How to Uninstall My WiFi Router Completely from My Computer/Laptop?

“How Can I completely uninstall My WiFi Router from my laptop?”, “I tried removing My WiFi Router from Programs and Feature, but it didn’t work.”           2017-11-01_16-18-29Are you facing the problem to completely uninstall My WIFI Router? “uninstall error” happened during removal? If you don’t know how to fully remove it and its components or got error message during uninstalling process, please follow this article to uninstall My WIFI Router step by step that has been proven to be a 100% complete removal!

My WIFI Router is free virtual WiFi router software which can convert your Windows XP, Windows 7 /8/8.1/10 both in laptop/PC into a WiFi Hotspot with one click. You can easily share the internet connection with your friends and peers anytime and anywhere.


Therefore, this tutorial blog will surely provide tow removal solutions both in auto and manual and a video to finally uninstall My WIFI Router, check what you need in the guide:

– The usual way is via Control Panel.
– If that doesn’t fully work, then try Max Uninstaller.
– If that doesn’t fully work, ask their customer service.

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