How to Remove vGrabber Toolbar from Chrome

9/13/2013 Update: Know little about vGrabber Toolbar (aka, Vgrabber Community Toolbar)? Can’t completely remove vGrabber Toolbar from your system?

Well, FIVE security reasons to permanently get rid of vGrabber Toolbar powered by Conduit Ltd:

  • File name: tb_Vgrabber.exe
  • MD5: fac4c1d7df0dfdc13eb14c830729d0b6
  • Detection ratio: 5 / 47
  • Detection details: DrWeb, Adware.Conduit.3; ESET-NOD32, Win32/OpenCandy; Malwarebytes, PUP.Optional.OpenCandy; SUPERAntiSpyware, Adware.Conduit/Variant; VIPRE, Conduit (fs).

remove vGrabber Toolbar - 1

NOTE The version of the aforementioned Anti-Virus engines: 20130913.

What should you know before taking actions?

Review the Vgrabber Community Toolbar installation process…

To fully remove vGrabber Toolbar, we strongly recommend that you review or read up the above-mentioned uninstall tutorials, which also contain useful video guides. Meanwhile, you too should remove the said online backup app’s component Visual C++ 2008 (v9.0.30729).

How do I completely remove vGrabber Toolbar for my Windows?

  1. Click OK on the "Signup Wizard.exe (code 0xc0000135)" error (by MyPC Backup software).
  2.  vGrabber Toolbar - 7

  3. Close the following "Welcome to" webpage.
  4.  vGrabber Toolbar - 8

  5. Foremost, use Windows Uninstall utility to remove vGrabber Toolbar from your system programs list: press start >> click Control Panel >> hit Add or Remove Programs.
  6. Locate the following Vgrabber Toolbar (file size, 7.87 MB; product version,, press Change/Remove button behind the unwanted bar item.
  7.  vGrabber Toolbar - 9

  8. Say Yes to the "Toolbar Uninstall" window and let it automatically remove vGrabber Toolbar.
  9.  vGrabber Toolbar - 10

  10. Soon Windows Internet Explorer will run without your permission. You can choose the "No" option from its alert below if you do not wish make it the default Web browser.
  11.  vGrabber Toolbar - 11

  12. Then you can direct shut down the following "Thank you…" page after uninstalling the vGrabber Toolbar.
  13.  vGrabber Toolbar - 12

  14. In order to cleanly remove vGrabber Toolbar, you then should continue to use Control Panel to remove those potentially unneeded programs in your system as I’ve pointed out above; in addtion, you need to restore your IE’s start page by removing the Conduit Search.
  15.  vGrabber Toolbar - 13

     vGrabber Toolbar - 16

Now, can you remove vGrabber Toolbar yourself?

Why should you also thoroughly remove vGrabber Toolbar v1.5 for your Windows?

  • MD5: d593f345d0b2aa8f94e667a45353c1ca
  • Detection ratio: 5 / 46 (Adware.Conduit.3 by DrWeb; Win32/OpenCandy by ESET-NOD32; PUP.Optional.OpenCandy by Malwarebytes; Adware.Conduit/Variant by SUPERAntiSpyware; Conduit (fs) by VIPRE)

 vGrabber Toolbar - 15

What can you do so that this vGrabber Toolbar v1.5 can be wholly uninstalled?

vGrabber prompts you to install MyPC Backup, "We-Care".

 vGrabber Toolbar - 17

 vGrabber Toolbar - 18

Related: It turns out vGrabber is a virus? Why?!

Well, your installed anti-malware or antivirus program should warn you that you are running a malicious program!

  • AhnLab-V3, PUP/Win32.BundleInstaller
  • Avast, NSIS:Adware-EH [PUP]
  • Malwarebytes, PUP.BundleInstaller.VG
  • McAfee & McAfee-GW-Edition, Artemis!6955D1B2352D
  • Sophos, vGrabber
  • Symantec, WS.Reputation.1
  • VIPRE, Bundlore (fs)

 vGrabber Toolbar - 14

For the the "malware" issue I have reviewed below, you can use the following detailed plans to completely remove or uninstall the vGrabber (MD5, 6955d1b2352d1aec8a5998fa9845ad4b) and its unwanted leftover data in your system.

