in XP Defrag and Add/Remove Programs. If you have the seam trouble in removal, check this page carefully for the conventional instruction to fully remove Defraggler from PC.


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