Uninstall Optimum Installer – How to remove completely

Why do up to 90% of users can’t uninstall Optimum Installer completely?

One of the most searched questions on Google was "How to Cleanly Remove Optimum Installer". Uninstalling Optimum Installer has never been easy as Premium Installer claimed. Worse is the installation progress when you are going to run the downloaded ZoomDownloader_Setup (MD5, 8b658b8364fd15f4af0cb911d2d1bffd): the Setup’s "recommendations" (numerous unrelated apps like realPlayer, Browser Safeguard and much more) will be wholly installed to your computer if you merely hit the "Next >" button, or you choose the "Accept" option repeatedly during the install progress, therefore, fully uninstalling those junkware apps is NOT as easy as simply starting and performing your Windows’ programs manager (the overused standard uninstallation routine, "Add/Remove Programs" / "Uninstall or change a program" in Control Panel). We PUA research experts at WindowsUninstaller.org are strongly advising you guys to thoroughly remove all traces of uninstalled apps, check all browsers you’ve installed. At this point, we also highly recommend to uninstall Optimum Installer using following professional uninstall tool; and learn some preventive skills to prevent you falling from such annoying tricks again.

The Number One Reason Why You Must Uninstall Optimum Installer for your Windows

  • Program Description: Setup
  • Size: 872 KB (893,736 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Digital Signatures: Yes (name, Optimum Installer; E-mail, not available)
  • Company: SetupManager
  • Detection ratio: 23 /46 (AhnLab-V3, Adware/Win32.Agent; AntiVir, TR/Agent.xzaw; Antiy-AVL, Trojan/Win32.Agent …)

Uninstall Optimum Installer - 1

The 2nd reason is an issue with those potentially unwanted sponsoring apps

  • "Zoom Downloader is a download manager that…"
  • Uninstall Optimum Installer - 2

  • "Today, RealPlayer® is one of the most popular video player…" (Typically, Realplayer would prompt you to install the Google Chrome; and then Chrome might provide you with Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.)
  • 3

  • "Browser Safeguard is a free security and privacy application…."
  • 4

  • "Fastest Chrome. …"
  • 5

  • "Keep your computer performing at its best! PCFixSpeed…."
  •  6

  • "Downloading Zoom Downloader…"
  • 7

  • "Installing RealPlayer (which will also install RealDownloader1.3.2 add-on to your IE and Firefox) … RealPlayer recommends Google Chrome, and its plus edition (US$49.99) to you…"
  • 8



  • The said Setup application will definitely destroy my Windows’ desktop, taskbar and programs list…
  • 11

  • Moreover, Optimum Installer prompts me to install the following 3rd-party apps: Groove Stream and File Opener Pro.
  • 12

How Can I Completely Uninstall Optimum Installer and Get the Ruined System back on Track?

  1. I log on to my Windows 7 as the administrative user account; I close below running software: Firefox, Chrome and RealPlayer.
  2. 13

  3. Then I Run Windows Task Manager and manually terminate the following highlighted processes that still running in background: app24x7Help.exe, BrowserSafeguard.exe *32, DownloadManager.exe *32, PCFixTray.exe *32, realsched.exe *32 so that I can smoothly uninstall Optimum Installer.
  4. 14

  5. Now I open up Control Panel on desktop, click Uninstall a program and check the following "Uninstall or change a program" list. To completely Optimum Installer, I want to remove those aforementioned programs in alphabetical order:
    • I locate the 24×7 Help from Crawler, LLC and press Enter.
    •  15

    • I choose the Yes option from the "24×7 Help Uninstall" below.
    • 16

    • Then I wait, and the "24×7 Help Uninstall" asks me to reboot my machine minutes later.
    • 17


    • I proceed with express uninstall of BrowserSafeguard after the system reboot: locate that app and launch Uninstall/Change option.
    • 19

    • Then I have to choose one of provided options like the "I didn’t know I installed it" below to go on with BrowserSafeguard removal.
    • 20

    • Then the removed BrowserSafeguard said "Uninstall Complete".
    • 21

    • For more instructions on Google Chrome uninstall, please click this link. BTW, you may encounter the following "Default Host Application" error during the uninstall process. Then you may close that "Google Chrome has been uninstalled." page.
    • 22

    • Then I first quit the running "PC Fix Speed System Optimizer": right click on the below "PC" icon, choose "Exit" option, I say Yes to the following "Closing PC Fix Speed".
    • 23


    • And then the following "Scan Results" popped up, I directly shut it down.
    • 25

    • To proceed to uninstall Optimum Installer completely, I have to choose the following "Continue with errors" option from PCFixSpeed.
    • 26

    • Now I begin using Windows’ Uninstall option to remove the PC Fix Speed to cleanly uninstall Optimum Installer.
    • Click Yes button on the "PC Fix Speed Uninstall" below.
    • 27

    • I wait and then end the "PC Fix Speed Uninstall".
    • 28

    • In order that you can fully uninstall Optimum Installer, you can’t miss out this RealPlayer removal guide for Windows.
    • To entirely uninstall Optimum Installer, I will take off the unused Zoom Downloader (2.00 MB) employing Control Panel’s Uninstall/Change option.
    • 29

    • Soon, a dialogue box tells me that "Uninstall Complete", and, I need to have my Windows restarted.
    • 30

  6. To thoroughly uninstall Optimum Installer, I’ll find out all leftovers of uninstalled junk programs that I’ve mentioned above, then I use Admin rights to delete them in Windows Safe Mode.
  7. 31

If you are having trouble removing one of those sneaky programs, or its traces – what remains will affect Windows’ filesystem and Registry Editor – you should use an outstanding uninstall tool to permanently uninstall Optimum Installer and/or any other various ad-supported applications.

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