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You can’t cleanly uninstall YTD Video Downloader due to the remained Ask.com homepage and/or more potentially unwanted programs?

In addition, to prevent and/or resolve other issues relating to iPad conversion, you should fully remove YTD Video Downloader. Now, you can use following automated solution and manual one to YTD Video Downloader removal. Then you install the latest copy of YTD Video Downloader on your computer. And, if, you feel tough being able to manually detect and remove those associated leftover program items and registry entries after the main program is uninstalled, save this smart uninstaller tool on your desktop, run it to force & cleanly remove YTD Video Downloader from your computer.

Here’re the video instructions for uninstalling YTD Video Downloader

Did you launch the default installation options to install YTD Video Downloader?

Then, to fully get rid of YTD Video Downloader, I have listed the related items as a bundle in the express install of YTD Video Downloader v3.9.6. Read or review the following Step 1 – Step 4:

Step 1: Facts for the new features and installation destination

  • YTD Video Downloader provides: …
  • Change installation folder…

Uninstall YTD Video Downloader - 1

Step 2: Install the Ask Toolbar and related options

  • Options:
    • Install the Ask Toolbar and make Ask my default search provider
    • Set and keep Ask.com as my browser home page and new tabs page

Uninstall YTD Video Downloader - 2

Step 3 (optional): Update your current version of YTD Video Downloader

Step 4: Install PC Tools Registry Mechanicâ„¢ by Symantec Corporation

Eventually, you have the following items installed on your computer:

  • In Windows desktop, you can see the following shortcut files, YTD Video Downloader and PC Tools Registry Mechanic:
  • On Start menu:
  • On All Programs / Programs menu, you can find the following two folders. Read the following detailed info in them:
    • PC Tools Registry Mechanic
    • YTD Video Downloader

How can I completely uninstall YTD Video Downloader?

NOTE If you cannot successfully uninstall the YTD Video Downloader using the following common ways, then for experienced end-users ONLY, you perform the manual steps to modify Windows filesystem and Registry Editor. If you’re just unfamiliar with configuring your system by hand, you now select this effective solution instead: click here to run Windows remover tool.

  1. Now, you click the Control Panel or you need to enter Settings if you’re running a Windows XP SP3 computer. Then you open Uninstall a program in Programs, or Add/Remove Programs. In the following listing of Uninstall or change a program (Currently installed programs), you can detect the following installed projects – to entirely uninstall YTD Video Downloader, you need to complete the removal for them and resetting homepage for the web tools you installed. Learn more:
    • Ask Toolbar (Publisher, Ask.com; size, 4.57 MB; product version,
    • Ask Toolbar Updater, v1.4.1.28235
    • PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 (Publisher, PC Tools; Size, 33.3 MB; product version, 11.1)
    • YTD Video Downloader 3.9.6

  2. Open all your installed web browsers:
    • Mozilla Aurora / Firefox:
      • In the following Manage Search Engine List, you can find Ask.com in it, and ask has changed Google as No.1 search engine:
      • Open Add-ons Manager, you can see Ask Toolbar
      • Visit the following Options section, check Hom Page in it (URL, http://www.ask.com/?l=dis&o=APN10374&gct=hp)
    • Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9/8/6:
      • Open the following Internet Options, you then look into Home page (URL, http://www.ask.com/?l=dis&o=APN10374&gct=hp)
      • Open Manage Add-ons, go to Search Providers first, you can see Ask Search in it:
      • Now, you click Toolbars and Extensions on left pane, you will see two Ask Toolbar in it:
  3. Logged on as an administrator in your Windows system, save and close your personal staff.
  4. You are using any version of YTD Video Downloader, click Close button on upper right of it, run Windows Task Manager, check the Processes tab on it to ensure the following ytd.exe had been terminated.
  5. Smimilarly, you first properly exit PC Tools Registry Mechanic, check RegMech.exe in Processes. Moreover, to safely remove the potentially unwanted Ask Toolbar, and to fully uninstall the YTD Video Downloader, you then launch End Process option for the following Updater.exe relating to the toolbar program.
  6. Now, you can take the following options to remove the YTD Video Downloader – in case that you cannot get rid of it via the provided options, download and run this powerful third-party uninstaller program:
  7. Option 1

    • Find and then run the Uninstall application in YTD Video Downloader folder;
    • For Windows Vista and/or Windows 7 folks, you then select Yes option from the following UAC in yellow.
    • To proceed with the express removal progress, you click on the Next > button on the following YTD Video Downloader 3.9.6 Uninstall (Note: it depends on the version you installed.).
    • And then you click on the following Uninstall button to automatically uninstall YTD Video Downloader from your system.
    • You then click Finish when you’ll be informed that “YTD Video Downloader 3.9.6 (or other versions you had) has been uninstalled from your computer.”.
    • Close the following “Uninstall successful” page (URL, http://www.youtubedownloadersite.com/uninstall.html?isn=870BDFFE681B4978990D4AEACE14BC5B&pv=0). or you can also follow the listed options to help GreenTree improve their current product.
    • Save and restart your system.

