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Are you searching for a more elegant solution to uninstall PhraseExpress for your computer?

Some of you guys may have been annoying with the "runtime error 216 at 004063CB", or the "error: 00042" when you try to operate it, or with an unresponsive PhraseExpress v9, then you can use the following options to effectively address PhraseExpress-related issues on your computer. Moreover, safely uninstalling the currently using PhraseExpress is the safest way. For the frozen PhraseExpress, you’d better to let a professional uninstall tool uninstall PhraseExpress completely – this smart uninstaller will enable you to remove PhraseExpress without administrative access! Then you reinstall the newest client from Bartels Media GmbH’s DOWNLOAD page.

Just a little sidenote: I will show you how do I manually get rid of PhraseExpress from my device from the start, then you can learn more about how-to information on uninstalling PhraseExpress Server and uninstalling PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager. For Windows newbies, I recommend that you accomplish the task more effectively with the stock installation of this perfect uninstaller.

Reviewing the express install of PhraseExpress is always an excellent work around…

  • Step 1: Select Destination Location
    • C:\Program Files\PhraseExpress (Tip You can force uninstall PhraseExpress by pasting this folder to the installed uninstall tool.)

    uninstall PhraseExpress - 1

  • Step 2: Select Components – Full installation (By default)
    • FireBird SQL Server Support (4.4 MB)
    • Install sample phrase library (0.2 MB)

    uninstall PhraseExpress - 2

  • Step 3: Select Start Menu Folder
  • Step 3: Select Additional Tasks
    • Options:
      • "Would you like to launch PhraseExpress automatically with your system?"

  • Step 4: Important Note (You’d better review it! Some of you may want to uninstall PhraseExpress when your currently active Anti-Virus program has unintentionally blocked your risk-free PhraseExpress!)
    • "Anti-Spware may suspect PhraseExpress as being Spyware because it processes keyboard input. …"

I have two options to uninstall PhraseExpress from Windows

NOTE You CANNOT directly uninstall PhraseExpress while it is still active in background! Moreover, if Windows uninstallation option or the possibly problematic PhraseExpress does not let you perform the un-install procedure, you will be able to silent remove it via this uninstaller Pro.

  • You first log on to your system via admin privileges (strongly recommended) and, you save your files, back up everything that matters,e.a., the phrases.pxp type files in "My Documents" folder, in PhraseExpress removal progress.
  • You can find PhraseExpress in "Show hidden icons" area and then you right click on it and run Exit command.

Method 1: Uninstall PhraseExpress from Programs and Features

  1. I double click Control Panel on my display.
  2. I press Uninstall a program under Programs.
  3. Then I locate the following PhraseExpress v9.1.14 and launch Uninstall option for it. See more program specification on it.
    • Publisher: Bartels Media GmbH
    • Size: 19.4 MB
    • Help link: http://support.phraseexpress[dot]com

  4. I click Yes on PhraseExpress Uninstall to start uninstalling PhraseExpress automatically.
  5. To uninstall PhraseExpress with less unnecessary traces left on my computer, I click Yes on the following Uninstall window, "Do you want to remove the PhraseExpress configuration folder and its content from this computer? …".
  6. I select Yes from Uninstall then to fully uninstall PhraseExpress, "Do you want to delete personal dictionary of the text prediction feature?".
  7. Then PhraseExpress Uninstall sends me a message, "PhraseExpress was successfully removed from your computer.". I click OK on it.
  8. And then I refresh my Uninstall or change a program list because I see that PhraseExpress’ application information remains in Program and Features.

Method 2: Uninstall PhraseExpress via the following unins000 application

  1. Open up Computer on the desktop.
  2. Enter Local Disk (C:), then Program Files folder.
  3. Then go to the PhraseExpress folder below.
  4. Press the [U] key and locate the following unins000 application. For computer beginners, please review the unins000 Properties below before you run the app to uninstall PhraseExpress.
    • Description: Setup/Uninstall
    • Size: 776 KB (795,644 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 780 KB (798,720 bytes)
    • SHA256: 3a8dadeb5a56dd1e06efc98376a66720c2bc478afb9c271719138c93f53a07d7
    • SHA1: 33f5ac9bdb093692306075d56debd0412a8a7305
    • MD5: bbfa725aace94c8121f7ccba06d1970e

  5. Right click on it and choose "Run as administrator".
  6. Click on the Yes button on the following UAC to continue to uninstall PhraseExpress.
  7. The rest wizards of PhraseExpress Uninstall is quite similar to the Method 1 above. I do not want to leave those unneeded database and other associated application leftovers on my computer, so I manually find and remove them to perfectly uninstall PhraseExpress V9. If you have questions about the manual deletion of PhraseExpress remanents, you launch this smart uninstall tool instead.

