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January 31. 2013 Updated: How do I uninstall the Java 7 Update 11 on Windows 8 computer?

Well, very recently, lots of security vendors are warning that hackers target Java users; you had better disable it from running on your device if you do not have to use it or at least upgrade it on time! In case that you rarely run or operate Java-based program, machine, then I strongly urge you to take the following steps to thoroughly uninstall the new Java 7 Update 11, just like the way I manually uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31 below. If you just cannot complete the expected clean removal of Java program, download, install and run this uninstall tool to forcibly uninstall Java 7 Update 11 on your machine!

How to uninstall the potentially unused Java 7 Update 11

  1. If you’re running the following Java Control Panel, you should first exit it completely. To do do this, you click Close on it; then run Task Manager to ensure that you’ve successfully quit it. If you still see the following Java(TM) Platform SE binary running in Apps section, you right click on it, then you launch End task option for it.
  2. For Windows 8 users, you may save and open up the following Control Panel on Desktop to quickly uninstall your Java 7 Update 11, for other end-users, please refer to this method to get rid of Java TM 6 Update 31 in your system!
  3. Clicking Uninstall a program, then you will see the following Java 7 Update 11 in Uninstall or change a program list. Then, for me, I would like to double click on it to start the express install option for it. For more regular users, you can also click or launch the Uninstall option on the table.
  4. Similar to the following steps I used to remove Java TM 6 Update 31, I click Yes on Programs and Features below.
  5. Then I answer Yes to the following UAC info box.
    • Program location: Update 7.0.110 Oracle… C:\Windows\Installer\1eec92.msi

  6. Then I need to wait few minutes while my Windows automatically un-install my Java 7 Update 11.
  7. Then I save all my work and manually reboot my computer. And then I manually wipe out those Java remains to cleanly remove the Java item. In event that you cannot follow the manual option below, please download and use this smart uninstaller program to entirely delete your Java program.

Encountered the annoying errors during the automatic update for the currently installed Java TM 6 Update 31 like the reported “The Java(TM) cannot be downloaded to your machine. You are located in an embargoed country.”, “Download failed: from=http://javadl[dot]sun[dot]com/webapps/download/GetFile/1.6.0_31-b79/windows-i586/jre1.6.0_31-c-l.msi, to=C:\Users\?????\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_31\jre1.6.0_31-c-l.msi”, or the “Error 1723. There is problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”?

Hola, there! If you are banned from the automatic update for your currently installed Java application, you might use some good VPN software or change the current default proxy settings of Windows Internet Explorer to re-update your old version of Java. And to quickly resolve the jre1.6.0_31-c-l.msi issue, you may try to load your Windows in its Safe Mode, search for the above said "jre1.6.0_31-c-l.msi" application and then delete it using any admin accounts; or you refer to the below full tutorial to completely uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31 or another outdated version of java from your computer; then you download the newest edition of the official installer package to re-install the Java on your machine or server. And for the frequently posted “Error 1723″ related with Java’s automatic update, here, I also strongly recommended that you perform the full uninstall option for the corrupted/problematic/old Java device. Learn more useful instructions in my Knowledge Base (KB) below. Be lucky!

How to Uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31 Manually?

Note If you were just unable to manually & completely discover and remove those junky files and registry entries of Java, please download this strongly recommended uninstaller program to guide you through the time-consuming deletion process of Java-related leftovers.

Troubleshooting Option ONE (Level, Typical/Average)

  1. Ensure that you’ve made yourself superuser / administrator on your computer. Save and then close any open personal files, application(s)/program(s) including the running web browser(s). Update the installed Anti-Virus program, scan your operation system in Safe Mode; clean the temporary data saved in system drive; finally you then can take a clean backup of the essential core of Windows, Registry Editor.
  2. Tip You then locate the Computer icon on left pane of Registry Editor, press the compose key on your keyboard, then you select the Collapse option from the menu you will see. You then right-click on the Computer again, scroll down and launch the Export option on the menu.

  3. Now, you can follow me to uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31: you first click on the Start in left bottom of desktop -> scroll up your mouse, select the Settings or you direct select the Control Panel. Now, you go on to open up the Uninstall a program or Add or Remove Programs in it.
  4. Locate and launch the Java TM 6 Update 31 on the Uninstall or change a program or Currently Installed Programs list. For XP users, you may click the Uninstall button behind it to automatically uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31 from your computer.
  5. Uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31 - 9

  6. Click Yes on Programs and Features info box or, the Add or Remove Programs to automatically uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31.
  7. You then need to wait for the Windows Installer to prepare to remove the Java TM 6 Update 31 on your computer.
  8. When you see the Windows’ UAC, see the details below, you then select the Yes option from it.
  9. If you find that there were still Java-related application(s) running in background like the following Java Control Panel, you then need to save and close it/them first, then you click the Retry button on Java TM 6 Update 31 window again. See the below uninstall error while I try to automatically uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31.
  10. Save and then reboot your computer. If you have any problems uninstalling this old Java program, save and run the following uninstall tool on your computer.

Troubleshooting Option TWO (Level, Middle/Advanced)

NOTE Again, if you just cannot follow the steps below, please install this uninstall tool to forcibly uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31.

  1. Open up Windows Registry Editor again, locate the below registry key in it, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall.
  2. Press the [Ctrl] key + the [F] key, type the below word, java, in it; hit the Find Next button on Find box.
  3. Scroll down or you can click the [U] key till you find this UninstallString in it; press the [Enter] key to open the Edit String. Copy or write down the below details for the Value data in it, [MsiExec.exe /X{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F83216031FF}].
  4. Now, press the [Windows] key + the [R] key again, please type cmd in Open:. Then you hit the OK button on Run or you press the [ Enter] key.
  5. Type the following line in the Windows cmd.exe, [cd (blank here) c:\windows\system32]; hit [Enter].
  6. Paste the above [MsiExec.exe /X{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F83216031FF}] in the cmd.exe. Press the [Enter] key.
  7. Select the Yes option from Windows Installer to uninstall Java TM 6 Update 31 on your computer. You may review the related steps above to perform automatic uninstall process of your Java program.

Then I need to manually clean Java-related leftover files and registry entries on Windows…

If you are still having annoying issues relating to the updating current version of java, or to other potentially malicious spyware attack due to the rarely unused Java program, well, for more regular users, please take the following recommended method: you first save your personal settings of it; then you completely uninstall the Java TM 6 Update 31; re-install its newest copy from Sun Microsystems only when you really need to run some Java-based platform(s) and/or other device(s)!


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