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September 24, 2013 Update: how do I completely uninstall YTD Video Downloader for W7?

So called "YTD Toolbar & Extensions by Spigot" is always bothering you when you surf the Web? Your Google search engine has been replaced by Yahoo!? This article has been re-updated to show the reason why you’re having the unwanted YTD toolbar and how to fully remove YTD Video Downloader. Furthermore, the official YTD Video Downloader installer file YTDSetup.exe (MD5, a5bfa9b6307f1823e391ea34dfff6b4f) has been classified as malware by FIVE antivirus engines (v20130924). Check out the details now. Meanwhile, to securely ‘n effectively clean up invalid/ unwanted file and reg entry type leftovers, please save and install the recommended uninstaller software Pro below.

  • DrWeb, Adware.Downware.1417
  • ESET-NOD32, a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.D
  • Kingsoft, Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud)
  • Malwarebytes, PUP.Optional.BundledToolBar.A
  • TrendMicro-HouseCall, TROJ_GEN.F47V0904

Uninstall YTD Video Downloader - 1

Review YTD Video Downloader 4.5.1 Setup Progress

  • "YTD Video Downloader provides (the following features): …"
  • Uninstall YTD Video Downloader - 2

  • "YTD Video Downloader Offer … YTD Toolbar … by Spigot …."
  •  YTD Video Downloader - 3

How do I manually uninstall YTD Video Downloader completely?

  1. I first exit the YouTube video downloader client.
  2.  YTD Video Downloader - 4

  3. Close all running browser programs and run WTM and then, I terminate the active SearchSettings.exe *32 process to smoothly uninstall YTD Video Downloader.
  4.  YTD Video Downloader - 5

     YTD Video Downloader - 6

  5. I open up Control Panel on desktop and go to Uninstall a program in it.
  6. To completely get rid of YTD Video Downloader, I need to employ Windows Uninstaller to remove the target item YTD Video Downloader 4.5.1 and Spibot’s YTD Toolbar v7.9 and Slick Savings.
  7.  YTD Video Downloader - 7

    • Launch Uninstall option for the downloader client; follow "YTD Video Downloader 4.5.1 Uninstall" to complete the express uninstall progress.
    •  YTD Video Downloader - 8

       YTD Video Downloader - 9

    • Close "YTD Video Converter" page below.
    •  YTD Video Downloader - 10

    • Locate the said Slick Savings and press Enter directly. Then, close the "Slick Savings Uninstall: Completed" window.
    •  YTD Video Downloader - 11

    • Now remove the unwanted YTD Toolbar using Windows’ Uninstall option >> choose Yes from Programs and Features below.
    •  YTD Video Downloader - 12

    • Apply Yes option to the following UAC program.
    •  YTD Video Downloader - 13

    • To cleanly uninstall YTD Video Downloader, I need to manually… 1) delete Yahoo! and reset Google as the 1st search engine provider; 2) Remove the remaining Slick Savings 2.7 plugin from Firefox’s Add-ons Manager; 3) restore Firefox’s Home Page settings; 4) reset IE’s home page later; delete Yahoo from Search Providers list. See additional tips from the attached screenshots below.
    •  YTD Video Downloader - 14

       YTD Video Downloader - 15

March 4, 2013 Updated: How to Uninstall YTD Video Downloader from XP3?

The following section, "How Do I uninstall YTD Video Downloader on A WinXP Computer" will walk you through the express (incomplete) uninstallation of it – YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter is now YTD Video Downloader. Again, if you just cannot follow the manual instructions below, please save and run this best uninstaller for all Windows system: how

  • You move your personal video files saved in it and close it properly by press Alt+F4.
  • Click start and All Programs and then, please move your mouse to the following YTD Video Downloader folder.
  • Run the following Uninstall application in its subfolder.
  • Follow "YTD Video Downloader 3.9.6 Uninstalll" to complete its easy uninstallation procedure.
  • You then shut down the "YouTube Downloader" below, telling "Uninstall successful. …".
  • Need more assistance to completely uninstall YTD Video Downloader? Use the following uninstall tool Pro and give the unwanted Youtube video downloader a shoot.

The newly installed YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter (v3.6) sent you an error message, saying “Failed (6)Site Responded with an error…”; or it just could not download the targeted YouTube file, “Failed (5). YTD has encountered an invalid url. Please go to Help to check for updates.”?

To fix the above issues associated with the YTD program, please follow the below quick tips.

  1. Check the URL of the YouTube file (Note: the working URL format should be like the one below, [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8eOBr4gLQw].). Copy the one you are going to download, paste it in the Address Bar, load or reload it – you may also need to clean the temporary cache created in your default web browser first. Moreover, you may need to use some VPN Pro to access blocked sites including YouTube.
  2. Check your YouTube/Google/Facebook account. You may be asked to prove that you’re over 18 years old to download the online (restricted) video file.
  3. Check and fix any potentially existing errors in local Internet connection.
  4. Close the running YTD program, re-run it as administrator; if you would have been prompted that you need to first upgrade the currently installed version of it, follow that wizard and complete the upgrade process – learn more tips below. Or you should read or review the following steps to completely uninstall your currently using YTD software and re-install it via running a newer installer packager later on. Moreover, some of you guys especially unsavvy end-users like to effectively uninstall this YTD Converter by using the following #1 uninstall tool.

