Uninstall Internet Download Manager Windows 7

Can’t uninstall Internet Download Manager completely for your Windows 7? How to perform the uninstall of IDM perfectly?

Right, Windows Uninstall is NOT 100% working. For intermediate and experienced friends, please read the following detailed process to manually uninstall Internet Download Manager, including those created download directory, file folder(s) and other additional unwanted registry entry traces. If you just cannot complete the manual steps, please choose this automated option.

Before you start…

  • You may need to save and move your downloaded document(s), music, program(s), video(s) first, and, to do this, you then expand the Finished menu on its left pane, check and righ-click on the items listed in it, then you choose the Browse to open the directory or file folder which your IDM program saved your download data.
  • Uninstall Internet Download Manager - 1

  • To safely shut down the currently running IDM program, you click on the Close button on its right top; or you can also click on the Tasks menu on left top, scroll down it, run the Exit in it.
  • Uninstall Internet Download Manager - 2

  • Moreover, you right-click on the Task, launch the Start Task Manager option on the menu to run WTM; if you’d then find the following two processes are still running, please use your administrative rights to stop them – this step ensure you successfully remove Internet Download Manager: check out IDMan.exe and IEMonitor.exe. You can read or review some more details about them, shown below.
  • Save and close all your other personal data, programs.

How do I uninstall Internet Download Manager for Win 7?

Method 1: To automatically get rid of Internet Download Manager, you can make use of IDM’s uninstaller program.

  1. Click on the Start, then the All Programs or the Programs on your older Windows OS, XP SP3.
  2. Find and enter the Internet Download Manager entry on list; scroll down and then, you can directly run the Uninstall IDM program in that directory.
  3. You would read the following details from Windows User Account Control (UAC), then you need to select the Yes from it to continue to uninstall Internet Download Manager.
  4. Then you will see the following "Select Uninstall Method" window displayed, please read or review the detailed information listed on it, then you click the Next > button on it. And we suggest you check the option "Complete" to gain a full uninstall of IDM.
    • "… The complete option will additionally delete all unfinished downloads, clear IDM download list, and remove IDM settings. …"

  5. Then you click on the Finish > button on the below Perform Uninstall window, telling “You are now ready to uninstall the Internet Download Manager…”.
  6. Then you will be able to read the below details from the IDM Uninstall window, informing “Internet protocol options have been changed. You need to reboot your computer …”.

Advanced Tip You can also directly run the Uninstall.exe – IDM’s default uninstaller program – saved in its installation directory to start the express uninstall of Internet Download Manager. See the below screenshots for more instructions. Cannot find it? Then you use this uninstaller program to force the unwanted Internet Download Manager to uninstall from your system!

  • Type of file: Application (.exe)
  • Description: Internet Download Manager installer
  • Size: 157 KB (161,632 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 160 KB (163,840 bytes)
  • Digital Signatures: Shown above
  • SHA256: 105c3293be75f51ddf683f73bfcb5c67aa3761d5932ec5403fd5015ba102fb97
  • SHA1: 658755e0cce5553e9d2107c370b972c32940a59a
  • MD5: 7391ea6b4880a39c81e7f3321ef5e971

Method 3: You can launch the standard uninstall utility provided by Windows’ Control Panel

  1. Go to the Start menu and then you click on the Control Panel – for Windows XP SP3 users, you enter the Settings first.
  2. For 7/Vista end-users, you then click on the Uninstall a program in Programs; and if you’re running a 32-bit XP computer, you then click on the Add or Remove Programs within Control Panel window.
  3. For Vista or 7 users, to fast and locate the unwanted Internet Download Manager program, you press the [I] key on your keyboard; then you can press the [Enter] key to launch uninstall option for it; and for XP users, you then click the Remove or Uninstall/Change button behind it to automatically uninstall Internet Download Manager from the following programs list.
  4. Then please follow the on-screen easy wizards to complete the standard uninstallation of it. And you can, of course, review my detailed steps in Method 1 above for more information. Moreover, you can feel free to submit your uninstall issue via visiting our official support community HERE. Cannot wait to uninstall Internet Download Manager? Use this powerful uninstall tool for Windows.

Advanced Section: Manually find and clean unwanted IDM files and registry entries remained

1. Remove the shortcut file left on Desktop: you select the Yes option from the following Problem with Shortcut, telling “The item ‘IDMan.exe’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved …”.

2. To entirely uninstall Internet Download Manager, you need to find and remove related file and registry entry leftovers. See the below screen shots for information.

If you still have other issues related with the IDM program, you can thoroughly uninstall Internet Download Manager from your Windows PC, then download and install the newest version of it, or use other download manager like CNET’s Download App. Meanwhile, you should post your problems on its official support centre for more tech help.

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