Uninstall SPEEDbit Video Downloader/Accelerator/Toolbar

Can’t uninstall SPEEDbit Video Downloader completely? You just cannot troubleshoot SpeedBit’s redirection problem on your PC?

Well, I guess you may already know that Windows Control Panel utility cannot help you fully remove SPEEDbit Video Downloader, thus I kindly recommend you use the smart uninstaller on right pane of this page to cleanly remove the main application SPEEDbit and restore your installed web browsers. And the detailed actions that follow now require lots of experience, patience and persistence using Windows filesystem and Registry Editor. Please be advised that your improper operation of the above two would probably result in a malfunctioning computer.

The following information on the express install of SPEEDbit will be helpful to an expected clean uninstall of it…

  • Step 1: SPEEDbit Video Downloader – Welcome
    • Installation options:
      • Install SPEEDbit Video Downloader with Search Predict. (NOTE To fully uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader, you need to remove this "Search Predict" from your web tools.)
      • Enable unspported file types assistance
    • Destination Folder: C:\Program Files\SPEEDbit Video Downloader (By default) (TIP You can cleanly or forcibly uninstall the SpeedBit Video Downloader using this professional PUP cleanup tool.)

    uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader - 1

  • Step 2: … Kepp SPEEDbit Video Downloader free
    • Options: (NOTE If necessary, you run this professional uninstaller to effectively get rid of SpeedBit Video Downloader and restore your browser programs.)
      • "Yes I will help by trying SPEEDbit search"

    uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader - 2

  • Step 3: Enable Your Video Conversion – FFmpeg (Open Source Multimedia Converter)
  • Step 4: Installing
  • Step 5: "SPEEDbit Video Downloader has been successfully installed. …"

How Do I uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader?

  1. I too along with you guys there, wanna safely uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader: I first save the downloaded video files in "My Video Downloads" folder – You can find it on the desktop.
  2. Then I use the administrator rights to save and close my stuff. Then I exit the running SPEEDbit Video Downloader program, "Welcome to SPEEbit Video Downloader. …".
  3. I directly go to Control Panel and click the Uninstall a program in it. Then I locate the following SpeedBit Video Downloader item and press the [Enter] key to remove it from Uninstall or change a program list. You can also press Uninstall/Change button to automatically uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader.
    • Publisher: SPEEDbit Ltd.
    • Size: No
    • Product version: 1155(build_501)
    • Help link: http://www.speedbit[dot]com/video

  4. Soon, I see the following SpeedBit Video Downloader appears, saying "SpeedBit Video Downloader has been successfully uninstalled from your computer.". I click on the OK button on it.
  5. Then my Windows 8 system sends me an alert, "How do you want to open this type of link (http)?". I choose the option "Keep using Firefox" on it.
  6. Then the following page "Video Downloader Uninstall – SPEEDbit S…" informs me that "Thank you for using SPEEDbit Video Downloader. …". Well, I can say that the real cause of uninstalling annoying SpeedBit Video Downloader include browser hijacking is its problematic uninstaller.

How do I completely uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader from Mozilla Firefox 17.01?

  1. I click on the search engine box, scroll down it and choose Manage Search Engines….
  2. Then I highlight the Speedbit Search in Manage Search Engine List and launch the Remove option for it, and then I re-set Google as my first engine (locate it and click Move Up button) to completely uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader. Afterwards, I click OK.
  3. I click Firefox on upper left corner of “Video Downloader Uninstall” window and choose Add-ons.
  4. Then I click Extensions on left pane of Add-ons Manager. I need to manually DISABLE the SearchPredict (By SpeedBit L.T.D) and SPEEDbit Video Downloader 3.1.0 plugin (toolbar). (Note I cannot perform the uninstall/remove option!). See the details about them below.
  5. After clicking Disable option on them, I ignore option "Restart now" in Add-ons Manager tab.
  6. I go on to click Firefox and uncheck the remaining SpeedBit Video Downloader item and enter Options on the menu.
  7. Then I remove the following URL "http://start.speedbit[dot]com/?s=D3Pe105" remaining in Firefox’s Home Page entry: click "Restore to Default" and then click OK. Close the currently active Firefox windows and re-open it to check the modifications I made to my Mozilla product.
  8. I set Google to replace the Amazon[dot]com and then exit my Firefox.

How do I uninstall Search by SpeedBit from Windows Internet Explorer 10?

  1. I launch Internet Explorer 10 by clicking its shortcut file in Taskbar.
  2. I click on the Gears icon and choose Internet options.
  3. Then I press Use default – you can also click the Use new tab – to remove "http://start.speedbit[dot]com/?s=D3Pe105" from IE’s Home page.
  4. Click Apply and OK. Re-open Internet Explorer to ensure you’ve successfully uninstalled SpeedBit Video Downloader.

To thoroughly uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader, you take the following actions to clean remove its unneeded and/or tacking cookies and other associated leftovers on your computer.

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Read the following information to uninstall the Speedbit Video Accelerator with success.


  • Item: Speedbit Video Accelerator Setup
    • "Set and keep Speedbit as my homepage and new tab"
    • "Make Speedbit my browser’s default search provider"

  • Downloading & Installing
  • SPEEDbit Video Accelerator – Finish


  1. Find the running Speedbit Video Accelerator in Show hidden icons. Right click on it and launch Exit option.
  2. Right click on SPEEDbit’s VA shortcut file and choose Properties.
  3. Click Open File Location or Find Target… if you’re running a WinXP computer.
  4. Uninstall Speedbit Video Accelerator – 6.jpg

  5. Press your [V] key till you locate the following VAUninstall.exe application.
    • Description: DAP Uninstall
    • Size: 134 KB (137,896 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 136 KB (139,264 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Yes
    • File version:
    • Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999 – 2013 Speedbit Ltd.
    • Original filename: Dap Remove.exe
    • SHA256: 6d7347a82405decdf1c989854662f84d41b4bbfeb3dbf7f94141d51e7dc48811
    • SHA1: 129e7f719d06867e849360f111faa257ae4af810
    • MD5: 4c79de037b4d276431393d91b7cff446

  6. Right click on the "Dap Remove.exe" and choose "Run as administrator". Then you click the Yes button on the following UAC by SDownload Accelerator Plus Uninstall application (Program location, "C:\Program Files\SpeedBit Video Accelerator\VAUninstall.exe").
  7. Press the light blue Uninstall button on the SPEEDbit Video Accelerator – Uninstall widow, "Uninstall. Please uninstall SPEEDbit Video Accelerator …".
  8. For more common users, you then check the option Automatic and click Next >.
  9. Click Finish on the following "Perform Uninstall" window, "You are now ready to uninstall the Speedbit Video Accelerator …".
  10. Then your default web browser will open and visit the following "Uninstalling SPEEDbit Video Accelerator" page. You can directly close it.
  11. Click Yes on the following SpeedBit Video Accelerator – System … box, "The system must be restarted …".
  12. After that, it should be relatively easy to troubleshoot your hijacked browser program by "Seedbit Search" or “Search by Speedbit[dot] com”. Again, you go back to the second part of this post, "How do I uninstall SpeedBit Video Downloader" for more information.

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