Effective Solutions to Remove MyWinLocker within Clicks

There are many users seeking help to remove MyWinLocker all the time, so I have to provide solutions on the site. Hope it’s not too late. :)


Here is a brief introduction about this program: MyWinLocker is an application that utilizes advanced encryption technologies to protect your files with password, making sure no one finds out the location of your private files, which will be restored in the invisible Yo-Safe. Additionally, the self-decrypting feature enables you to freely share files with friends. Continue reading

Learn This to Easily Uninstall MyWinLocker


“I have tried to uninstall MyWinLocker a few days ago and I just discovered it is still there. The install wizard appeared and I was not given the option to uninstall. It says to check what you want to install and uncheck what you do not want installed, so I didn’t check anything. At that time I got a notice saying it may not have correctly removed the program and was clueless about this situation. What to do now?” Continue reading