How to remove/uninstall Software Informer spyware

9/11/2013 UPD: According to VirusTotal, you’d better permanently REMOVE Software Informer from your system for your online security.

Its official installer siinst.exe (MD5, ac336f8759ec96f58cd83483178a8088) has been flagged as WS.Reputation.1 by Symantec, and TrendMicro-HouseCall tells us it’s "TROJ_GEN.F47V0830" (AV version, 20130911).

uninstall SI 2 - 1

Preface: The following Section One will teach you how to get rid of Software Informer softly; then the Section Two will let you uninstall the potentially unneeded software updater completely.

Section One: The following steps will teach you uninstall Software Informer from Windows startup

  1. Why so? See the following screen shot for its express installation.
    • Launch Software Informer automatically at Windows startup (Note: To softly uninstall Software Informer, you go to Windows Startup and then remove the SI from the list. See the following detailed steps.)

    ninstall Software Informer - 1

  2. To remove the Software Informer from Windows startup list, please read the following steps:
    • Press the [Windows] key + the [R] key to open the Run application; then you input the [msconfig] in the “Open:” item, click the OK on Run.
    • ninstall Software Informer - 2

    • For Windows 7 / Windows Vista folks there, you will see the following System Configuration, click the fourth item on it, the Startup tab.
    • To softly uninstall Software Informer, you then deselect it in the auto-running list. Read more details about it as follow. You can direct click the OK on System Configuration then.
      • Startup Item: Software Informer
      • Manufacturer: Informer Technologies, Inc.
      • Command: “C:\Program Files\S.I.\softinfo.exe” – autorun
      • Location: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    • Ensuring you’ve saved all your personal data, then you can hit the Restart button on System Configuration.
    • Press the [Ctrl] key + the [Alt] key + the [Del/Delete] key – or you can also right click on Taskbar >> select the "Start Task Manager" option on the menu to open Windows Task Manager to check the above changes have taken effect.

How to uninstall Software Informer completely?

Method One

  1. Right-click on the shortcut file for Software Informer program, choose the Properties on the menu.
  2. Click the Open File Location or “Find Target…” tab on your Windows XP machine; exit the Software Informer Properties window by clicking the Close/OK/Cancel button on it.
  3. You can will see the unins000 application in it. For more details about it, see below. To uninstall Software Informer using the above default uninstaller program, you then you run it as system administrator.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe) / Win32 EXE
    • Description: Setup/Uninstall
    • Size: 698 KB (715,038 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 700 KB (716,800 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Language: Language Neutral
    • SHA256: 24ede521fce70e9e924936de2d98b87eefadae9cb508f8cb276b6af3e5f53d29
    • SHA1: 5c52b83a9d624afa98445067ba0f1069318a0ae9
    • MD5: e449ba522907efb4c58f1ecca2c43b90

  4. Click the Yes button on the following yellow UAC window. Read more information about the unins000.exe.
    • Program name: unins000.exe
    • Publisher: Unknown
    • Program location: “C:\Program Files\SI\unins000.exe” …

  5. Choose the Yes option from the below Software Informer Uninstall.
  6. You just need to wait seconds for the automatic uninstall progress to complete itself.
  7. You then can complete the following uninstallation survey webpage by the uninstalled Software Informer, saying “Software Informer has been uninstalled…”. Or, you, of course, can close that page quickly and then use the following steps to completely uninstall Software Informer.
  8. If you wanna keep some data of Software Informer program, you then click the Yes button on the below Uninstall. If not, you click the No on it to completely uninstall Software Informer.
  9. Finally, you click the OK on the Software Informer Uninstall.
  10. Save and reboot your Windows. And for its remained leftover data like files type and registry keys type, I strongly recommended you Windows beginners that download this perfect uninstall tool to effectively find them and then remove them with no risk.

Method Two

  1. Click the Start >> All Programs / Programs on your XP computer.
  2. Enter the following Software Informer entry on the list; scroll down that folder, you then run the Uninstall Software Informer application in it.
  3. Again, you may need to select the Yes from the below UAC window.
  4. Review related steps above to complete automatic uninstallation of Software Informer program you installed.

Method Three

  1. Click the Start >> the Settings or direct go to the Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, you click the Uninstall a program in Programs; or the Add or Remove Programs.
  3. You will then see the Uninstall or change a program or the older Currently Installed Programs list; locate the unwanted Software Informer 1.1 program, then you can launch the Uninstall option for it.
    • Size: 4.09 MB
    • Help/Support link: http:informer[dot]com

  4. Follow the rest of uninstallation wizards to complete the standard uninstall of Software Informer.

How to Update the Currently Installed Programs on My Windows Computer?

  1. Run it as admin on your computer.
  2. If you run Software Informer for the first time, you select the OK from the Connect to Software Informer server window, telling “Software Informer is the easiest way to keep your software up to date…”.
  3. Then the newly installed/upgraded Software Informer will tell you that “Please wait… Connecting to the server and checking for updates… The current progress is shown here.”.
  4. Then Software Informer will tell you that “We have found xxx update available for the software installed …”. Click the Yes; meanwhile, the outdated item(s) will be highlighted on the Software section. Your default web browser will soon go to a web page including the detailed information about the old program(s).
  5. And to update your currently installed drivers on your Windows, you then click on the Drivers tab, you click one of them, then you click on the Menu tab, you’d better choose the Notify About Updates option for it; and search the correct driver by clicking on the Visit driver site.
  6. Hmm, then you can manually modify your Software Informer program: Click the Options >> the Settings >> in the General tab, you can apply the “Check for new updates of my software every week (recommended)” option and the “Don’t notify me about beta versions” option for it.
  7. Moreover, you can manually upgrade your current version of Software Informer by visiting the Help >> the About Software Informer >> clicking the “Click here to download the latest version” in it.

If you just don’t use Software Informer program anymore, you can review or follow the above video demo and download this smart uninstaller program to safely and quickly uninstall Software Informer plus clean its unwanted file and registry file leftovers.

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