How to Uninstall Winamp Toolbar/Search/Plugin/Agent

11/25/13 UPD: How to uninstall Winamp (v5.66 Final) on an XP computer?

Here, we’d provide 2 very general tips to remove Winamp completely

  • You first remove the main player from programs list.
  • You may keep your personal software info if you wanna reuse other versions of it later.

How do I uninstall Winamp manually?

  1. I first close the following "Add Media to Library" dialog box.
  2. uninstall Winamp 5.66 - 1

  3. I click File menu then choose Exit option at the bottom.
  4. uninstall Winamp 5.66 - 2

  5. Then, I have 3 options to perform the express uninstall of Winamp:
    • Method 1: start >> All Programs >> Winamp >> run the following "Uninstall Winamp".
    •  Winamp 5.66 - 3

    • Method 2: start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs >> locate the following Winamp software (41.79MB), hit Remove button.
    •  Winamp 5.66 - 4

    • Method 3: Go to Winamp’s installation folder, run the following "UninstWA" application. Please note, though, it will requre Admin rights to process the uninstallation if you install Winamp on a Windows 8/7/Vista device.
    •  Winamp 5.66 - 5

  6. To fully get rid of Winamp, I let following Winamp Uninstall remove its components and "User Preferences" automatically.
  7. uninstall6

  8. "Please wait while Winamp is being uninstalled".
  9. uninstall 7

  10. Click Finish on the Winamp Uninstall then.
  11. uninstall8

Did not know how to automatically/properly upgrade the currently installed Winamp (version 2) to a newer or the latest version of it?

And to successfully install a newer version of Winamp on your computer without other severe computer issues, please follow the below tips: 1) you download the official installer of the media player, you can over-install of the old version 2.x or version 5.x, which would help you automatically save the preferred settings for the music player. 2) Have the version 3 installed? You’d better have the newer one installed in a new directory on your hard drives. 3) Perform a whole new installation of the player by reviewing or following the detailed support below to thoroughly remove or uninstall Winamp from your Windows computer and then launching a clean installation option for it. For computer starters, you should use the following professional uninstaller to cleanly uninstall Winamp from your Windows device and reinstall it later.

To fully uninstall Winamp, please review the detailed installation process of the below programs below. If you just cannot detect the installed programs on your computer, please run the following uninstaller program to effectively find and remove them from your computer.

  1. Winamp Installer
    • Info: Get the Most Out of Winamp. Choose the additional features below to get the most out of Winamp.
      • Winamp® Toolbar: … (Note: To fully uninstall Winamp, you may need to rid of this potentially unwanted toolbar program.)
      • Set AOL® Search as my default search engine (Note: Similarly, to completely uninstall Winamp, you will as well need to remove this search engine by AOL.)
      • 50 free MP3 Downloads +1 Audiobook from eMusic

    Tip Preventing the apps you do not want from being installed above would quickly uninstall Winamp!.

  2. Winamp Installer, again.
    • Info: Install Nitro PDF Reader (Recommended by Winamp)

  3. Winamp Toolbar Setup
    • Option 3: Install Toolbar both browsers
    • "Set Winamp as my home page"
    • "Use AOL Search as my default search engine"

    Tip You could have the said toolbar installed on the current version of Mozilla or Microsoft’s IE. And then you can diselect the last option, AOL Search, for this Winamp Toolbar Setup.

  4. eMusic Download Manager
    • "… Clicking on ‘Next’ will begin the install of the eMusic Discovery Toolbar.”

How Can I Completely Uninstall Winamp (5.623) from My Windows Computer?

Section One: Uninstall Winamp (remove the main application)

Tip You can use this Solution 1 to automatically uninstall Winamp from your system.

  1. Click on the Windows Home/Start key on your keyboard >> the All Programs; or the Programs on your Windows XP SP3 computer >>
  2. Enter the Winamp entry on the left pane; scroll down and launch the Unisntall Winamp application to start the automatic un-install of it.
  3. Select the Yes option from Windows 7/Vista’s User Account Control to continue uninstall Winamp.
  4. To completely uninstall Winamp, you could enable the below options for the Winamp Uninstall wizard and click Next > on it. See the details.
    • Tip You might enter the installation directory above to manually delete any leftover files associated with the music player on your computer. Moreover, some of them might be removed in Windows Safe Mode ONLY! Also, you can run this smart uninstall tool to forcibly uninstall Winamp on your PC.

  5. PLEASE, select the two uninstall options below from the Winamp Uninstall window to fully uninstall Winamp; then you click the Uninstall button on it.
    • "Choose related programs to uninstall."
    • Option 1: Winamp Toolbar
    • Option 2: Winamp Detector Plug-in

  6. “Please wait while Winamp is being uninstalled.”.
  7. To learn more information on the Winamp’s potential file type remains, you then select the option “Open Winamp folder” from the final window of the Winamp Uninstall – you might be able to manually delete any leftover stuff to cleanly uninstall Winamp. Moreover, you could tell Nullsoft, Inc your user experience by selecting the option “Help Winamp by submitting feedback”. See the details on its remaining Plugins folder and the uninstall survey page below.
  8. Tip Click OK on the “The page at chrome://winamptoolbar says” window ("title is undefined.") to shutdown that warning box properly.

  9. You would learn that the following two problematic remaining items related with Nullsoft, Inc: "Winamp" and "Winamp Detector Plug-in".
  10. You then refresh your programs list.
  11. Note The Programs and Features will inform you that “An error occurred while trying to uninstall Winamp. It has already been uninstalled.”.