How to Completely Uninstall YTD Video Downloader (YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter) from Windows?

Step One: We need to review the some information about its default installation option that you may have performed. See the following details:

  • "Install the free YTD Toolbar by Spigot, which provides: …"
  • Install the YTD Toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox
    • Set Yahoo! as my default search engine in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and install Search Settings … (Note: See? To cleanly uninstall YTD Video Downloader, you may remove Yahoo!’s URL from "Home Page" in your web browsers.)
    • Install the DropinSavings extensions in Chrome (Note: You then need to manually delete this DropinSavings plugin in Google Chrome as well.)

How do I uninstall YTD Video Downloader on my Windows 7 system?

Note Know little about your Windows operating system? Well, that’s why you’re strongly advised to run this kindly recommended perfect uninstaller to thoroughly uninstall the YTD Video Downloader from your machine.

Step One: You first click the Close button on the right top of the running program, or you open YTD up and then press the [Alt] key + F4 key to exit it. Check out your attempts above: you may need to manually kill the ytd.exe and the Au_.exe by running Windows Task Manager. You can learn more details about the two images below.

  • Type of file: Application (.exe) / Win32 EXE
  • Size: 0.98 MB (1,036,168 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 0.98 MB (1,036,288 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2007-2012 GreenTree Applications SRL
  • Digital Signatures: Shown below
  • MD5: 5f9c7d82397a675941e6eca52196a296

Moreover, you may need to save or move your downloaded video files to another hard drive on your computer before you start the following Step Two, which enable you to uninstall YTD Video Downloader without any unexpected data loss.

Step Two: You have a choice of the following methods to uninstall YTD Video Downloader:

Plan A: Launch the Uninstall option in its entry listed on the Programs

  1. Click Start >> Programs (for you XP users there) or All Programs; enter the YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter folder below.
  2. Scroll down that folder, select the Uninstall to run it as admin to uninstall YTD Video Downloader on your device.
  3. When you receive the following details from Windows’ UAC in yellow, you then click the Yes on it.
    • Program location: “C:\Program Files\YTD YouTube Downloader Converter\Uninstall.exe”

  4. Click the Next > button on the following "YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter 3.6 Uninstall" window. Note, it also depends on the version you chose to install.
  5. Click the Uninstall on YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter 3.6 Uninstall below, which tells you that your YouTube video downloader will be uninstalled from its installation directory.
  6. Close the following YouTube Downloader page, “Uninstall successful. YTD Video Downloader has been uninstalled from your computer. …”.
  7. Now, you should restart your Windows manually and you might be able to detect and clean YTD’s traces to entirely uninstall YTD Video Downloader.

Additional Tip You can find the below Uninstall.exe to uninstall your unwanted YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter if you cannot find its folder or its default uninstaller I’ve mentioned above: please copy its path like the one below, C:\Program Files\YTD YouTube Downloader Converter\Uninstall.exe, and then, you paste it in the Address bar of Windows Explorer, review the related steps above to finish the automatic uninstall of YTD program. See the following screenshots for more instructions if you cannot uninstall YTD Video Downloader normally.

  • Type of file: Application (.exe)
  • Description: Uninstall
  • Size: 205 KB (210,262 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 208 KB (212,992 bytes)

The following screen shots will walk you through the express un-installation of YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter…

Note Right-click on the shortcut file for YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter and choose the Properties.

Note Click the Open File Location or the Find Target… tab on Uninstall Properties below.

Note Scroll up or you press the [U] key, then you run the Uninstall in it to start the automatic uninstall process for YTD software.

Plan B: Use the standard uninstallation process

  1. Click Start (>> Settings) >> Control Panel >> Uninstall or change a program / Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Locate your currently installed version of YTD like the following YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter3.6, launch the Uninstall option press the [Enter] key.
    • Publisher: GreenTree Application SRL
    • Help link / Support link: http://www[dot]youtubedownloadersite[dot]com

  3. Follow the below easy wizards or review some steps above to complete the rest of wizards of YTD YouTube Downloader & Converter 3.6 Uninstall.

Additional Tasks: Uninstall the potentially unwanted third-party program and clean those leftover data to completely uninstall YTD Video Downloader:

  1. Now, you can go on to remove the remaining YTD Toolbar v6.2 with ease.
    • Publisher: Spigot, Inc
    • Size: 3.22 MB
    • Product version: 6.2

    Tip Click on the Yes button on Programs and Features or Add or Remove Programs. Then you may need to wait seconds for Windows Installer to prepare the uninstall process.

    Tip Click the Yes on the above blue UAC window. Wait.

    Tip Close the Uninstall page above.

  2. Check and restore the web browsers installed on your computer.
    • For Mozilla Firefox/Aurora users:
      • Click on the expand menu on its Search Engine Providers.
      • Enter the Manage Search Engines….
      • You can move your favorite search engine like Google to the top of the list by clicking the Move Up tab on right tab; then you click the OK on Manage Search Engine List. Or you can also choose your beloved one, such as Google.
  3. For some advanced computer users, you can manually find and remove those unwanted left over files and registry entries on your machine. And for more regular users, you are advised to download the following uninstall tool to guide you through the risky manual editing procedure.

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