Remove/Uninstall QuickTime player 7 on Windows

June 13, 2013 Updated: How to uninstall QuickTime from Windows 8?

What are the reasons why you guys there may be having headache installing, reinstalling and/or uninstalling QuickTime player suite? The error 1605?! Yeah, maybe. Error 0×80070091? It’s also one of those troubles about this Apple solution for digital media. Few people have time and/or computer skills to manually detect, confirm and then delete all references to the Windows version of QuickTime player. So… how to resolve the problems of one type or another while you tried to thoroughly uninstall QuickTime 7? Well, the following Windows uninstaller Pro has become an much more effective QuickTime (and/or other stubborn programs) uninstall problem solver!

Here are several complementary methods can be used to uninstall QuickTime 7 from your Windows…

Method One – It might be the fastest way to uninstall QuickTime. Believe it or not?!

  1. Go to Apple’s "QuickTime Download" page, get the latest edition of QuickTime for your own Windows device, save it on your desktop. Please pay more attentions to the “Windows Requirements” under the blue "Download Now" button. You may need to update your old Windows before taking the actions below.
  2. If you’re a Win8, Win7, Vista owner, you right click on the following QuickTime Installer file, choose the "Run as Administrator" on the context list.
  3. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 1

  4. Click on Yes button on the following Windows’ User Account Control.
  5. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 2

  6. Then, you have another opportunity to (partly) uninstall QuickTime 7: ya first choose the "Remove – Remove QuickTime from this computer." option from the "QuickTime for Windows" wizard below.
  7. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 3

  8. To "completely" uninstall QuickTime for Windows, you then click Yes on the next confirm box below.
  9. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 4

  10. Here we should note, though, that the active associated programs and/or browser window(s) will stop your attempts to automatically uninstall QuickTime 7. Review the alert from the QuickTime Software Update, informing "In order to for your QuickTime software to be updated (aka, uninstalled / removed), all running QuickTime applications and web browsers will be shut down.".
  11. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 5

  12. For example, you then need to click OK on the QuickTime for Windows below so that you can go on to uninstall QuickTime 7, saying "Files in Use. Some files that need to be updated are currently in use. The following applications (Internet Explorer) are using files that need to be updated by this installer. …".
  13. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 5

  14. Re-click OK from QuickTime for Windows, “The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications. Please ensure that the applications holding files in use are closed before continuing with the installation (also, uninstall of QuickTime)”.
  15. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 7

  16. In order to successfully uninstall QuickTime 7, you must be forbearing then, cuz QuickTime for Windows says "Uninstalling QuickTime. The program features you selected are being uninstalled. Please wait while QuickTime uninstalls. This may take several minutes (Note: This depends on your system performance factors like the CPU.). Status: Removing files. File: PictureViewerLocalized.dll, Directory: C:\Program Files\QuickTime\Pi…\"
  17. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 8

  18. Lastly, you follow the QuickTime for Windows below, "QuickTime Installer Completed. QuickTime has been successfully uninstalled from your computer. Click Finish to exit the installer.".
  19. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 9

Plan B: Find and use Apple’s UninstallString to uninstall QuickTime 7

  • Press Windows key and R key on your keyboard. Type regedit in the Run box.
  • Click Yes on UAC if you will see it.
  • In the Registry Editor below, you locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  • uninstall QuickTime 7 - 10

  • Press Ctrl + F, type quicktime in the Find, click Find Next button.
  • uninstall QuickTime 7 - 11

  • Hit Win key + R again, input cmd and press Enter key; type cd c:\windows\system32 (if you’re using a 32-bit version of Windows system), hit Enter.
  • uninstall QuickTime 7 - 12

  • Copy MsiExec.exe /I{B67BAFBA-4C9F-48FA-9496-933E3B255044}; click the tile of the "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" below, scroll down the menu and select the Edit entry, launch the Paste. Press Enter to automatically uninstall QuickTime.
  • uninstall QuickTime 7 - 13

    uninstall QuickTime 7 - 14

Option Three: What’s the standard way to uninstall QuickTime 7?

  1. Go to Control Panel, check the Programs and Features, or Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Then you may fully uninstall QuickTime 7 in a desired order: with Admin rights, ya can first remove the Apple Application Support (66.3 MB; v2.3.4) -> the Apple Software Update (2.38 MB; v2.1.3.127) -> the QuickTime (74.6 MB; v7.74).
  3. uninstall QuickTime 7 - 15

    uninstall QuickTime 7 - 16

    Note Click Yes on Programs and Features, "Are you sure you want to uninstall QuickTime?".

    uninstall QuickTime 7 - 17

    Note For Apple Software Update removal, you choose Yes from UAC by 5062a.msi application.

    uninstall QuickTime 7 - 18

    Note When you remove AppleApplicationSupport, Choose Yes from UAC by 5062e.msi.