  12. Save and reboot your Windows.

Now, please take the following Solution 2 uninstall Winamp

  1. Click Start button (>> Settings) >> Control Panel on left pane >> click the Uninstall a program or Add or Remove Programs >>
  2. Launch the Winamp program from the Currently Installed Programs list. See some details about it.
  3. You could review or follow the on-screen windows below to easily uninstall Winamp.

You can also select the Solution 3 below to uninstall Winamp

  1. Right-click on the Uninstall Winamp application in its file folder (on All Programs list) or the shortcut file for it on Desktop. Select the Winamp Properties option for it, click Open File Location/Find Target… tab on the Winamp Properties information window.
  2. Press the [U] key on the keyboard to locate and run the following UninstWA application (size, 334 KB) to uninstall Winamp ASAP. Read more details about it.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: Winamp Installer
    • Size: 334 KB (342,206 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 336 KB (344,064 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Product version: 5.62 Build 3199
    • Copyright: Copyright © 1997-2011, Nullsoft, Inc.

  3. Once again, you select Yes on the yellow UAC window to go on to uninstall Winampr.
  4. Review or repeat related steps above to automatically uninstall Winamp.This option will help you fully uninstall Winamp by manually deleting the files leftover related with the player.

Now, you remove the Nitro Pro 7 to fully uninstall Winamp

Note The Nitro has been removed from the programs list. Click here for more help on how to uninstall Windows programs via using its GUID (Universally Unique Identifier).

  1. Press the Show desktop on the right bottom of your Windows.
  2. Right click on the Nitro Pro 7 icon on Desktop. Select the Properties >> the Open File Location/Find Target…
  3. Try to forcibly delete those files in its installation folder to cleanly uninstall Winamp.
  4. Run the Registry Editor >> locate the below registry key, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{C4BCCD2A-80B3-49CD-800E-EB16272E1279}] >> entering it, open up the UninstallString in it >> copy or write down the below information, [MsiExec.exe /X{C4BCCD2A-80B3-49CD-800E-EB16272E1279}].
  5. Press [Windows] key + [R] key >> type [cmd] in Run >> input [cd(space)C:\Windows\System 32] (where the MsiExec.exe application is located), press [Enter] key >> click the title of Windows cmd.exe application; scroll down, click Edit, then copy this [MsiExec.exe /X{C4BCCD2A-80B3-49CD-800E-EB16272E1279}]; and then launch the Paste option in it >> press [Enter] key again.
  6. Click Yes on Windows Installer to totally uninstall Winamp, “Are you sure you want to uninstall this product?”
  7. Please wait while Windows is “preparing to remove/configures Nitro Pro 7″. In case that any installed web browser is still running in background, you then save it and then apply the second one, “Do not close applications (A Reboot may be required.)”. Click OK then.
  8. Tip You can run Windows Task Manager to terminate all the running web browsers to entirely uninstall Winamp.

  9. Click OK on the following Nitro Pro 7, “The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications. …”.
  10. Save and restart your Windows.

If you just could not complete the automatic removal of Nitro program, try the powerful Auto Uninstaller above to remove the PDF software forcibly – another way to thoroughly uninstall Winamp.

Now, remove the eMusic to fully uninstall Winamp

  1. Click Start >> scroll up till you enter the eMusic Download Manager >> launch the Remove option in it >> click Yes on UAC.
  2. To completely remove the possible unnecessary eMusic, you could select Yes on eMusic Download Manager 4..1.4 Uninstall, “Would you like to delete your eMusic Download Manager settings?”.
  3. Wait; then you click OK on the said "eMusic Uninstall" info box, “… if you have installed additional software along with eMusic Download Manager, it will need to be uninstalled separately.”
  4. Save and reboost your machine again. To effectively remove the said "additional software" above, you can use the following powerful uninstall tool.

Section Two: restore your browsers and clean those left overs to fully uninstall Winamp

  1. Run Mozilla Firefox >> click the title of it.
  2. Enter the Add-ons on the menu >>
  3. You could learn more details about the currently installed add-ons in Firefox; then you launch the Remove option for the following potentially unwanted items to completely uninstall Winamp and make your Firefox run fast.
    • Item 1: Winamp Toolbar
    • Item 2: eMusic Toolbar (eMusic Toolbar is incompatible with Firefox 12.0)

  4. Click the "Restart now" button to re-run Firefox.
  5. To fully uninstall Winamp 5.6, you then open up the Manage Search Engines List in Firefox >> launch the Remove option for the AOL Web Search item on the Manage Search Engine List >> click OK.
  6. Run your Firefox to check the configuration you made to it.
  7. Now, run the Windows Internet Explorer: you’ll find the AOL Web Search that still get left in system.; but you just could not remove it directly from the Search Providers: you first set Bing the default engine and then remove AOL project to fully uninstall Winamp.
  8. To completely remove the large quantities of remained files and registry keys on your computer, you need to manually find and delete them to cleanly uninstall Winamp. See the screenshots below; it’s highly recommended you download the perfect, powerful Windows uninstaller to effectively detect and clean them.

If you still have any difficulties removing the file and registry entries associated with the programs above, please use the recommended Auto uninstall program to force uninstall uninstall Winamp and/or other unwanted programs/toolbar. You could also learn or refer to the below uninstall tutorials for more help.

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