Uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool (Review)

Yoo too have to uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool to get other cleanup-only product installed?

In our own testing SVRT got off on the wrong foot, either. This SVRT needs to be INSTALLED and UPDATED before we can use its embedded security features. However, it might be coincidental but we cannot install Sophos Virus Removal Tool (v2.4) to a clean Windows XP SP3 system as we encountered a Windows Installer error, warning "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation.". We then checked "Software Restriction Policies" under "Local Security Settings" section, the Policies item informs us "No Software Restriction Policies Defined". In the meanwhile ransomware (aka, rogueware, FakeAlert) may have completely locked down your computer system, e.a., those malicious programs can easily block your attempts to use Web browsers or the aforementioned Windows’ Admin tools, open Registry Editor, even visit/download security products for help.

Furthermore, we are a bit confused about SVRT vs. Windows compatibility: SVRT’s "Get Started" box tells users that it works with Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7; and Cnet informs us the updated SVRT (2.2) can be installed on a Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7 computer.

Uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 1

If, you are having annoying issues or having no information to proceed to uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool and/or other PUAs, we recommend you use an uninstaller software PRO, as attached below, to get rid of this inefficient virus scanner and all of its traces, which cannot be cleaned off via the common programs manager, "Add/Remove Programs", "Uninstall a program" in Windows’ Control Panel. The recommended PUA cleaner is designed for use on a Windows-based device where any app is either not installed/uninstalled or not operating properly. Read up and learn instructions of how to remove the Sophos Virus Removal Tool manually.

For other computer fans, let’s see what we can do even when Sophos Virus Removal Tool is NOT listed in Windows programs settings.

Review SVRT’s default installation progress

  • "Extracting files to temporary folder…"
  • Uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 2

  • "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Sophos Virus Removal Tool"
  •  Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 3

  • "Please read the following license agreement carefully."
  •  Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 4

  • "Install SVRT to: …" (You can thoroughly uninstall the Sophos Virus Removal Tool using this professional anti-PUP program.)
  •  Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 5

  • "This wizard is ready to begin installation."
  •  Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 6

  • "The program features you selected are being installed."
  •  Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 7

  • "InstallShield Wizard Completed"
  •  Sophos Virus Removal Tool - 8

Go on? Please confirm that you have the administrator permissions, you have the time, patience and computer skills to make system modifications, so that you can manually get rid of Sophos Virus Removal Tool with success. And, once the SVRT has been successfully uninstalled, we strongly recommend installing other better antivirus or anti-malware solutions such as avast!, AVG to maintain your system protection and prevent any future/potential threat attack(s).

How do I uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool 2.4?

  1. To smoothly get rid of Sophos Virus Removal Tool, I stop the following "Scanning" progress then I answer Yes to the "SVRT version 2.4" dialog box below. And then I hit Exit button.
  2.  Sophos9

  3. I double click the Control Panel icon on my desktop, then choose "Uninstall a program" in it.
  4. I look for the unwanted Sophos Virus Removal Tool (81.0 MB), then launch Uninstall option in the "Uninstall or change a program" list below.
  5. Sophos910

  6. To continue the express uninstall process, I say Yes to the below "Programs & Features".
  7. Sophos9 11

  8. I apply Yes to the following UAC to process the SVRT uninstall.
  9. Sophos912

  10. I just wait while my Win 7 system helps remove Sophos Virus Removal Tool silently.
  11. USophos9 13

  12. Then I save my work, restart my PC and then, I start with the manual deletion of Sophos’ leftover.
  13. UnSophos914

If the outlined steps above do NOT solve your SVRT uninstall question save ‘n use the smart uninstall tool. Its purpose is to allow you to securely and permanently uninstall Sophos Virus Removal Tool and any other unwanted, problematic items in your programs list plus the tool will effectively clean up associated program junk after the standard uninstall procedure.

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