How to Remove/Uninstall Burn4Free (Toolbar)

Need Some Tech Support to Fix BURN4FREE.EXE Error, Which Would Be Caused By the Burn4Free Program?

Simply, you first need to uninstall the problematic DVD/CD-ROM Drives. And then you try to reinstall it as system Administrator again. Watch my video for more tips on how to uninstall Burn4Free and remove its toolbar. See some more detailed Burn4Free removal info after my video that also provide some quick tips on how to uninstall Burn4Free program.

Recommended: Please click the link above to download Burn4Free remover, which will help you safely and effectively uninstall Burn4Free’s leftover registry keys on your Windows device. And more other PUPs in your system.

Detailed Instructions to Uninstall the Burn4Free Software

1. Log on your system as Administrator; save all your private data, then you can start to the Burn4Free uninstall process.

2. Shut down Burn4Free program that may be running in background by right clicking on Burn4Free DVD Burning tray running in Windows Taskbar and then running Exit command at the bottom of that menu:

Or you can also click on Close button on its main UI:

3. Ready to uninstall Burn4Free? Then click on Windows Show Desktop button in Taskbar, locate and right click on the shortcut for the previously installed Burn4Free software installed; scroll down and enter Properties link; then click on Find Target… tab to open up Burn4Free’s installation folder created on your system, which would be located in "C:\Program Files\Burn4Free\Burn4Free.exe" – remember this folder to remove and uninstall Burn4Free’s leftover files later on.

4. Then you will see the Burn4Free window. See the detailed info:

Burn4Free Files Review #1

  • B4FM.dll, version, 548 KB (561,664 bytes)
  • bass_mpc.dll, version, 15.8 KB (16,200 bytes)
  • Burn4Free.CFG, Unknown application, 3.34 KB (3,424 bytes)

For common Windows ends, you can manually delete any files that still remained to uninstall Burn4Free completely only when the express uninstall is complete.

5. Then you press the U key to locate and run the unins000.exe by double clicking on it to automatically uninstall Burn4Free. Read or review some more info about the default uninstaller for Burn4Free program:

unins000.exe Properties

  • Type of file: Application
  • Description: Setup/Uninstall
  • Location C:\Program Files\Burn4Free
  • Size: 704 KB (721,758 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Language: Language Neutral

6. You then need to click on Yes button on Burn4Free DVD Burning Uninstall window, telling you that "Are you sure you want to remove Burn4Free DVD Burning and all of its components?"

Note: Please click on Yes button.

Plan B

1. For more common Windows users, please uninstall Burn4Free via Start menu, then Settings link, and then the Windows Control Panel subentry; enter Add or Remove Programs entry. Then please find out Burn4Free DVD Burning entry to start to uninstall Burn4Free software from your system:

Note: You can click on "Click here for support information." link to get some more detailed on your current version of Burn4Free software, which would help you fix some annoying application errors. Read more below:

  • Publisher: Ikysasoft s.r.l uniominale
  • Support Information: www[dot]Burn4Free[dot]com
  • Product Updates: www[dot]Burn4Free[dot]com

Note: You can also see the Burn4Free Toolbar installed if you selected the express installation option for Burn4Free software.

2. Exit the above Window Support Info box. Launch the Remove option for Burn4Free.

3. Save your data and then reboot your Windows PC.

Now, take the following steps to remove and uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar

1. Log on as system Administrator again, visit Add or Remove Programs window I reviewed above, detect and highlight the Burn4Free Toolbar entry; remove it from the Currently Installed Programs list to completely uninstall Burn4Free program.

2. Then you click on Remove button behind the toolbar. Then your Windows will inform you that "All running Browsers will be closed before uninstalling the DealBulDog Toolbar. Continue?" Click on OK button:

3. The next coming up window will warn you that "A reboot is required to finish the uninstall process. Do you wish to reboot now?" when you’re about to uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar successfully:

4. Click on Yes button then, or the No button on it and then, your Web Browser would then probably go to a survey page named BigSeekPro Toolbar Uninstalled, linking you to "http://www[dot]bigseekpro[dot]com/uninstall_complete/bigseekpro/1":

6. You can send your feedback by ticking any entries listed on that page and then the Send button:

  • Technical Problems
  • I don’t like toolbars
  • I don’t use it

Or you can just shut down that webpage and go on to remove and uninstall Burn4Free’s remains.

7. You may find that your Windows Internet Explorer (version, 7/8/9) home page has been changed to "{A8711CEE-C522-4633-9220-76ED5CDB31DD}". Then you need to reset Internet Explorer to the default value: you need to right click on Internet Explorer icon on desktop, then choose and enter Properties entry, look into General tab in Internet Properties window, then please go on and click on Use Blank button, then the Apply button, lastly the OK button to reset your IE.

8. Please re-open up your Internet Explorer version installed again to check out your IE Home page.

Now, you may be able to clean and uninstall Burn4Free Leftover Files and Registry Entries

Remove These Files Related to the Burn4Free Program:

  • [email protected][1].txt, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Cookies, 75 bytes (75 bytes)
  • [email protected][1].txt, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Cookies, 93 bytes (93 bytes)
  •, C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch, 12.7 KB (13,028 bytes)

Clean Registry Entries Created by the Burn4Free Software

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.b4f, (Default) – Burn4Free project
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\B4FM.SxContextMenu1, (Default) – Burn4Freecontext menu
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\B4F project, (Default) – B4F project

Important Tip: before you modify Windows Registry Editor to uninstall Burn4Free, please BACKUP the whole Registry File by exporting it firstly: click File menu, then the Export… link!

Download and run Burn4Free uninstaller to uninstall Burn4Free Now!

A Guide for Windows Users: How to Fix BURN4FREE.EXE Error

1. Please log on your system via using your system Administrator account.

2. Right click on My Computer icon on your desktop, enter Properties item at the bottom of that menu; then click Hardware tab, go on and click Device Manager tab; locate and right click on DVD/CD-ROM Drives subsection on the Device Manager window; choose and run Uninstall link to uninstall the problematic CD or DVD driver on your system.

Note: You will be warned by Windows that "Warning: You are about to uninstall this device from your system." Then you need to click on OK button to uninstall that old DVD/CD driver.

3. Save your private files and your pages you opened up. Reboot your machine.

4. Visit this branch and then right click on it, choose and run Update Drivers… command to reinstall the DVD/CD drivers.

5. Save your work; then restart your PC.

Wanna change the above burning program for another one? Review my video and run the uninstaller to thoroughly remove it!

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