Uninstall Launchy – Remove 2.6 Plugins

Why you’re unable to remove or uninstall Launchy on your computer?

well, some friend comes from Heathrow had long ago pointed out that to successfully remove Launchy from a Windows system, you may need to disable it from Startup menu first – in other words, you just cannot uninstall Launchy while its main process is still active in the background – and then find its default uninstaller program or Windows uninstaller to automatically uninstall the main application. Moreover, if, you still had issues accomplishing the express un-install of Launchy, now you can use the following hints to force uninstall it: downloading, installing and then running the following uninstaller.

To successfully get rid of Launchy, we need to know the provided install option and installed items…

  • Setup – Launchy
    • Info: Launchy can run as an installed application or in portable mode. Please select your preferred mode
      • Normal ("Setup will install Launchy into the following folder, ‘C:\Program Files\Launchy‘")
      • Portable ("C:\Launchy")
    • At least 13.1 MB of free disk space is required.

    remove Launchy - 1

  • Select Additional Tasks
  • remove Launchy - 2

How do I uninstall Launchy from my Windows 8 computer?

NOTE If, what you would like to do is uninstall Launchy more efficient and more effective, please ignore my step by step actions below and download the perfect uninstaller for all Windows PUPs.

Plan A: uninstall Launchy from Windows Startup

  1. After logging under administrative status, I press [Ctrl] key + [Alt] key + [Delete] key.
  2. Then I select the Task Manager entry on my screen display.
  3. Now I click the Startup tab on Task Manager window.
  4. Then I manually highlight the following Launchy item and apply the Disable option for it; you can also right click on it and run Disable.
    • Name: Launchy
    • (Original) Status: Enabled
    • Startup impact: Not measured

  5. Click Close to quit Task Manager and I have to have my Win8 rebooted manually.

Plan B: Instructions that can use to physically uninstall Launchy program

  1. Again, with full logging, then I save and close all the using files and programs.
  2. Then I right click on the active Lanuchy software, run the option "Exit" on the menu.
  3. Uninstalling Launchy works very similarly to the methods which had been used in Belvedere removal:
  4. Method One:

    • I right click on the created shortcut file Launchy on desktop.
    • Now, I choose the listing Properties at the bottom of the menu.
    • Click Open File Location tab in Shortcut section and click OK on Launchy Properties to exit it.
    • Then I press [U] key twice on my keyboard to quickly locate the following unins000 application and then, I press [Enter] key to uninstall Launchy:
      • Type of file: Application (.exe)
      • Description: Setup/Uninstall
      • Size: 718 KB (736,090 bytes)
      • Size on disk: 720 KB (737,280 bytes)
      • File version:
      • SHA256: e5477aa87245878531967e6011725af58b1f50bd9e316112477c7e4b25ca93f9
      • SHA1: 09b45d3a9802b0bde8c40c07277032b57a36b5bd
      • MD5: 3359039f8b8f9307afe30e32d866d0a1

    • Then UAC gives me the following alert and, to go on to uninstall Launchy, I select Yes from it.
      • Program location: "C:\Program Files\Launchy\unins000.exe" …

    • I click Yes on Launchy Uninstall below, "Are you sure you want to completely uninstall Launchy …?".
    • I receive some info from the following Launchy Uninstall, telling that "Launchy uninstall complete. Some elements could not (be) removed. …". Then I click OK on it.
    • Then I click Programs Files in Address bar and manually remove the Launchy file folder including the remaining readme (a .PDF file; size, 258 KB (264,675 bytes)) – to fully uninstall Launchy, I also need to search other associated leftover files and registry entries in my system.

    Method Two:

    • I use Control Panel and then click the Uninstall a program in it.
    • To automatically uninstall Launchy from Uninstall or change a program, I locate the following Launchy 2.6 Beta 2 project quickly and launch Uninstall option for it.
      • Publisher: Code Jelly
      • Size: 13.0 MB
      • Help link / Support link: http://www.launchy[dot]net

    • Then I just follow the Launchy Uninstall mentioned above and complete the rest wizards quickly.
    • At the close of this express uninstallation of Lauchy, you know you’d better manually restart your machine and clean Launchy’s potentially traces in your computer system to cleanly remove it.

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