Encountered with QuickTime Plugin Error, telling "An error occurred inside a plug-in contained on this page." Then you wished to uninstall it?

Before you uninstall QuickTime, you can try following this solution to repair the add-on issue: 1) Save and close your QuickTime application, reboot your PC/Mac machine; then clean those temporary Internet files completely; try to reload that webpage. 2) Re-open your QuickTime, click Edit menu, enter Preferences > open up “QuickTime Preferences…” item > click on the File Types tab in it > you can firstly press down the Use Defaults button in “QuickTime Preferences” info box, reboot, then refresh that page again. Not working? You could then tick the "MP3 – MPEG layer III movies and streams" option and the "Miscellaneous – Miscellaneous files formats" option in File Types settings box, restart again, then reload that page again. If the above fix does not work, you now silently uninstall QuickTime and reinstall it via the latest version of it.

XP friends: how would you uninstall QuickTime your way?

  • Run your downloaded official QuickTime installation package I reviewed above to automatically uninstall QuickTime.
  • Learn how to uninstall QuickTime from your XP by employing use of its uninstall GUID: 1) Start > Run > enter cmd; 2) please type cd in cmd.exe window > press the Space key; 3) Start > Programs > enter QuickTime folder > right click on the Uninstall QuickTime item > choose Properties > copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\ in Target: section > click on the title of cmd.exe > enter Edit > run Paste line > press your Enter key > copy msiexec.exe /i {7BE15435-2D3E-4B58-867F-9C75BED0208C} /qf > launch the Paste command in Edit menu again > press Enter > choose Remove option to automatically uninstall QuickTime.
  • Start > Programs > QuickTime > launch "Uninstall QuickTime" to remove it from your computer.
  • Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > click Remove button next to QuickTime item (Size, 73.28MB) to automatically uninstall QuickTime.
  • Note: You could also launch the Repair link in Support Info to reset, fix your "QT" application before you uninstall it.

    Note: To completely uninstall QuickTime, you need to remove the Apple Application Support (Size, 62.92MB), and the Apple Software Update (Size, 2.38MB) from your computer.

Clean Apple’s Leftovers

  • Apple Computer, file folder, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data, 5.38 KB (5,514 bytes)
  • Apple, an empty file folder, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data
  •, PLIST File, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\QuickTime, 217 bytes (217 bytes)
  • QuickTime.qtp, QTP File, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\QuickTime, 9.13 KB (9,356 bytes)
  •, 8.24 KB (8,440 bytes)
  •, 84.4 KB (86,482 bytes)
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{525609F4-D232-11D0-B76F-00C04FC9BCC4}, DefaultAppleTalk Configuration Notify Object
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{962FFCF3-965F-11D0-A881-00C04FC99C9C}, Default – AppleTalk Configuration Notify Object
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Interface\{F7C10EC0-A4D9-11D2-B724-00104BC51339}, Default – IAppletSessionNotify
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Apple Computer, Inc., Default
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Apple Inc., Default
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Direct3D\MostRecentApplication, name – QuickTimePlayer.exe
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Keyboard\Native Media Players\QuickTime Player, AppNameQuickTim; ExePathC:\Program Files\QuickT

Note: The following two blog entries would inform you how to manually modify Windows Registry Editor so that you can safely uninstall QuickTime.

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How to Uninstall QuickTime Alternative

NOTE To cleanly uninstall QuickTime Alternative, you should at least open ‘n check your system’s browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and/or Netscape, remove the QuickTime ActiveX plugin and QuickTime plugin in them. See the reason (a.k.a., "QuickTime base components" [version]) through the "Setup – QuickTime Alternative" below.

Uninstall QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2 - 1

Moreover, you may need to remove the following Prerequisites so that you can cleanly uninstall QuickTime Alternative:

  • "Apple Application Support 1.2.1 Lite"
  • "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package"
  • "MP3 support" ("Browser plugin")

Uninstall QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2 - 2

  • Step 1: In the programs list, you launch Windows’ Uninstall option for the QuickTime Alternative 3.2.0 (62.1 MB) on the menu -> click Yes and follow the "QuickTime Alternative Uninstall".
  • Uninstall QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2 - 3

    Uninstall QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2 - 4

  • Step 2: Remove the "C++ 2005" item (4.89 MB) via the listed Uninstall option. Please note this action requires the administrative rights.
  • Uninstall QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2 - 5

  • Step 3: Open your installed browsers and check the aforesaid "components" and the Prerequisites.

How to Fast Uninstall QuickTime MOV Converter Pro 4.0?

  • Step 1: Shut it down: Click File and launch Exit.
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  • Uninstall QuickTime MOV Converter Pro 4.0 - 2

  • Step 3: Find the unins000 application in the following QuickTime MOV Converter Pro folder; use your administrator privileges to run that uninstaller app to automatically uninstall QuickTime MOV Converter Pro.
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