Interested in Learning How to Correctly Remove Cryptomator on PC?

If you are unsure about how to remove Cryptomator effectively in Windows, I’m glad that you have found here. You will find two different removal methods in this article as well as other practical knowledge that are worth learning.


Cryptomator provides transparent, client-side encryption for your cloud. Protect your documents from unauthorized access. Cryptomator on the desktop is free and open source software, so you can rest assured there are no backdoors. Continue reading

Need Some Guides to Fully Remove Discord on PC?

You can find different solutions to effectively remove Discord on this page. Just browse the information and find out how to remove programs in Windows without troubles.


Discord provides all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers, and it claims to be free, secure and available on both your desktop and phone. For some reasons many users encountered problems when trying to remove Discord. So if you are also stuck in the removal, follow the instructions below to work it out. Continue reading

Optional to Remove Opera Browser and Opera Malware, Everything You Need to Know

You might be still get confused to completely remove Opera browser from Windows system, that’s why you: Want to uninstall opera browser completely? Have trouble with opera browser? Does your opera browser crashes frequently. Do you get unknown errors frequently? Don’t worry you will get solution here.

Don’t worry here I am going to give you the tutorial about How to Uninstall opera browser completely. Opera is one of the popular browser in the world. Sometimes, it may get problems. Sometimes it may get unstable. In such cases, you need to uninstall Opera completely and reinstall it. Here I am giving you information about Uninstalling opera browser completely from computer in different methods.


Optional to Remove Opera Browser

Method 1: Remove Opera Browser via Control Panel

In this method I am showing you to uninstall opera in normal method with conventional steps & details below, just follow the instruction here to remove Opera step by step.

  • Go to start
  • Select Control Panel
  • Select Program and Features
  • Select Opera Stable 52.0.2871.40
  • Select delete or Uninstall


  • Check the option “Delete my Opera user data” to remove it;

Optional to Remove Opera Browse

  • Click on the button “Uninstall”;
  • Reboot it now /later after auto process finish.

But you still need to delete the registry keys of Opera Stable if want to completely get rid of it, so continue the next steps:

  • Go to start
  • Type” run” in search programs and files box
  • Select run window
  • Type “regedit” and press Enter
  • Then turn to Registry Editor window;
  • Delete the Registry keys related to Opera Stable;
  • Or press Ctrl + F to negative Search box and type the key words Opera in the box;

Optional to Remove Opera Browse

  • Hit Find Next, delete the target item when it shows up.


Method 2: Remove Opera Browser via Run command

Still, we provide the second method to remove Opera browser in manual approach.

  • Go to start
  • Type “Run” in search programs and files box
  • Select run window
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter
  • Select Programs
  • Select Opera Stable 52.0.2871.40
  • Select delete or Uninstall


  • Check the option “Delete my Opera user data” to remove it;

Optional to Remove Opera Browse

  • Click on the button “Uninstall”;
  • Reboot it now /later after auto process finish.

As the seam, you need to delete the registry keys of Opera Stable if want to completely get rid of it, so continue the next steps:

  • Go to start
  • Type” run” in search programs and files box
  • Select run window
  • Type “regidit” and press Enter
  • Then turn to Registry Editor window;
  • Delete the Registry keys related to Opera Stable;
  • Or press Ctrl + F to negative Search box and type the key words Opera in the box;

Optional to Remove Opera Browse

  • Hit Find Next, delete the target item when it shows up.


Not a great deal users would use the second method in daily life actually, but there is the third way to completely remove Opera Stable 52.0.2871.40 easier and safer, continue to learn our tutorial.

Method 3: Remove Opera Browser via Max Uninstaller

Sick of manual using steps to remove Opera from PC? Here we offer new way to help uninstall Opera browser in easy steps by automated tool. First thing you have to do is to download & install it, then start the super easy removal tour.

The detailed instruction as below:

  • Select Opera Stable 52.0.2871.40 in the installed programs list, hit the green button of Run Analysis to begin remove it;

step 1

  • After the analysis, press Complete Uninstall button to delete Opera Stable;
  • Check the option “Delete my Opera user data” to remove it, Click on the button “Uninstall”;

Optional to Remove Opera Browse

    • Wait for a while until the Scan Leftovers button lights up, then click on it. Then, click on “Delete Leftovers” button to completely uninstall Opera Stable.

Video to remove Opera browser:

More tips: How to Remove Malware from Opera

Opera has many information include cookies, bookmarks, registry account, and personal data left once users starting using it, and it’s being say there is a high probability of infection in Opera, so the next tip we will offer is all about removing the Malware.

Since both search hijackers and ad-inserting bugs tend to be embodied as malicious extensions or plugins, the first workaround is to uninstall these apps. While this approach is often efficient, sometimes it won’t work – it all depends on severity of a particular threat. In the worst case scenario, resetting Opera works flawlessly, but this procedure will erase all personalized browsing data. So try this little tip to remove any possible malware from Opera browser before removal.

1. Click the Customize and control Opera button in the top left-hand part of the window and select Extensions manager in the drop-down


2. Find the malicious extension on the list and click Disable as shown below. This will remove the unwanted item


3. Click the Customize and control Opera icon again and select Settings


4. Proceed to the section called On startup under Settings, select the radio button for Open a specific page or set of pages option and click on Set pages link


5. On the Startup pages dialog that pops up, find the unwanted entry and click the X button to the right. Also, enter the preferred start page and click OK


6. Proceed to the Search section under Settings and select your preferred search engine from the list

7. Restart Opera and browse around a bit to check if the problem has been fixed. If the symptoms aren’t occurring anymore, you’re good to go. In the event the issue persists, move on to the next troubleshooting vector.

