Fast Solution to Completley Remove AIMP from Your PC

Want to remove AIMP? Before doing so you might want to learn a few things about it, then you know better whether you need to uninstall it and where to start the cleaning.


AIMP supports more than 20 audio formats and 32-bit digital audio, and it converts between various formats, too. You can also customize it with Winamp add-ons. But if it is not something you need for daily work or entertainment, or it was just installed being bundled with other freeware, you can remove it to free up some space and optimize your computer’s performance. To avoid any mistakes and unwanted consequent troubles, this instruction is teaching you how to perfectly remove AIMP.

Better Approach to Remove AIMP

This will be much easier than doing the cleaning in the traditional ways. The whole process only has a few steps:

1. Click on the download button here to install Max Uninstaller.

2. Run it > Select the AIMP icon > press Run Analysis to completely scan all the related files > Tick all the items displayed > press Complete Uninstall.

Remove AIMP with Max Uninstaller.

3. It will tell you, “Please wait while it initializes the uninstall process”. After that, press Scan Leftovers > Tick all the items displayed > press Delete Leftovers.

4. Click Back to Step1 to refresh the programs list.

See? You can totally nail it down this way, either to remove AIMP or to uninstall other unwanted programs. The following short video will help you quickly learn the whole removal process. Hope you like this recommendation.

Video Demonstration – How to Remove AIMP

Then let’s also take a look at how things regularly work when you remove AIMP with the Windows built-in tool.

Manually Remove AIMP in Windows 10

1. Go to Start > Settings > System.

2. Click Apps & Features on the left to see the programs list.

3. Select AIMP in the list of programs.
In case there are more versions of AIMP, you may need to uninstall all other versions before removing the main AIMP program.

Remove AIMP in Windows.

4. Click Uninstall > Uninstall.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed with the removal.

Remove AIMP

6. Restart your PC, or choose to restart it later.

7. In Search, enter “regedit.”

8. Click Edit > Find…, and search for “AIMP.”

9. Delete the vestiges (if found) to completely remove AIMP.

10. Restart your computer if you haven’t done that in Step 6.

Some programs are set to automatically load right after the start-up, so there could be multiple programs running in the background when you don’t notice. If you don’t need their features for any purpose, it will be a waste of system resources including memory and hard drive space. Even if your PC is older, it might contain manufacturer-installed programs that you never realized or have since forgotten about. It’s never too late to remove AIMP and those that brought you clutter.

Is this instruction helpful to you and your PC? For more instructions towards other applications you attempt to uninstall, you can visit our homepage for searching.

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