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Searching Web for Removal Help to Uninstall TorrentSeek Bit Torrent Toolbar from Your Browser?

Then you can enjoy and learn my YouTube video guide on how can I help you uninstall TorrentSeek and then remove its unwanted leftover files and other registry entries from your own Windows:

To Thoroughly Uninstall TorrentSeek, Please Take the following Detailed Steps

1. Regularly, you are suggested to SAVE your personal information, save and then close your webpages. Follow my video above to BACK UP Windows Registry files before you’re about to modify, clean TorrentSeek’s registry values.

2. You can easily uninstall TorrentSeek from your Windows 7/Vista as well via Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Go on scroll down your mouse there and locate TorrentSeek Toolbar item shown in Currently installed programs: list. Moreover, you can read the version info for more tech support via by clicking on the About item in the item named ToolbarPro. For more info, see the pictures shown below.

In the TorrentSeek Toolbar box, you will be able to read the following messages:

  • Version: (for IE 5+)
  • ID: UN20111230175241406
  • CTID: CT317678

Note The software info would help you reinstall any newer edition of it after you get the problematic one uninstalled forcibly.

3. To uninstall TorrentSeek via the express install option, you then click the Change/Remove button on TorrentSeek Toolbar entry, then click Finish button on that window, telling you:

  • Title: Perform Uninstall
  • Info: You are now ready to uninstall the TorrentSeek Toolbar from your system.
  • Additional tip: Click the Finish button to perform the uninstall. Click the Back button to change any of the uninstall options. Click the Cancel button to exit the uninstall.
  • Copyright: Wise Installation Wizard®
  • Option #1: > Back
  • Option #2: Finish
  • Option #3: Cancel

Note: Then the Wise Installation Wizard will help you fast uninstall TorrentSeek from your PC. Meanwhile, your Web tool may be opened and visited the following URL, http://seek4u[DOT]ourtoolbar[DOT]com/Uninstall.aspx?toolbarid=CT317678&version=, but then it’d be failed to load the page completely. Your Web browser would then tell you that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Read/review the typical Windows Internet Explorer error code below.

4. Save your work and then, please reboot your Windows. To cleanly uninstall TorrentSeek, then you follow my manual deletion shown in video below to clean those associated data left in your system.

TorrentSeek Toolbar File Data Left Review

  • TS.ourtoolbar (TorrentSeek.ourtoolbar[DOT]com), left in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\History\Today
  • TorrentSeek.EXE-18DFEE73.pf, unknown PF file/Application, 5.74 KB (5,884 bytes), left in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch

Tip: You manually highlight the two items found, press Shift key + Del key to thoroughly delete them.

Delete the Following Remained Registry Keys relating to the Uninstalled TorrentSeek

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603, 000 – data, TorrentSeek

5. Open up your Internet Explorer and/or other Web tool installed, check out the Add-ons section, clean any items related with TorrentSeek. Follow the steps below to uninstall TorrentSeek completely.

Tip: For Windows Internet Explorer 8 users, you visit the Tools command, then the Manage Add-ons item; there, you go on check out the Toolbars and Extensions section and the Search Providers item. If any TorrentSeek-related add-on(s) is/are listed, then you can first highlight it/them, and then click the Disable or the Remove button (recommended) to fully uninstall TorrentSeek Toolbar.

And for Mozilla Firefox fans, you can click on the Tools menu > the Add-ons item > Extensions icon in Add-ons Manager tab > highlight any unwanted or remained item bundled with TorrentSeek, then you can click the Disable button on it to totally uninstall TorrentSeek program.

Here, I’ve detailed those additional TorrentSeek file leftovers: to completely uninstall TorrentSeek, you might manually find and remove them:

  • INSTALL.LOG, Text Document, located in C:\Program Files\TorrentSeek, 8.00 KB (8,192 bytes)
  • LanguagePack.xml, 17.4 KB (17,895 bytes)
  • LocalSettings.txt, 79.0 KB (80,926 bytes)
  • tbTorr.dll, unknown application extension (for Conduit Toolbar), 1.11 MB (1,166,360 bytes); File Version, or 4, 5, 123, 0 (also, Product Name); Copyright/ Legal Trademarks, Copyright © Conduit Ltd. 2005; Comments, Conduit Toolbar ver 1.0; Company, Conduit Ltd.; Language, English (United States); Private/Special Build Description, 4; Digital Signatures, shown below
  • ThirdPartyComponents.xml, 6.73 KB (6,893 bytes)
  • toolbar.cfg, unknown application and/or CFG file, 4.00 KB (4,096 bytes)
  • UNWISE.EXE, Application for UNWISE, 149 KB (153,088 bytes) (Remember! You can fast launch this application to uninstall TorrentSeek.)

Note #1: Here, you can quickly uninstall TorrentSeek Toolbar from your Windows Internet Explorer by running the UNWISE.EXE application in TorrentSeek folder I’ve reviewed above, then the TorrentSeek Toolbar window would walk you through the express uninstallation of your TorrentSeek software:

  • Title: TorrentSeek Toolbar
  • Guide: Select Uninstall Method
  • Info: Welcome to the TorrentSeek Toolbar uninstall program.
  • Details help: You can choose to automatically uninstall this program or to choose exactly which changes made to your system. Select the Custom button to choose which modifications to make during the uninstall. Select the Automatic button for default uninstall options. Select Repair to reinstall changed files/registry keys (require installation media).
  • Option #1: Automatic (Recommend click this uninstall TorrentSeek)
  • Option #2: Custom
  • Option #3: Repair

Note #2: There you would have the another chance to restore or fix some fatal error occurred on your browsers before you have to uninstall TorrentSeek from your computer.

or, you want to reinstall TorrentSeek later on, then you can read some more detailed information on the official installation package below to prevent those fake programs/rogueware from installing on your computer.(Need more help or tips to Remove Rogueware and more?)

  • File Name: TorrentSeek.exe
  • Type of file: Application
  • Description: TorrentSeek Toolbar
  • Size: 745 KB (762,896 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 748 KB (765,952 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Copyright: Platforma Online Ltd.
  • Archive: (Shown below)
  • Digital Signatures: (Shown below)

Need some more instructions to get the tough toolbar removed from your system? You can review or watch my video guide and try the perfect Windows uninstaller to uninstall the unwanted program forcibly.

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