How Can I Completely Uninstall the vGrabber from My Windows 7 Computer?

  1. I first check and review the following detailed information of the downloaded installer package.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe) / Win32 EXE
    • Description: Install vGrabber online video downloader
    • Size: 14.3 MB (15,053,254 bytes)
    • Size: 14.3 MB (15,056,896 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Copyright: © (© (vGrabber-local_SoftwareOnly–_NoBundle))
    • MD5: cbd01580097bc5ad6e38400853af747e
    • Detection ratio: 2 / 42 [NOTE: AVG (20120914), AdInstaller.Bundlor; Sophos (20120914), vGrabber]
    • Analysis date: 2012-09-15 00:20:29 UTC ( 2 minutes ago )

    Note To resolve the reported hijack virus issue, please make sure that you had the newly released official installer package downloaded! See the similar software, Babylon 9 (Uninstall Guide) here. Wanna force uninstall the vGrabber right away? Click the following link to download uninstaller program on your computer.

  2. Then I exit the installed online video downloader by clicking on the Close button on its right top – You can also visit the File menu on it >> scroll down it, run the Exit option in it.
  3. If you find the following VideoDownloader.exe still running in background, please terminate it using Windows Task Manager as system administrator to make sure you can smoothly uninstall the vGrabber. Review the some more details about it.
    • Size: 159 KB (163,328 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 160 KB (163,840 bytes)
    • SHA256: 13387ce73b3c119f5c29699321f600fdbcae81648f6ab8e6ab466ec4726e945b
    • SHA1: 2f09755dd3696feba52f6576f6bbe3e6df803c6b
    • MD5: 3ced513a92cd9f300ac6ca8c09495294

  4. Then you can learn two methods to get the unwanted/reported video downloader uninstalled automatically as follow:
  5. Plan A:

    • Click on Windows Start button; scroll up and enter the All Programs or the older version of it on your Windows XP SP3 machine, I mean the Programs.
    • Enter the vGrabber entry on the menu; scroll down that folder you see, launch the Uninstall option in it to uninstall the vGrabber using the automatic uninstall progress.
    • For Windows Vista and/or Windows 7 guys there, you may see the following User Account Control window appeared, select the Yes option from it then to continue to uninstall the vGrabber from your system.
    • Click on the Next > button on the following "vGrabber Uninstall" window.
    • Click the Uninstall button on the "vGrabber Uninstall”.
    • Click the Finish button on the following vGrabber Uninstall window.
    • Save and restart your Windows device. You can follow the video demo above to find and clean its unwanted remains; and for Windows starters, I recommended that you use the following Windows uninstaller to effectively detect and remove those leftover data; or forcibly remove or uninstall the risky vGrabber in your system!

    Tip You may find and run the default uninstall file "Uninstall.exe" in vGrabber installation folder and then, follow the on-screen instructions above to automatically uninstall the vGrabber. Here some additional information about that app from vGrabber.

    • Description: “Save online videos to your PC in a single click!”
    • Size: 55.6 KB (57,002 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 56.0 KB (57,344 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Product name: vGrabber
    • MD5: e5788a7398f23b6eb1cff0ad68467a7b
    • Detection ratio: 1 / 42 (by Sophos engine)
    • Analysis date: 2012-09-15 01:55:51 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

    Plan B:

    • Click Start, then Settings or the Control Panel direct
    • For Vista or 7 device, you click on the Uninstall a program; for XP users, you enter the Add or Remove Programs
    • Highlight the unwanted vGrabber from the Uninstall or change a program or Currently Installed Programs; launch the Uninstall/Change option; similarly, you click the Remove button behind it if you’re running a Windows XP SP3 machine.
    • Please follow the easy uninstall progress as follow; or you review related steps above to guide you through the uninstall wizards better

Software Review

  • vGrabber Setup error.
    • Details: Error opening file for writing … QtCore4.dll …
    • Options: Click Abort to stop …

    Resolution: You’d better completely uninstall the previously installed version of that video downloader software; re-install it using a new installer file.

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