Extended Part #1: How do I uninstall the PhraseExpress (Server edition)

Review: Setup – PhraseExpress Server

  • Step 1: Select Components:
    • Server service (2.3 MB)
    • Client Manager (3.7 MB)

  • Step 2: Additional icons:
    • Create a Quick Launch icon
    • Create Client Manager program icon on Desktop

  • Step 3: Setup
    • Info: "Please now install the PhraseExpress workstation installations on all computer where you would like to use PhraseExpress. …"

I want to uninstall PhraseExpress Server successfully and completely…

  1. After logging on to my Win8 via the admin user, I run the PhraseExpress Client Manager on the desktop.
  2. I click the License keys tab on the following PhraseExpress Client Manager Demo v9.0.8 and then, I write down the product keys in it.
  3. Then I click PhraseExpress file tab and save the "phrase.pxp" file in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\PhraseExpress\".
  4. To uninstall PhraseExpress Server with error-free, I click Exit button.
  5. Similarly, I can automatically or ‘fully’ uninstall PhraseExpress Server via the provided Uninstall option in Uninstall or change a program, or via its default uninstaller unins000.exe.

Extended Part #2: How do I completely uninstall the PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager?

Review: Setup – PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager

  • Do you want to download the Firebird SQL Server now?

Note You need to manually download and install Firebird to run PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager properly. See related errors below.

Review: Setup – Firebird

  • Installation location: "C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_5"
  • Select Components: Full installation of Server and development tools.
    • Server components (9.0 MB): Classic Server binary (3.7 MB) / Super Server binary (3.8 MB) (by default)
    • Developer and admin tools components (9.5 MB)

  • Additional Tasks:
    • "Start Firebird automatically everytime you boot up?"
    • "Generate client library as GDS32.DLL for legacy app. support?"

  • "Installing MSVC 32-bit runtime libraries…"

If you don’t wanna get error(s) when you try to uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager, please follow my detailed steps below…

Note You can cleanly uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager without elevated admin rights by click on the following application link to download the best uninstaller program for the range of Microsoft Windows operating systems from WinXP SP3 through Win8.

  1. At first, you click the Exit button on the following PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager v9.0.22.
  2. Run Task Manager and you remove the possibly running Firebird SQL Server below from Background processes section to entirely uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager.
  3. Open up Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  4. Now, reviewing the steps on how do I uninstall PhraseExpress above will also enable you to easily & automatically uninstall the unwanted PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager v9.0.22 from Uninstall or change a program list.
  5. You can partially or fully uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager by removing or saving the mentioned "configuration file(s)", well, it all depends on your software need.
  6. Then you remove Firebird (Win32) to completely uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager.
  7. Please check the on-screen alerts carefully, because Firebird’s uninstaller will automatically remove some shared files like Firebird2Control.cpl in system32 folder. For more common end-users, you use this smart uninstaller to safely uninstall Firebird cuz it is filesystem-related operation.
  8. To entirely uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager and Firebird, you then remove the potentially unneeded "MSI to redistributable MS VS2005 CRT libraries" from Programs and Features menu: highlight it and launch Uninstall option.
    • Publisher: The Firebird Project
    • Product version: 8.0.50727.42
    • Size: 1.58 MB

  9. Then, for Win7, Windows Vista folks there, you select the Yes option from the following UAC by 2e48b6.msi to fully uninstall PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager and its associated programs I’ve figured out above.
  10. "Please wait …".
  11. Again, the best advice I recommend about effectively cleaning the program remains by the uninstalled programs above is to run this perfect uninstall tool on your computer. It would help then.

Review: Related errors

Note Error: "Failed to create user: TEST2. Cannot attach to services manager. can’t format message 13:96 … Error Code 472".

Note "Failed to create administrator account!".

Note "… Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements. Error Code: 152".

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