How Do I Remove IOTransfer Rainmeter without Any Troubles?

For some reasons you may fail to remove IOTransfer Rainmeter in Windows. Our instructions will guide you through the correct removal process with step clearly explained, and you shall learn a lot after reading this page.


IOTransfer is a software that can transfer photos, music, videos or movies between iPhone, iPad and PC. It can transfer and backup your contacts on a regular basis in case of mistaken deleting and accidents that cause data loss. Besides, you can download videos, directly save videos and moves to your devices and enjoy them wherever you go.

For some reasons, you may need to uninstall this program, and that’s why I’m writing this.

In some cases, uninstall a program is not very complicated. In others, situation varies depending on the program you’re trying to uninstall and how you do it. So I would say taking some time to learn the basic computer knowledge, such as program’s removal steps, is totally worthy.

To completely remove IOTransfer Rainmeter or other programs, you shall perform every step in order to avoid unwanted consequences.

How Do I Manually Remove IOTransfer Rainmeter in Windows?

I have listed each step along with specific description. For any part that you don’t quite understand, leave comments at the end of this article. We will provide answers as soon as possible.

Step 1. If possible, make sure IOTransfer Rainmeter is not running first.

Shut down the program from the System Tray in the bottom-right corner of your screen, and end every process associated with it in the Task Manager (Press & hold Ctrl + Alt + Del to open it).

Step 2. Access the program list (Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs).

In the bottom-left corner of your screen, right-click the Start button, and select Programs and Features.

Step 3. Remove IOTransfer Rainmeter by activating its default uninstaller.

You’re brought to the Programs list. Double-click IOTransfer to activate its uninstall wizard.


Step 4. Let the built-in uninstall wizard finishes its job.

Confirm this removal and wait for the process to finish.




Step 5. Go to the Registry Editor.

Press and hold the Windows key + C on your keyboard to open the Charms, select Search, and enter “regedit” in the box to open the Registry Editor.

Step 6. Delete the vestiges to completely uninstall IOTransfer Rainmeter.

Before doing this, you can choose to Back Up the Registry in case of any mistakes that cause the permanent loss of your data. Then continue the removal:

On the navigator of Registry Editor window, click Edit > Find…, then enter “IOTransfer” to find the related file(s)/folder(s), right-click it(them) and select Delete.

Step 7. Restart your computer.

If you like, go back to the System Tray, Task Manager or Control Panel and check whether it has been removed.

You might also want to go through the removal in a simpler way. If so, check the next subtitle. The above steps may not able to remove every piece of the program, unless you’re savvy-tech enough to do the additional cleaning job, which I didn’t put on this page.

Any Better Solution to Remove IOTransfer Rainmeter?

If you ever did the removal in an incorrect way, you might not be able to reinstall it again or to complete uninstall it. That’s alright, because we got this – a professional tool to automatically make things right on your system. Totally check on this if you’re seeking for such a shortcut. Instruction:

1. After successful installation of Max Uninstaller > run it.

2. Find IOTransfer any of the three above-mentioned programs (And do the same to the rest) in the list of Step 1 > Select it and click Run Analysis on the left > Select all the shown items and click Complete Uninstall.

Effectively remove IOTransfer Rainmeter with Max Uninstaller

Remove IOTransfer Rainmeter along with its leftovers.

3. Wait until this part finishes and the below green Scan Leftovers button turns into green > Click on it to proceed with the removal > The registry keys will be presented > Select all of them and click Delete Leftovers. At last, click Back to Step1 and check whether the program has been successfully remove.


Video Demonstration on How to Quickly Remove IOTransfer Rainmeter

This way the program shall be gone for good. Since there are so many people that don’t want to or don’t know how to perform the conventional cleaning process, this would be a better choice for them to save much time. If you happen to be one of them, I believe you will like this trustworthy tool.

On this site, you can also search for the removal instructions of other programs you want to remove, and share them with your friends in need.

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