How to Correctly Remove TeraCopy – Windows Removal Guides

This page aims at helping users who don’t know how to remove TeraCopy in Windows. Just scroll down to find the information you need.


In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try to recover and, in worse case scenario, will skip the problematic file, not terminating the entire transfer. It can verify files after copy to ensure they are identical.

Possible Consequences Caused by Incorrect Uninstall

  • Uninstall failure
  • Re-installation failure
  • Intractable registry entries (remaining files)
  • Screen freeze or system crash

Now you know where those errors might come from. The following instruction will guide you through the correct uninstall process, to effectively remove TeraCopy. And anytime you face an unknown problem, don’t forget we’re still here to help.

Regular Steps to Manually Remove TeraCopy

In the following steps, I particularly listed the steps you can take via the Start menu in Windows 10 along with those in Windows 7/8. Hopefully they see to every reader’s needs. First of all, make sure you’re using an Administrator account. If your system never had a second account, skip this, and start the removal right away:

1. Close TeraCopy first.

Stop the TeraCopy program from running in the background no matter what. It may not be necessary towards the removal of some programs, but just in case.

2. Open the list of currently installed programs.

Windows 7:
Open the Start menu > Select Control Panel > Click Uninstall a program

Windows 8/8.1:
Right-click on the Start button > Click Programs and Features

Windows 10:
Right-click on the Start button > Click Programs and Features

3. Remove TeraCopy via the Programs and Features.

Click on TeraCopy > Uninstall or Double-click TeraCopy to activate its default uninstaller > confirm the removal > wait for the wizard to finish the process.


4. Open the Windows Registry Editor.

Windows 7:
Open the Start menu > Execute “regedit” in the search box

Windows 8/8.1:
Point your mouse to the bottom-right corner > Select Search > Execute “regedit” in the box

Windows 10:
In the bottom-left corner of your screen, execute “regedit” in the search box on the taskbar

5. Delete the vestiges to completely remove TeraCopy.

Now you’re removing the files that regular uninstallation might leave behind. Before doing this, you might want to back up the Registry first in case of any mistaken deletion.

To delete the leftovers of TeraCopy, navigate to these folders and delete them:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Code Sector

remove-teracopy-leftovers  remove-teracopy-leftovers-2

Then on the navigator of Registry Editor, click Edit > Find… > search for “TeraCopy” > Delete the file (s)/folder (s) if found.

6. Reboot your PC to take effect.

Then check your system tray (right end of the taskbar) and Task Manager (hit Ctrl + Alt + Del to open), if TeraCopy is not there then the removal was successful.

Breezily Remove TeraCopy Using Special Uninstaller

To spare yourself the tedious work to remove TeraCopy, this is definitely a better way to go. Anytime in the future when you’re facing an unwanted program, you will never again figure out where to dig in the system to root it out. See how the Max Uninstaller helps you with the removal:

1. Get Max Uninstaller.
Click any of the blue download buttons on the page or visit the homepage to download & install this removal tool.

2. Run Analysis > Complete Uninstall.
Double-click its desktop icon to launch it, you will know what programs are currently installed on your PC. Find and select TeraCopy as your target, click Run Analysis to scan for all the related files, then click Complete Uninstall to uninstall the program.

Remove TeraCopy using Max Uninstaller.

3. Scan Leftovers > Delete Leftovers.
Confirm the removal. When it says “Please wait while Special Uninstaller initializes the uninstall process.” Then you can click Scan Leftovers to scan for its leftovers, and hit Delete Leftovers at last to completely remove TeraCopy.

Clicking “Back to Step1” will bring you back to the program list, then you may check whether TeraCopy has gone from your PC.

How to Prevent PUPs and Optimize Your PC?

Keep your Windows up to date – Average users can install updates without the help of professionals. Modern versions of Windows are even set to install updates automatically out of the box, so you may not even have to do any of this updating work yourself.

Free up space by removing files and programs – If you’ve been using your machine for a while, you can probably free up disk space by removing the redundant files, and uninstall the needless programs by using Max Uninstaller, just like how you can easily remove TeraCopy.

Optimize Startup – Open Task Manager (right-click the task bar and select Start Task Manager), and click over to the Startup tab, to easily manage your startup programs without installing any other software.

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