Don’t Know How to Remove GOM Player in Windows?

You can learn how to correctly remove GOM Player by reading this page, I believe there are extra information that can be useful to you.


GOM Player (Full name: Gretech Online Movie Player) is a 32/64-bit media player for Microsoft Windows, designed by the Gretech Corporation of South Korea. It is the primary client player for South Korean GOM-TV, and is more popular in South Korea than any other media player. Other details include:

Official site:
Help link:
Default installation folder: C:\Program Files\GRETECH\GomPlayer
Program executable: gom.exe
Signed by: GRETECH
Built-in uninstaller: C:\Program Files\GRETECH\GomPlayer\Uninstall.exe
Estimated size: 24.29 MB

The following instructions can help you effectively remove GOM Player from your PC, just take every listed in order.

Easy Solution to Remove GOM Player

For this part, it’s all the same on each Windows operating system, you can simply follow the steps below to proceed. You may start wondering: is it available for the uninstall of other potentially unwanted programs or malware? Of course, it is. We are working hard every day to improve and perfect its functions towards stubborn software as many as possible. Don’t forget to click on its “Update” button for automatic upgrade.

There are only three steps to remove GOM Player Play the video below for viewing the specific operation.

1. After successful installation of Max Uninstaller > open it.

2. Find GOM Player in the list of Step 1 > Choose it and press Run Analysis on the left > Select all the shown items and press Complete Uninstall.


3. Wait until this part finishes and the below green Scan Leftovers button turns into green > Click on it to proceed with the removal > The registry keys will be presented > Select all of them and hit Delete Leftovers to completely remove GOM Player

Video demonstration on how to easily remove GOM Player

This small application is surely a very convenient way to clean out useless programs from your computer, freeing up your hard drive space for more important purposes. For further understand how to manually remove GOM Player in Windows, you can refer to the next part.

Remove GOM Player by Regular Means

For the two most popular systems, I provided two instructions in every part. As long as you carefully perform the steps below, no bad consequences will bother you. Here we go:

1. (Optional) Enter Safe Mode to remove GOM Player

Windows 8/8.1: Hover your mouse cursor in the bottom right corner to see the charms bar, and select “Search” > type “msconfig” in the box and press Enter on your keyboard > select the Boot tab, tick the “Safe boot” item under the Boot options, and tab “OK” button below.

Windows 10: Click the Start to open Settings > Select Update & security > Recovery > Under Advanced startup, select Restart now > After your PC restart to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart > Then you’ll see a list of options, select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode or select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

2. Go to the Program List, where all the removals begin.

Windows 8/8.1: Hover your mouse cursor in the bottom right corner to see the charms bar, and select “Search” > type “control panel” in the box and press Enter on your keyboard > click “Uninstall a program” in the Programs column.

Windows 10: Right-click on the Start button, and select Programs and Features.

> Now you can browse the list of currently installed programs, locate GOM Player, double-click it to activate its uninstall wizard. When you’re asked whether to immediately restart your computer, click on “Later/No”, and refer to the following contents.


3. Go to Registry Editor, where many users forget to take care of. That’s the key to completely remove GOM Player

Windows 8/8.1: Hover your mouse cursor in the bottom right corner to see the charms bar, and select “Search” > type “regedit” in the search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

Windows 10: You can see a Search box on the Taskbar in the bottom-left corner, type “regedit” in it and select regedit to open the Registry Editor.

> Now you have opened the Windows Registry Editor, locate and delete this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/GRETECH.


> Then on the Navigation, click Edit > Find…, type “GOM Player” in the box and press Enter to search for its possible remaining files to delete.


4. Reboot your computer to take effect : )

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