Uninstall SpyHunter 4 – How to remove/delete spy

You’re wanting to thoroughly uninstall SpyHunter 4?

In the brief, Windows Control Panel is definitely not able to help you remove SpyHunter 4 when you have run into component missing problem. For example, we’ve seen similar application error in the past, "SpyHunter4.exe ExecutionGuard.dll Not Found". The 2nd thing is that some people even wondered if the so-called Anti-Spyware tool is malware. Tough guy, huh? If you do not have time or you prefer not to manually get rid of the said disaster from Enigma Software Group USA, LLC., you skip the following traditional instructions, and don’t miss an excellent uninstaller program, a highly regarded PUP ("Potentially Unwanted Program") cleaner created to assist inexperienced end-users in troubleshooting unneeded, problematic even stubborn Windows-based programs, including bundled software, junkware and other foistware. Still have troubles cleaning your crapware? Please pay a visit to WindowsUninstaller.org forums to discuss, in the meanwhile we’d love to answer any technical questions you may have.

How Can I Uninstall SpyHunter 4?

TIP Here you can learn FOUR methods to uninstall the SpyHunter 4 on your computer via the standard measure or the ultimate solution (RECOMMENDED). Moreover, if your Windows refuses to help you uninstall SpyHunter 4, you directly utilize the final choice, the next-gen application uninstaller, to forcibly remove the potentially problematic client from your system.

  • Method 1: Start > Programs > SpyHunter > run the Uninstall SpyHunter application.
  • uninstall SpyHunter 4- 22

    uninstall SpyHunter 4- 23

    Note: To continue to uninstall the SpyHunter 4, you choose the Yes option from Windows Installer info box above.

  • Method 2: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > “Currently installed programs:” list > find the following SpyHunter (Size, 31.71MB) > launch the Remove option.
  • NOTE Apply the option Yes to the Add/Remove dialog above.

    NOTE Ya may need to wait a little longer if you’re using this option to uninstall SpyHunter 4 on your PC.

    Note You may direct close that Survey page, “Why are you uninstalling SpyHunter?”. Then you save and reboot your system.

  • Method 3: You may learn to make use of the program’s GUID to uninstall SpyHunter 4:
    • You open the following Uninstall SpyHunter Properties by right-clicking on the aforementioned "Uninstall SpyHunter" application; then you copy or write down the path "C:\WINDOWS\system32"; remember the info about the "msiexec.exe /X {4E0C…".
    • Run cmd.exe as Administrator; type cd in it, press Space key, click on the title of C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe, scroll down, enter Edit, run the Paste on that menu; then you press Enter key.
    • Copy and paste this line msiexec.exe /X {4E0C6314-A8B8-4026-AC15-084E8B63AFB5} in cmd.exe; press Enter key again to uninstall SpyHunter 4.
    •  Choose the Yes option to let Windows Installer help you uninstall SpyHunter 4.
  • Don’t forget to detect, clean the associated remains that get left in filesystem and the registry. You can cleanly uninstall SpyHunter 4 this way only.
  • Note In case that your SpyHunter become problematic, like some "component" error, shown below, you could run the Repair option to restore it or USE the pro-grade uninstall tool to force such annoyance to uninstall from your computer. Read on and get the fix you’re looking for.

  • Recommendation: Download, run Max Uninstaller (as Admin) to forcefully uninstall SpyHunter 4:
    • 1) What is Max Uninstaller? See the following tech info.

    • Description: Max Uninstaller Setup
    • Size: 2.63 MB (2,758,888 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 2.63 MB (2,760,704 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Comments: This installation was built with Inno Setup.
    • Language: Language Neutral
    • Product Name: Max Uninstaller
    • Product Version: 2.0
    • Digital Signatures: (Shown below)
    • SHA256: 3fdfacc6fce958fcc8a91a2b8f89a91fb4b420b215a806f003cb2bcf0340954b
    • SHA1: 38b1e7cd80ded75f8073083cfc2eeec327dfd568
    • MD5: 1d9c9b57614383c39a2a014fe04ac3b4
    • File size: 2.6 MB ( 2758888 bytes )
    • File name: MaxUninstaller_Setup.exe
    • Detection ratio: 0 / 0
    • 2) Now, you can start installing Max Uninstaller…

    • Save and exit all other Windows applications; run your downloaded MaxUninstaller_Setup.exe
    • Click the Next > button from Setup – Max Uninstaller.
    • Tick the "I accept the agreement" option from Max Uninstaller’s License Agreement, then you click Next >.
    • You could then perform the default installation of Max Uninstaller; or you can also install it in non-system disk by clicking the Browse… button in case you have to reinstall Windows.
    • You might uncheck the “Create a desktop icon” option and/or the “Create a Quick Launch icon” option from "Select Additional Tasks" as you can also find Max Uninstaller on All Programs menu.
    • Click on the Install option from "Ready to Install", "Setup is now ready to begin installing Max Uninstaller on your computer."
    • You then tick the "Launch Max Uninstaller" option from the Setup.
    • Please wait while Max Uninstaller collect information about your installed programs; you then locate the SpyHunter listed in Installed Programs section, go on to click Run Analysis button on your left. Meanwhile, Max Uninstaller tell you the associated installation information such as the Install Location.

    • Wait and then you click the Complete Uninstall on Max Uninstaller; meanwhile you can learn the detailed info about SpyHunter files and registry entries created in your system.
    • Using an unregistered edition of Max Uninstaller? Then you need to register Max Uninstaller so that you can completely uninstall SpyHunter 4 and remove the created registry entries safely.
    • Click Complete Uninstall, then press the Yes button on the following Max Uninstaller, telling "Are you sure you want to uninstall SpyHunter?".
    • Click Yes from Windows Installer; don’t worry, Max Uninstaller will thoroughly clean the remaining left over after Windows Installer complete the standard procedure you request.
    • You then click Scan Leftovers option from Max Uninstaller to fully uninstall SpyHunter 4, "Please wait while Max Uninstaller initializes the uninstall process."…
    • Click Delete Leftovers and choose Yes on Max Uninstall below to permanently uninstall SpyHunter 4.
    • Click OK from Max Uninstaller, informing “All SpyHunter leftovers have been completely removed.”
    • Click Close button to properly exit Max Uninstaller; save all your files, restart your computer.

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