Uninstall SumatraPDF – Remove Sumatra PDF Viewer

Are you going to uninstall SumatraPDF due to its suspicious behavior and activity on your computer?

Some user said that he or she got an alert box from F-Secure Internet Security’s DeepGuard, warning "an application is trying to manipulate or terminate another process…". Well, before you take the following resolution to thoroughly uninstall SumatraPDF, you update the currently installed antivirus software or internet security suite to the latest edition of it, and you upload the installation file of SumatraPDF to VirusTotal for a free Anti-Malware scan. If you still worry about the possible problems of virus, you use this smart PUP uninstaller in Admin mode to fully uninstall SmatraPDF, and reinstall its latest or stable version of it or download other PDF reader like Adobe Reader, Foxit PDF Reader to replace it.

If you just cannot uninstall SumatraPDF, please read the following information about its express installation…

  • Item: SumatraPDF 2.1.1 Installer
  • Options:
    • "Install SumatraPDF into the following folder: ‘C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF’" (NOTE I can tell you that you will be able to save your time and fully uninstall SumatraPDF by copying and pasting this express suggested installation path to this perfect uninstaller.)
    • "Use SumatraPDF as the default PDF reader" (TIP To lessen the chance of uninstalling SumatraPDF due to the so called hijacking Acrobat files, you’d better disable this option from SumatraPDF Installer.)
    • "Install PDF browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Opera" (TIP You can partially uninstall SumatraPDF by removing this "POS" on your web tools as mentioned above and/or more others.)

Whatever reason you wanna uninstall SumatraPDF, take the steps below…

  • Log on to your system as administrator, or use the account in which you installed SumatraPDF, you then follow the methods below to remove it from your computer.
  • You then save all your stuff.
  • For the using PDF file(s) via SumatraPDF software, like the one below, you simply click File and launch Save As… (Ctrl+S) and then Exit on the menu.

How do I uninstall SumatraPDF from a Windows 8 computer?

  1. I double click Computer on my desktop and then Local Disk (C:) icon beneath Hard Disk Drivers section.
  2. Then I enter Program Files – I am running a 32-bit version of the Windows operating system – and then I open up the following SumatraPDF folder.
  3. And then I find the uninstall application below, the default unintaller for SumatraPDF program; I right-click on it and choose "Run as administrator" option on the menu – it is also recommended that you uninstall SumatraPDF via the administrative rights!
    • Description: SumatraPDF Installer
    • Size: 80.1 KB (82,040 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 84.0 KB (86,016 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Krzysztof Kowalczyk (sha 1)
    • File version:
    • Copyright: 2006-2012 all authors (GPLv3)
    • Original filename: SumatraPDF-installer.exe
    • SHA256: be298425ac88edee7e758dc5aa2557092e6121078bc6832fdf3fba8ba084e1bc
    • SHA1: 5043c03563327d2a0d9739446843eac160e41694
    • MD5: 6eef00e8f408e66904afa8cee310f879
    • Detection ratio: 0 / 44 (Analysis date: 2013-03-18 10:10:24 UTC)

  4. To go on uninstall SumatraPDF (2.1), I choose the option Yes from the UAC below.
  5. Then the following SumatraPDF 2.1.1 Uninstaller appears, "Are you sure that you want to uninstall SumatraPDF?". I just click the "Uninstall SumatraPDF" button on it.
  6. SumatraPDF 2.1.1 Uninstaller then tells me "SumatraPDF has been uninstalled." and I click Close on it.
  7. Then I click Program Files section in Windows Explorer and I manually delete the empty folder SumatraPDF. To fully uninstall SumatraPDF I search and clean the unneeded program left over in my filesystem and Windows Registry Editor.

How to uninstall SumatraPDF normally?

  1. Win7, Windows Vista users, you open up Control Panel and click Uninstall a program in the following SumatraPDF; for Windows XP guys, you then press Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Locate the following SumatraPDF program and launch Uninstall option to automatically uninstall SumatraPDF.
    • Publisher: Krzysztof Kowalczyk
    • Size: 8.19 MB
    • Product version: 2.1.1
    • Help link: http://blog.kowalczyk[dot]info/software/sumatrapdf/…

NOTE Please keep in mind that the main reason why you just cannot uninstall SumatraPDF successfully is most likely some running SumatraPDF process or PDF file(s) still in use – SumatraPDF 2.1.1 Uninstaller informs that "Please close SumatraPDF to proceed!".

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