Disable/Uninstall Windows Defender in Windows 7/8

You need solutions to disable or completely uninstall Windows Defender for your Windows?

The one sentence you need to know to resolve Windows Defender uninstall problem: the following how-to guides vary from OS to OS. If you’re a W8/W7/Vista owner, you can’t uninstall WD but will be able to disable it from running in your system; and you can thoroughly remove Windows Defender and swift it to another better anti-spyware software. Nevertheless, for detailed contribution to this "How to Disable or Get rid of Windows Defender for Windows" discussion, please read on the following information: tips to turn off WD for W8, then steps to remove Windows Defender for XP and Win 7 – if you do NOT have the Admin access but you want WD off of your system, you use the following professional PUA removal tool.

How do I disable Windows Defender (WD) for a Win 8 system?

  • Open Computer on desktop.
  • Enter Local Disk.
  • Choose Programs Files folder.
  • Double click on the following Windows Defender sub-folder.
  • uninstall Windows Defender_2 - 1

  • Scroll down to MSASCui app, right click on it and select "Run as administrator" option on the menu.
  • uninstall Windows Defender_2 - 2

  • Apply Yes to UAC program below.
  • Defender_2 - 3

  • Tab the Settings below and choose the last "Administrator" entry on left pane and then, CANCEL the option "Turn on Windows Defender". Hit "Save changes" button.
  • Defender_2 - 4

  • Press Close on the following Windows Defender alert.
  • Defender_2 - 5

  • Shut down the above WD folder, save your work and restart your OS.

How to Uninstall Windows Defender from XP3?

The fastest way to uninstall the Windows Defender. Read on the steps below.

  1. Download the ORIGINAL WindowsDefender.msi application. DO check ‘n review the technical specs below and, prevent FAKE antivirus from installing!
    • Type of file: Windows Installer Package
    • Open with: Windows® installer
    • Size: 4.91 MB (5,154,304 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 4.91 MB (5,156,864 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Yes
    • File Title: Installation Database
    • Subject: "Windows Defender helps protect users from malicious software, …"
    • Author/Copyright: Microsoft Corporation
    • Keywords: Installer
    • Comments: “This installer database contains the logic and data required to install Windows Defender.”
    • MD5: b5429cc7f9a55f5de0182e88bb619aff

    Defender_2 - 6

  2. You can save that said WD installer application on your desktop, right click on it and choose "Uninstall" option.
  3. Defender_2 - 9

  4. Choose Yes from Windows Installer dialogue box below.
  5. Defender_2 - 10

  6. Then, your operating system should help you silently uninstall Windows Defender. Please sit tight.
  7. Defender_2 - 11

  8. Save, reboot and check your system’s programs list later.

Method 2 (the standard uninstall procedure) to Uninstall Windows Defender

  1. To smoothly uninstall Windows Defender, we exit the running client in taskbar first.
  2. Defender_2 - 7

  3. start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs.
  4. You find the following Windows Defender (9.57MB) item in the "Currently installed programs" list, click Remove next to that program.
  5. Defender_2 - 12

  6. Hit Yes on Add or Remove Programs altert below.
  7. Defender_2 - 13

  8. Again, please wait while your computer is performing your request.
  9. Defender_2 - 14

How can you learn to use Windows command line (aka, DOS) to uninstall Windows Defender?

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Go to the following tree, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  • Press Ctrl key + F key, type Windows Defender and press Enter.
  • Defender_2 - 15

  • Press Windows key + R key; input cmd and hit Enter.
  • Type cd c:\windows\system32; press Enter.
  • Defender_2 - 16

  • Locate and open up the following UninstallString; copy MsiExec.exe /I{A06275F4-324B-4E85-95E6-87B2CD729401} in it.
  • Open cmd menu, "Paste" the above installation information for WD software. Press Enter.
  • Defender_2 - 17

  • Follow "Windows Defender Maintenance Wizard" and complete the uninstall process.
  • Defender_2 - 18

    Defender_2 - 19

    NOTE To automatically uninstall Windows Defender, you then need to check the option "Remove Windows Defender"

    Defender_2 - 20

    Defender_2 - 21

    Defender_2 - 22

    NOTE Please wait while the said Wizard helps you silently uninstall Windows Defender: it needs to stop its services, remove its program files and backup items ‘n more other. Then exit that Wizard.

  • Close all the above windows, restart your Windows.

How to Stop or Uninstall Windows Defender Program from Running on Your 7/Vista Computer?

  1. When you find the below MSASCui application, to uninstall Windows Defender or disable it, you then run it as administrator. Learn more details about it below.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe) / Win32 EXE
    • Description: Windows Defender User Interface
    • Size: 645 KB (660,480 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 648 KB (663,552 bytes)
    • File version: 6.1.7600.16385
    • Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    • Original filename: MSASCUI.exe
    • SHA256: 3838c421c0d46bf808ab752ec93ea0bc9c41e5145d6efc99b0f41b9fc5566187
    • SHA1: d29bec31a640c96cc7b2a9e4cb1f09e5a750cb8f
    • MD5: b888c567e8247e780d6a7e8bfd75c775

    Note To view some more details about Windows Defender, you then visit the About Windows Defender in the Help menu. See more information below.

    • Copyright: Copyright © 2008, Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    • System information:
      • Client Version: 6.1.7600.16385
      • Engine Version: 1.1.8704.0
      • Antispyware definitions:

  2. To shut down Windows Defender on your Windows 7 system, you then click on the Tools.
  3. In the Settings sections, you then click the Options, “Choose how you want the program to run.”.
  4. Now, please locate the Administrator entry on the left pane.
  5. Then you cancel the option “Use this program” to disable Windows Defender on your Windows 7 computer, “When the setting is on, this program will alert all users …”. And then you hit the Save button with Microsoft logo.
  6. Click the Close button on Windows Defender to go on disable or uninstall Windows Defender, “This program is turned off. …”.
  7. Then you can try re-running Windows Defender, you should be able to read the following information. At this point, you rid of Windows Defender with success.
  8. And if you wanna completely disable or uninstall Windows Defender program, follow the below methods.

METHOD TWO to rid Windows Defender off your system

  • Right click on Computer, choose the Manage option then
  • When you see the Computer Management window, please click the Services on left pane; then press [W] key to fast locate the Windows Defender on the list; press Enter key
  • Then you will see the below details, apply the Disabled option for the Startup type to completely disable Windows Defender.
    • Service name: WindDefend
    • Path to executable: C:\Windows\System32\svhost.exe -k secsvcs

  • Click the Apply button and the OK button.
  • Save and reboot your computer to check the changes you made to system.

METHOD THREE to stop Windows Defender from running

  • Start >> Control Panel >> System and Security
  • Administrative Tools
  • Open up the Services
  • Repeat the above steps detailed in METHOD TWO to complete the process to disable Windows Defender.

Tip For XP users, you can try Windows’s default removal option to uninstall Windows Defender application from the Currently Installed Programs. Review the following video demo for more tips. If you wanna force change or uninstall Windows Defender for another antivirus software, you can do so following my video guide below. And for XP guys there, please download the smart uninstaller to help you effectively clean its left over files and registry entries on your computer to fully uninstall Windows Defender.

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