Remove/Uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer Completely

Some users said that they just could not uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer due to “lack of sufficient privileges” when launching the appropriate applet in Control Panel; then how can I remove the so called virus on my Windows 8 machine?

I know that you’re wondering what WinZip Registry Optimizer is, and well, the short answer is YES, according to the report by VirusTotal, this computer software registry optimizer made by WinZip Computing, S.L. has been associated with malware: a variant of Win32/OpenInstall by ESET-NOD32 (20130204); HV_ZYX_CA08282F.TOMC by TrendMicro-HouseCall. You may wanna to see detailed report about this malevolent program, please check out it below. If you had been stuck in the standard install progress of the malicious or potentially unwanted WinZip Registry Optimizer, TRY and install this uninstaller tool on your Windows, which is fairly effective in PUPs removal! Now, I’ll show you how I manually & completely remove WinZip Registry Optimizer via the technical instructions below.

How did you get the malware infection Registry Optimizer on your computer?

To get rid of WinZip Registry Optimizer and other unneeded software at more points, now you should keep and run this smart uninstaller program time to time.

  • Step 1: "Welcome to the WinZip Registry Optimizer Setup Wizard. This will install WinZip Registry Optimizer on your computer. …"
  • uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer - 1

  • Step 2: WinZip Registry Optimizer Installation Wizard
    • Info: WinZip recommends the installation of AVG Secure Search Toolbar
    • Option: Use the AVG toolbar to improve my Internet protection

    uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer - 2

    NOTE See? To completely uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer, you then need to uninstall and remove this "Sponsored Offer". Click the link above for more info on AVG toolbar removal.

  • Step 3: Installation Progress
  • Step 5: WinZip Registry Optimizer has been successfully installed. Click the finish button to exit this installation.

Then I run my Mozilla Firefox, then the following Install Add-on window informs me that it’ll automatically modify itself with AVG Security Toolbar Meanwhile, I notice that AVG Secure Search has been changed my Google engine.

The Home Page for Firefox has also been changed from blank to

How do I uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer?

WARNING For some computer starters, manually uninstalling and/or removing WinZip Registry Optimizer (virus) might be tricky as manual modifying the file system and Registry Editor is required and risky. Again, this uninstaller PRO would be your kind recommendation for a clean WinZip Registry Optimizer removal. Download it NOW to force uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer!

  1. And now, I’m making the final preparations for a clean uninstall of WinZip Registry Optimizer; log in on to my Win8 as admin, save all of my personal files and other running programs.
  2. For the following running WinZip Registry Optimizer software, I first click on Stop Scan button; then I click the Close button on its top right of the interface of it.
  3. Then I meet the following window Before closing Registry Optimizer…, "WinZip Registry Optimizer is the leading and award winning registry repair tool …"

  4. Now I’ve learned that I have TWO methods to get rid of this "spyware infection":
    • Method 1: Launch the following Uninstall option to automatically uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer (v1.0)
    • NOTE If you just cannot find it on the programs list, run this uninstall tool to effectively detect and then remove your annoying WinZip Registry Optimizer.

      • I save Control Panel on Desktop, then I open it up.
      • Then I click Uninstall a program in Programs section.
      • And then I locate WinZip Registry Optimizer in the list, press the [Enter] key on my keyboard.
        • Publisher: WinZip International LLC
        • Size: 12.9 MB
        • Product version: 1.0
        • Help link: http://www.winzip[dot]com
      • Afterwards, I see the following WinZip Registry Optimizer displayed, "Get the full version of WinZip Registry Optimizer for FREE! (Is It Really So?)"; I choose the listed option "Uninstall it now" to remove the WinZip Registry Optimizer.
      • Soon, I see the WinZip Registry Optimizer Uninstall displayed and then disappeared.
    • Method 2:
      • I go to the installation directory of WinZip Registry Optimizer. You just cannot find it out? Why not try this uninstall tool to automatically detect and then remove the associated program files?
      • Then I move my mouse up till I manually highlight the following unins000 application:
        • Description: Setup/Uninstall
        • Size: 1.28 MB (1,343,555 bytes)
        • Size on disk: 1.28 MB (1,347,584 bytes)
        • SHA256: 178ab161648996ff6c78628109ff8f8db54fdccdb8ff740c27d239b4f7aa15ea
        • SHA1: 84f04a9fa219a7da4bb4bb7e6ff1cc4a955889b4
        • MD5: 741a1f8db4b963c6ee4feb61f9b94938
        • Detection ratio: 1 / 46 (Trojan.Malware.Obscu.Gen.001 by ByteHero (20130131))

        NOTE Your other installed Anti-Malware software may disable your such attempts to uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer!

      • Then, again, I press [Enter] and then, I choose the Yes option from the following UAC to continue to uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer:
        • Program location: "C:\Program Files\WinZip Registry Optimizer\unins000.exe" …

        NOTE Here, you can run the recommended uninstall tool to totally uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer including its produced gaps and other fragmentation on your Windows.

      • Then I click Uninstall it now button and follow the WinZip Registry Optimizer below to complete its express un-install progress.

  5. Now, I can go on to remove the unwanted AVG Security Toolbar from Uninstall or change a program to fully uninstall WinZip Registry Optimizer: I first locate the AVG’s toolbar program, then I launch the Uninstall/Change option for it.
  6. To effectively rid of that AVG toolbar and restore my installed web browsers, I choose the option "Remove the toolbar and AVG Secure Search.", then I click Next on "AVG Secure Search – Uninstall AVG Secure Search".
  7. Then AVG Secure Search informs me that "Please wait while AVG Secure Search and the toolbar are being removed.".
  8. Then I click Done button, "You have successfully removed AVG Secure Search and the toolbar.".
  9. And then I manually close the following "The AVG Security Toolbar has been unin… (uninstalled)" page.
  10. Then I close the following Programs and Features; and manually reboot my Windows 8 system.
  11. For more regular Windows end-users, this advanced junkware cleaner for all Windows provides ultimate options that will do all the manual deletion work for you!

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