Learn How to Correctly Remove TV 3L PC on PC

If you’re searching for solutions to correctly remove TV 3L PC, then this article will be quite helpful. In the following content I have provided two methods for you to remove TV 3L PC, hopefully through the reading you’ll have a clear understanding of the knowledge.


How Do I Manually Remove TV 3L PC in Windows?

Except for some slightly different operations among Windows 7/8/10, the required steps are almost the same:

1. Administrator
Log in the system with an Administrator account, or be sure you know the permission password for making changes in the system.

2. Close
You don’t need to check the System Tray or Task Manager as long as you have shut down the TV 3L PC program from the desktop.

3. Programs and Features
Right-click the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen, and Click Programs and Features.

4. Uninstall
Now you should be looking at the programs list, locate and double-click TV 3L PC in the list to execute the setup file used to install the program. Then click Uninstall button and wait a few seconds while the application is being uninstalled.


5. Registry Editor (Back up the Registry in case of any mistakes.)
Open the Start menu again and enter “regedit” in the Search box.

6. Deletion
Now the Registry Editor window should be open, you’re going to check for its leftovers, which the regular uninstall might leave behind. > On the navigator, click Edit, select Find… on the small drop-down menu, enter “TV 3L PC” to find the folder, and delete to completely remove TV 3L PC.

7. Restart
Reboot your system and check whether the TV 3L PC program has gone.

Efficiently Remove TV 3L PC with A Trustworthy Tool

This would always be another simpler way to go when you wish to remove TV 3L PC or some other program from your PC, expecting to avoid the unnecessary troubles as many as possible. No matter it’s Windows 7, 8, or 10, the steps are exactly the same:

1. Click on the green download button here or visit the homepage to try out Max Uninstaller.

2. Double-click the desktop icon to open it, you will know what programs are currently installed on your PC. Find and select the TV 3L PC, and press Run Analysis to scan all the related files.

Remove TV 3L PC with Max Uninstaller.

3. In the list presented, tick all the items displayed belonging to the toolbar, and hit the Complete Uninstall button.

4. A window will show up telling you “Please wait while it initializes the uninstall process.”, after which press Scan Leftovers > and Delete Leftovers at last to completely remove TV 3L PC. Clicking Back to Step1 will refresh the program list so that you can check whether your target has gone.

How Max Uninstaller works to remove TV 3L PC:

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