    Option 2

    • Go to the installation folder, which should be saved in system disk
    • Run the following Uninstall application in it. Read the additional information about it.
      • Type of file: Application (.exe)
      • Description: Uninstall
      • Size: 207 KB (212,276 bytes)

    • Refer to the steps above to uninstall YTD Video Downloader from your system. Then you may manually delete any remains after that.

    Option 3

    • Go to Windows Control Panel.
    • Locate your version of YTD Video Downloader like the following one (v3.9.6), launch the Uninstall option for it to automatically uninstall YTD Video Downloader.

  8. To cleanly uninstall YTD Video Downloader, you need to remove the PC Tools Registry Mechanic on your computer. To do this, try the following methods or use this uninstall tool:
  9. Method 1

    • Run Uninstall PC Tools Registry Mechanic;
    • Click Yes on the following User Account Control;
    • Click Yes on PC Tools Registry Mechanic Uninstall;
    • “Please wait …”.
    • Click OK.
    • Save and reboot your Windows.

    Method 2

    • Similarly, you find the following unins000, the default uninstaller for PC Tools Registry Mechanic.
      • Description: Setup/Uninstall
      • Size: 1.14 MB (1,205,248 bytes)
      • Digital Signatures: Yes and shown below

    • Return to Method 1 to finish the rest of uninstall wizards.
    • Remove any program leftovers in it later on.

    Method 3

    • Typically, you go to Control Panel.
    • Follow the on-screen windows to complete the express installation procedure of the optional PC Tools Registry Mechanic program.
  10. Again, to thoroughly uninstall YTD Video Downloader, you learn the following instructions for Ask Toolbar removal – click this link to force uninstall that toolbar program:
  11. Option 1

    • Open Windows Control Panel.
    • You can double-click on the listed Ask Toolbar; or you click the Uninstall button behind it.
    • When you are prompted by the following Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs, “Are you sure you want to uninstall Ask Toolbar?”, you click the Yes button on it.
    • “Please wait while Windows uninstalls Toolbar”.
    • Choose the Yes option from the following UAC by b2ca88.msi program to continue remove Ask Toolbar.
    • When following Ask Toolbar tells you that “All Internet Explorer browser windows should be closed in order to complete the uninstallation. …”, follow it and then you can click the OK on it.
    • Refresh the current Uninstall or change a program or Currently installed programs list in your system,
    • To fully uninstall YTD Video Downloader, you then need to remove the Ask Toolbar Updater in the list: click or launch the Uninstall option for that Updater program.
    • You then may be told that “An error occurred while trying to uninstall Ask Toolbar Updater. It may have already been uninstalled. …”, you click Yes on that information window, shown below.

    Option 2: (For Mozilla users)

    • Run your Mozilla web tool.
    • Expand the Options option on right top of the browser window.
    • Run the Uninstall option on the menu.
    • Select the Yes option from Windows Installer to remove the Ask Toolbar from your Mozilla product.

    Option 3: (For IE users)

    • Please refer to the instructions above to remove the Ask Toolbar from the current version of Internet Explorer you have.

    NOTE The Option 2 & 3 above might partially remove Ask Toolbar and incompletely uninstall YTD Video Downloader!

  12. The following steps will help you manually reset your installed web browsers – to effectively accomplish this section and/or resolve any unexpected issues during your attempts to uninstall YTD Video Downloader completely, run this perfect uninstall tool for Windows.
    • For Mozilla users:
      • Open Manage Search Engine List window.
      • Find the following Ask.com entry in it and then highlight it, click Remove tab on right pane. Choose your preferred engine such as Google from the list. Click OK.
      • Open Options, you then launch Restore to Default option for Home Page portion to fully uninstall YTD Video Downloader.
      • Close your Mozilla software; re-open it to check the steps above to ensure you’ve uninstalled YTD Video Downloader without unwanted items.
    • Steps for restoring Internet Explorer:
      • Open Internet Options, you then apply the Use blank option for Home page.
      • Now open Manage Add-ons, you then can launch the Remove option for the remained Ask Search – this way helps you change Bing as the default search engine, and helps you uninstall YTD Video Downloader completely as well.
      • Click Close. Click OK on Internet Options then.
      • Close the current Internet Explorer window, re-run it to check the steps above.
  13. This step will help you remove program traces in your system: you use the program name, type it in Windows Explorer and Registry Editor – BACK UP it before you will make any changes to Windows registry – to search those leftover items, you check the results found by your system, and then you manually delete them to cleanly uninstall YTD Video Downloader. For more common Windows users, you use this uninstaller program to prevent the potential risk of system error/crashes, and more other unwanted systems problems.

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