Uninstall Piriform CCleaner – How-to Removal Guide

Installed Free Cleaner Piriform CCleaner and Then You Just Could Not Completely Uninstall It for Your Windows in A Manual Way?

Description about the Best Registry Cleaner Uninstall

When you tried to uninstall Piriform CCleaner on your Microsoft® Windows® Operating System or your Mac laptop as system Administrator, you could find out those installation files for Piriform CCleaner still remained on your system boot disk or the driver you had CC installed and, those Windows Registry entries created by it, which I have shown them all below via running Special Uninstaller – Special Uninstaller can help you locate those CC entries left in your system, which you probably could not find them out by your manual search in Windows Registry Editor (Note: You may employ F3 key). Now, please follow my video guide below to uninstall Piriform CCleaner; also, you could download the uninstall tool I review below to safely uninstall Piriform CCleaner from your computer then. Enjoy more related guides.

Automatic How-to Tips on How to Uninstall Piriform CCleaner (Recommended)

1. After your login on your system using the administrative account, then download, install Special Uninstaller here, which will then perform initial analysis for any version of CC you installed.

2. Run Special Uninstaller then, you will see (Piriform © ) CCleaner listed on Installed Programs window, please then select it. You will read the below info:

  • Software Vendors: Piriform
  • Version: 3.12

3. Please then press down Run Uninstaller button on your right to clean or uninstall Piriform CCleaner you installed in your system:

4. Then Special Uninstaller will ask you that "Are you sure you want to uninstall CCleaner?"

5. Please then click Yes button on left to uninstall Piriform CCleaner, the registry cleaner freeware.

6. Then you will see the CCleaner V3.12 Uninstall, telling you that “This wizard will guide you through the uninstallation of CCleaner 3.12. Before starting the uninstallation, make sure that CCleaner 3.12 is not running. Click Next to continue.”

7. Please follow the rest of on-screen instructions. Clicking Next button and then the Uninstall button, then you will read as these details, “Remove CCleaner 3.12 from your computer. CCleaner 3.12 will be uninstalled from the following folder. Click Uninstall to start the Uninstallation. Uninstalling from C:\Program Files\CCleaner” – the installation path.

8. The automatic Piriform CCleaner removal process will be completed very soon.

9. Then you click the Finish button to close CCleaner V3.12 Uninstall window, which informs you that “Completing the CCleaner v3.12 Uninstall Wizard. CCleaner v3.12 has been uninstalled from your computer. Click Finish to close this wizard.”.

10. To thoroughly uninstall Piriform CCleaner (v3.12) you installed, you then return to Special Uninstaller, press down Scan Leftovers button in dark blue.

11. You’ll then see those leftover files type created by Piriform CCleaner and, those remained leftover registry entries. See the below screen shots.

Note: You can then read a message from Special Uninstaller that “Leftovers summary: found 52 leftovers files/folder and 4 leftovers registry entries. Please click Delete Leftovers to completely remove all the leftovers.”. Follow it to completely uninstall Piriform CCleaner on your computer.

Now, You May Also Follow Me to Uninstall Piriform CCleaner from Your Computer via Using the Manual Methods.

(Note You can now use the following Method #1 to uninstall Piriform CCleaner)

1-1. Click on your Home Key, enter the Settings link, then the Control Panel.

1-2. Click Add or Remove Programs link in it; then locate CCleaner item (Size, 3.55MB).

  • Publisher: Piriform
  • Version: 3.04

Note: For Windows Vista/7 OS users, you enter the Uninstall or change a program.

1-3. Launch the Change/Remove option.

1-4. Click on the Next> option from CCleaner v3.04 Uninstall info box.

1-5. Launch the Uninstall option for v3.04.

1-6. Click Finish.

1-7. Run the For Files or Folder… item in Search section – To fully uninstall Piriform CCleaner, you then may need to manually find and remove related remains in your system.

(Note You can now learn this Method #2 to uninstall Piriform CCleaner)

2-1. Right click on the CCleaner shortcut on your Desktop.

2-2. Run the Properties command at the bottom of that menu.

2-3. Click Find Target… option then. Close Properties window via launching the Cancel or OK option.

2-4. To view the full extension for the uninst application in CCleaner installation directory, you need to modify the Folder Options in Tools menu: please untick the Hide extensions for known file types option from the "Advanced settings:" section; then click Apply and then OK from Options.

2-5. You could then review the detailed info on the uninst.exe below, then run it. You can review related steps above to remove CCleaner.

Detailed info about the uninst.exe application

  • File Version:
  • Size: 127 KB (130,648 bytes)
  • Decription: CCleaner Installer
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2005-2011 Piriform Ltd
  • Language: Language Neutral
  • Product Name: CCleaner
  • Digital Signatures: (Also shown as below)
  • SHA256: f4f2966631fad6299fbd2dac86cf9d6aebd1a2cdd7e86c45b01082c2c4d9c628
  • File name: F63E9F1A288D4AE462322CBB03DDAA00F3E4E6A1.exe
  • Detection ratio: 0 / 43
  • Analysis date: 2012-03-22 19:17:17 UTC ( 6 hours, 2 minutes ago )

2-6. The shortcut file of Piriform CCleaner will be then removed as well. There, you would be warned by your Windows that "C:\Program Files\CCleaner refers to a location that is unavailable. …", it doesn’t matter (because the whole installation folder of CC, which was created in "C:\Program Files\" was completely removed), then you click OK button to shut down that Windows alert box.

2-7. And for some advanced users, you can make use of that detailed leftovers info about Piriform CCleaner. And to remove remained files or folders related with the Piriform CCleaner program, you run the Windows Search link on Start menu to detect them manually;

2-8. Please then click All files and folders link and then the More advanced options link in Search Results window; then go on and tick Search system files, Search hidden files and folders and Search subfolders

2-9. Entering "CCleaner" as your search term in Windows "All or part of the file name" item, then please click Search button on the left pane:

2-10. Just wait for a while, you’ll see some file like the one below, named CCLEANER.EXE-0BCE437C.pf:

  • File of type: PF File
  • Open with: Unknown application
  • Location: C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
  • Size: 31.6 KB (32,386 bytes)

Note: You can then also read those Properties stored by your Windows – you can right click on that file listed in Windows Search Results above.

2-11. To remove another files associated with the CC program remained in your system, you just need to right click on them, scroll down and choose Delete command on your menu. Then please open up Windows Recycle Bin application on your desktop, locate that those leftover files, please run Delete command again.

2-12. And to remove or uninstall those remains in Windows Registry, please press down Start + R key to visit Windows Run app,then enter regedit command in the blank, then go on and press Windows F3 key to detect all any other entries left in Registry Editor: you enter "CCleaner" as the search term; meanwhile, you had better to get the detailed info about it before removing any registry entry(ies):

  • My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Management\ARPCache\CCleaner
  • My Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-606747145-1078145449-682003330-500\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603

Note: This is the Piriform CCleaner removal tip I’d like to share with you there to help you uninstall Piriform CCleaner (v3.12 or any other version you have on your PC) manually. Furthermore, you could review my video below to uninstall Piriform CCleaner.

Do You Want to Know More?

Q: How can I completely clear temporary Internet files? And more?

A: Please save and close all your Web tools; run your version of CCleaner, enter the Cleaner section on left; tick the following options for it to completely remove temporary IE data:

(For common computer users)

  • Internet Explorer
    • Temporary Internet Files
    • History
    • Cookies
    • Recent Typed URLs
    • Index.dat files
    • Last Download location
    • Autocomplete Form History
    • Saved Passwords
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