Can’t Remove Alexion CRM on PC? Visit Here for Answers!

If you still failed to remove Alexion CRM after trying several times, you might want to read this page for instructions.


Alexion CRM is a Windows based software suite to manage customer/client relationship and potential prospect clients though organized and synchronized business process covering sales, marketing and technical support.

Sounds pretty good to me, though I’m here to provide solutions to remove Alexion CRM. By going through the whole process, you will have a better understanding of program’s removal in Windows, so that the next time you run into a stubborn program, you will know where to start.

Step-by-Step Guide – Manually Remove Alexion CRM

This part is about how to normally uninstall a program on your own. You can choose to perform this in Safe Mode, better with Networking in case you need to use the Internet for update or download. Then make sure you’re using the administrator account or you know the permission password for making changes.

1. Close the program and any other related process, you can access Task Manager (by continuously pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del) to end the processes it if necessary.

2. Click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner to open the Start menu, see if there is an uninstall option under Alexion CRM, click it to start the first part of removal. If no, move to the next step.

3. Remove Alexion CRM from Control Panel:

Right-click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner to open the Start menu > select Control Panel > click Uninstall a program/Programs and features > when the window opens, scroll down to find Alexion CRM in the list, double-click it to activate the uninstall wizard > follow the prompts to proceed with the removal.

Remove Alexion CRM in Windows.

Wait for the process to finish before closing all the open windows.


4. Now you get to remove its written entries, before which you can choose to backup the Registry first in case of any mistake.

(How to back up the registry: Open the Start menu and search for “regedit” > Locate and select the key you want to back up > On the navigator, click the File > Export > In the Save in box, select the location you want to save the copy to, then type a name for the copy > click “Save”.)

Hover your mouse pointer in the bottom-left corner until you see the charms bar on the right > type “regedit” in the search box to open Registry Editor > On the navigator, click Edit > Find… > Enter “Alexion CRM” to check for possible remaining files (leftovers) > If found, delete it/them to completely remove Alexion CRM.

5. Now you can reboot your computer to take effect. If this didn’t work on your system, continue your tour below and you will have a much easier solution.

Any Better Way to Remove Alexion CRM?

You can choose another shortcut to reach the final “destination” instead of taking the path through Control Panel and Registry Editor. Simply download a helper to manage the work for you in the background. All you are asked to do is clicking a few buttons to make it happen. These are steps:

1. Download and install Max Uninstaller.

2. Open the helper, locate and select the Alexion CRM icon, then click the green Run Analysis button on the left, as you can see in the image. Then check all the items belonging to the program and click the green Complete Uninstall button.

Remove Alexion CRM with Max Uninstaller.


3. The next is exactly the Registry part – after it finishes the first part, click on Scan Leftovers, tick all items likewise, then click the green Delete Leftovers button to completely remove Alexion CRM.



4. When it says “All Alexion CRM online leftovers have been completely removed,” click OK, and click Back to Step1 on the left to refresh the program list, where you can check whether your target has been eliminated.


Short video to show you the whole process:

This way the target program shall be gone for good. Since there are so many people that have no clue or don’t know how to perform the conventional cleaning process, this would be a better choice for them to save much time. If you happened to be one of them, I believe you will like this trustworthy tool.

You may try to use it to remove Alexion CRM or any other program you failed to remove in the past. Computer is like a human, it gets tired and runs slowly when it bears heavy burden. So we shall make our move to optimize its performance when it’s necessary. It feels great to free up your hard drive space for more important purposes, isn’t it?

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