Properly Uninstall eMule on PC, Windows Tutorial Help

eMule is a free peer-to-peer file sharing application for Microsoft Windows. eMule is a free, open source peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing client based on the eDonkey protocol. its popularity has led to eMule’s codebase being used as the basis of cross-platform clients aMule, JMule, xMule, along with the release of many eMule mods (modifications of the original eMule) on the Internet. However, more users have been stuck in the problem of eMule uninstallation on PC, how could you uninstall eMule from Windows, this is the topic of our blog.

Proper Instructions to Uninstall eMule in Windows 7/8/10

Firstly, check out the most conventional means in Windows 7/8/10 to uninstall eMule by manual, follow the detailed instructions bellow to get rid of your unwanted program.


  In Windows 7:

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How Should I Uninstall VMware Player? Windows Tutorial

Are you stuck on the trouble of removing VMware Player from Windows? What kind of problem have you meet? Read this tutorial bellow to solve your trouble with ease and completely uninstall VMware Player.

I downloaded VMware Player through their website. Which of course required me to make an account. Anyways I downloaded the “.bin” file and installed with:
“sudo ./VMware-Player-3.0.i386.bundle”
But now I hate it and I’m just going to stick with VirtualBox which I love!
Anyways VMware Player isn’t in synaptic package manager or Ubuntu software center. So, how should I uninstall VMware Player 3.0 from my computer? Any advice?

       How Should I Uninstall VMware Player? Windows Tutorial

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Follow the Easy Steps to Uninstall DeepBurner on PC, Uninstall Help

Are you one of those who can’t uninstall DeepBurner from computer? Like he:

I downloaded this free software “DeepBurner”. It has no uninstall feature. It is not listed under “Add Remove Programs within control panel”.
Even Revo Uninstaller and CCleaner does not list this program.
What do I do? I purchased and installed Roxio easy dvd copy 4.
I am worried that Easy dvd copy 4 may not function if I accidentally delete some files with the removal of deep burner.

Don’t worry, we are here today is all for working to solve this problem and get rid of DeepBurner in a quite easy way, keep reading our blog for more useful tips to removal the annoying software on PC.

Software description— DeepBurner, version, is the advanced and powerful CD and DVD burning package. It removes the hassle of making autoruns, creating and printing your own labels and booklets. You’re able to burn any data, copy any disc, make backups, create astonishing photo albums, make ISO images and Video DVDs with this easy to handle professional software.

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Uninstall & Remove ObjectDock 2.2 Completely from PC, Windows Guides

Are you in need of uninstalling ObjectDock from computer? Are you looking for an effective solution to completely uninstall it and thoroughly delete all of its files out of your PC? Like RB Bolin from a forum, who raised a question about how should remove ObjectDock Free on Windows 10:

I get the following error on trying to uninstall ObjectDock Free on windows 10 with dell dock (which I still want). I would like to install the paid version of ObjectDock but must get rid of ObjectDock Free First.

Failed to load plugin: C\Program Files (x86)\Stardock\ ObjectDockFree\Uninstall\Unicode.Imb (#1).

This is on a Windows 7 -> Windows 8.1 -> Windows 10 PC. This PC has the latest release build of windows 10 (64 bit).

Running “C:\Program Files (x86)\Stardock\ObjectDockFree\uninstall.exe” manually results in the dialog box “Invalid start mode: archive filename.”

So today, we are going to answer this question in the page in detail and screenshots, if you have these kinds of problems, don’t worry, the comprehensive tutorial will guide you out.


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Windows Removal Guides: How to Completely Uninstall Defraggler

First of all, happy new year to you all! This is the first blog in 2018! We’ll offer the latest guides to completely remove Defraggler  today. Blueman6, from a member in forum, asking a question about How to Completely Uninstall Defraggler 2.14:

“I do not even recall installing Defraggler 2.14 (I use the built-in XP Defrag) but it is installed and I would like to uninstall it.

In the Defraggler 2.14 folder are a ‘Lang’ folder, Defrag.exe, Defrag Config settings file, Defraggler64 file, DefragglerShell64.dll file, Defraggler.dll file, df file, df64 file, License file, and Portable file but no uninstall-related files.

I opened Defraggler 2.14 and it looks similar to Windows XP’s built-in Defragmenter. I clicked ‘About’ and it states Piriform Defraggler 2.14 so I assume that it is a legitimate piece of software.

It is not listed under ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or listed on the ‘Start’ menu-If it was as simple as doing that, I would not have created a thread.”

Apparently, this user is trapped in the Defraggler uninstall on how to do to successfully uninstall it due to none-work of built-in XP Defrag and Add/Remove Programs. If you have the seam trouble in removal, check this page carefully for the conventional instruction to fully remove Defraggler from PC.


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Panda Free Antivirus can’t be Uninstalled? Get Help Here!

Some users have problem on removal issue like how exactly uninstall Panda Free Antivirus products from PC due to some reasons like XistenZ:

I’m trying to install F-secure instead of Panda Web Safe. During the installation it complains about Panda being installed and it can’t continue.

I’ve uninstalled Panda Antivirus through add/remove programs. I found several folders all over the computer with “Panda Software” and the like, which I removed (they were located in Program Files, app Data/Roaming etc). I also removed any instance of Panda I could find in the registry.

Panda also provides a “removal-tool” that of course is as much piece of junk as their program. It didn’t work.

So, how to get rid of this malware of Panda? It obviously infected the computer completely but I feel like a reinstallation shouldn’t be necessary to get rid of “legit” software.


But don’t worry, this page will provide the professional instruction with detailed steps and screenshots to help you successfully uninstall Panda Free Antivirus products, keep reading to learn more information now.

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