Remove iTools Step by Step – Windows Removal Guides

We’re providing guides for you to correctly remove iTools on Windows PC. By performing every step listed, you shall be able to get the cleaning job done successfully.

iTools for Windows

All iPhone and iPad users will know that a big part of using Apple devices is iTunes. This companion software is installed on a computer and used to manage and backup the device. iTools is one of the alternatives to iTunes.

Program’s official website:
Default installation directory: C:\Program Files\iTools
Program executable: iTools.exe
Uninstaller: C:\Program Files\ iTools \uninst.exe
Estimated size: Depends

Just read on to see the specific removal steps and completely remove iTools.

Safely, Efficiently Remove iTools with Max Uninstaller

I figure you might expect an easier approach to remove iTools, as well as remove some other stubborn software & potentially unwanted programs, without worrying the different operations in different versions of Windows. Followed each serial number are the buttons you need to go through, and the description below is just for you to have a better understand of what you’re doing.

Step 1: Download & install Max Uninstaller.
Since it’s a small-sized tool, the installation would be finished within a minute.

Step 2: Run Analysis > Complete Uninstall.
Open Max Uninstaller, and you will see clearly what programs you’re having on the computer. Find & select iTools as your target, then click Run Analysis to scan for all the related files. > review the list, keep the items checked, and hit Complete Uninstall to confirm the removal.

Remove iTools with Max Uninstaller.


Step 3: Scan Leftovers > Delete Leftovers.
Now you’re deleting its vestiges. Click Scan Leftovers when it turns to green, review the list of the vestiges to be deleted, keep them checked, and hit Delete Leftovers to completely remove iTools from your PC.


When it tells you iTools has be removed, click Back to Step1 and check whether it has gone. Then you can choose to remove the bundled program iTools as well as Apple Application Support (32-bit), Apple Application Support (64-bit) and Apple Mobile Device Support (which may have been installed along with iTools) by performing the same steps.

How it helps you remove iTools – Short Video Demonstration :

Manually Remove iTools Yourself

1. To smoothly conduct the removal process, you’d better log in the system as an Administrator, so that you won’t be asked for password permission all the way. In most cases we log in Windows as an Administrator at home as the default settings.

2. Right-click on iTools icon on the System Tray, and select Exit to close the program.

3. Hit Ctrl + Alt + Del to run Task Manager, terminate related process by selecting it in the Processes tab and clicking End.

4. In the bottom-left screen of your screen, right-click the Start button and select Programs and Features, where you can see all the programs installed on the system.

5. In the program list, find & double-click iTools to activate its default uninstall wizard.

Remove iTools for Windows.

6. Follow the prompts to proceed with the removal, provide confirmation when it’s needed, then wait for the uninstall wizard to finish its job.




7. Hover your mouse in the bottom-right corner, then you see the charms bar. Click Search, enter “regedit” to open the Registry Editor.

8. You can choose to back up the whole Registry in case of any mistakes: on the navigator of the Registry Editor, click File > Export… to create a back-up (.reg file) of the whole Registry in case of any irretrievable mistake.

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9. Navigate to the following folders and delete them:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iTools

10. Then on the navigator click Edit > Find…, type “iTools” in the box to find the related entries/keys, then delete them to completely remove iTools.

11. Reboot your computer to take effect. If the program doesn’t persist, then the removal is successful. Then you can choose to remove the bundled program iTools as well as Apple Application Support (32-bit), Apple Application Support (64-bit) and Apple Mobile Device Support (which may have been installed along with iTools)

If you have better solutions to remove iTools, or there is any question you need to ask about this subject, leave comments below to communicate with us and other visitors. We would like to provide the convenience as much as we can. :)

Alternatives to iTools

Or iFunbox, is a tool to transfer, manage, browse and explore files on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via USB. It can download apps to Apple devices, edit app sandboxes and add, remove or replace files. It can also convert extracted binary .plist files to plain text and vice versa.

This app provides USB access for iPhones, so that users can easily transfer their documents, videos and other files, just like iPod Disk Mode. For jailbroken iPhones, users can use iMazing to transfer themes and Cycorder videos without a SSH connection.

iAny Manager
Tenorshare iAny Manager is iOS devices manager, helping users transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps between iOS devices, PC, iTunes. It features other tools like backup and restore.

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