Effective Solutions to Remove MyWinLocker within Clicks

There are many users seeking help to remove MyWinLocker all the time, so I have to provide solutions on the site. Hope it’s not too late. :)


Here is a brief introduction about this program: MyWinLocker is an application that utilizes advanced encryption technologies to protect your files with password, making sure no one finds out the location of your private files, which will be restored in the invisible Yo-Safe. Additionally, the self-decrypting feature enables you to freely share files with friends.

MyWinLocker is Pre-installed on PC?

Pre-installed software such as MyWinLocker is usually included by default on the manufacturer’s PC. Many OEM (original equipment manufacture) software that is included on a new PC, and in many cases required for the PC to function properly, so are various software drivers. But some pre-installed software is optional and can be safely uninstalled.

MyWinLocker Suite is typically pre-installed in Acer computers. Some users have reported this program is considered bloatware/bundleware. Other specific information:

  • MyWinLocker is usually licensed and only pre-installed for use on the Acer computers.
  • It is also time or functionally (lite version) limited for Acer computers.
  • Remove MyWinLocker if you don’t need it as it consumes system resources, even if not actively being run, adversely affecting system responsiveness.

Manual Steps to Remove MyWinLocker on Your PC

1. Quit the MyWinLocker program.

Most programs will automatically close or ask you to shut them down during the removal, while a few will not.

To ensure a complete, smooth removal, better shut down the program as well as the related possesses that are running in the background before activating its built-in uninstaller.

2. Locate MyWinLocker in the Programs list.

Way 1: Right-click on the Start button, select Programs and Features, and locate MyWinLocker in the list.


Way 2: Press and hold the Windows key + C to open the Charms, select Search, type “MyWinLocker” in the field, right-click on the result, and select Uninstall.


3. Remove MyWinLocker in the Programs List.

Now you should be looking at the Programs List, which tells you what programs are installed on your PC, the names of them and their publishers, when they’re installed, and how much disk space they’re taking.

Double-click MyWinLocker 4 to activate its built-in uninstaller.


4. Follow the instruction to proceed and confirm the removal.

Once its built-in uninstaller pops up, click Next/Yes to provide confirmation. Wait until the uninstaller finishes its job, and move on to the next steps to search for the related lingering files.

5. Remove MyWinLocker from Registry Editor.

During installation the program registers itself in the system, that’s why you can find their entries in the Registry, it also explains why sometimes you can’t run a program by simply coping the folder from somewhere else. This step is to delete the entries of MyWinLocker.

Press and hold the Windows key + C to open the Charms, select Search, type “regedit” in the field, and click the result to open the Registry Editor. Then check for the following two folders with the left column explorer, if found, right-click on the them and select Delete to completely remove MyWinLocker:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EgisTec MyWinLocker\

remove-mywinlocker-leftovers    remove-mywinlocker-leftovers-2

6. Restart your PC (Suggested).

Why? When you install/remove MyWinLocker, it will register or unregister the usage of one or more .dll files. And when you choose to reboot your computer after uninstalling a program, Windows will close the program & delete any file that is no longer assigned to a program to clean up the computer.

Not every program’s removal requires a restart, but I think it’s the best to follow the general idea.

Any Other Way to Remove MyWinLocker More Easily?

If you’re curious whether there is another option that makes the whole process simpler, the answer is positive, by which I mean getting some extra help from a user-friendly cleaning tool. You can find plenty of the similar tools online, but which is the champion? Watch the following short video to see how Max Uninstaller works to uninstall a program:

If this has convinced you, here are the steps to take:

1. Download & install Max Uninstaller.

Download & install Max Uninstaller, then run it.

2. Remove MyWinLocker.

Select MyWinLocker 4 in the Programs list, and click Run Analysis, a list of all the related files will be displayed > hit Complete Uninstall and follow the prompts to proceed.


3. Delete the lingering files.

Click Scan Leftovers when the button turns to green. This is to scan for the program’s vestiges, which will also be displayed in a list. You can review the list for details, then hit Delete Leftovers to fully remove MyWinLocker.

In the end, click Back to Step1 to refresh the programs list where you can see all the currently installed programs on the system, so that you can check whether the removal was successful. MyWinLocker should be gone by now, and you might as well try to remove other unwanted programs with this tool.

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