Uninstall iLivid Download Manager – Remove iLivid

Why you need to uninstall iLivid Download Manager?

Well, you may be unable to fix the frequently reported “browser hijack” problem on your Windows 7 compute when you had iLivid Download Manager installed (mistakenly). I’ve seen too many similarly topics on how to PERMANENTLY remove iLivid Download Manager on Microsoft community and on Website reputation community and more other anti spyware sites. According to the latest analysis report from VirusTotal, the official iLivid Install program has been classified by ESET-NOD32 as Win32/Toolbar.SearchSuite (up to 2013.01.05). If you are suffering from the endless & unwanted pop-ups and/or you are worried about the potentially malware infection, then you should read the following detailed information on this page to cleanly uninstall the iLivid Download Manager. Meanwhile, if you think that the most commonly seen standard uninstallation utility did not help you much, please now switch to the following nuclear removal option of wiping iLivid off your machine at the earliest – the smart uninstall tool I recommended above is highly capable of effectively uninstalling & forcibly removing all sorts of unused/corrupted/unwelcome programs in your system!

How did you get your currently installed browsers hijacked?

STEP 1: Select your preferred installation

  • 2nd Option
    • Set and keep Searchnu.com as my homepage and new tab page and Search-Results.com as my default web search engine.
    • Install Search-Results Toolbar …

Uninstall iLivid Download Manager - 1

STEP 2: Torch Browser

Uninstall iLivid Download Manager - 2

STEP 3: Installation completed successfully! See the additional install options as follow:

Then your machine would be "messed up" just like my 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate operating system below:

  • At first, you will see the following usage tutorial on your newly installed iLivid suite.
  • You then will see your iLivid program (version,
  • On your current Desktop, you will find the following shortcut files: “Get The Best Facebook Chat Messenger”, “iLivid”, “Play Free Games”, “Facebook”, …

How to thoroughly uninstall iLivid Download Manager?

To start uninstalling the unwanted & controlled programs relating to the installed iLivid on your computer, you can now launch the following choice of removal option or use this perfect application uninstaller to completely uninstall or remove iLivid and to save you from the following lengthy manual how-to progress.

  1. Now, you click on the Settings or direct Control Panel; then Uninstall a program or Add/Remove Programs. In the following Uninstall or change a program or Currently installed programs (if you’re running a Windows XP SP3 machine) list, you will be able to detect the associated programs in it.
    • iLivid (For more details, see related info above.)
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable – 10.0.40219
    • Search-Results Toolbar (Publisher, APN LLC; product version,
    • Torch (Publisher, Torch Media Inc.; product version,

    NOTE To automatically and/or completely uninstall iLivid Download Manager, you AT LEAST need to launch the provided Uninstall/Change or Uninstall option to remove the aforementioned programs from programs list! Need help now? I encourage you mates there to use this powerful uninstaller tool. This will cleanly remove the unwanted iLivid from your system and save you from the potential privacy issues.

  2. And, now, run Windows Internet Explorer on your computer. Check the following potentially unwanted items in your IE program:
  3. Note Your Internet Explorer will be redirected to the searchnu.com/406 page above.

    • Click on the Settings icon, then choose Internet options on the menu.
    • Your Home page has been modified as “http://www.searchnu.com/406″ without doubt
    • Click the Settings tab in Search, then the following Manage Add-ons window will be displayed. You can find the following Search Results in Search Providers; then you click Toolbars and Extensions on left pane, you will be able to find more potentially unneeded plugins in it:
      • Search-Results Toolbar
        • Publisher: APN LLC (aka, Ask.com)
        • Type: Toolbar
      • DataMngr
        • Publisher: Bandoo Media, Inc.
        • Type: Browser Helper Object

  4. In Programs Files folder, you can find the installation folder of Search Result Toolbar:
  5. In AppData, you first locate the following Local folder, then you will find iLivid’s installation directory:
  6. Tip To quickly uninstall iLivid Download Manager from your system, you can run the Uninstall application in the file folder acquiring your administrative privileges. For more computer novices, please read the following related info about it.

    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: iLivid Uninstall
    • Size: 445 KB (455,699 bytes)
    • Product name: iLivid
    • Product version:
    • Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012
    • MD5: aa6772d0cdf0d6eee977b7223aa59672

    Now, read the following quick instructions to uninstall iLivid Download Manager PARTIALLY:

    • Right-click on the Uninstall application; choose Run as Administrator.
    • To continue with the express removal for iLivid Download Manager with its default uninstaller program, you select the Yes option from the following UAC.
    • Then you follow iLivid Uninstall window below to automatically uninstall iLivid Download Manager on your computer, saying “You are now ready to uninstall iLivid from your system. …”.
    • Then iLivid Uninstall will inform you that “Uninstalling iLivid, please wait…” – Have issues while you’re attempting to accomplish the above manual steps? You can force uninstall iLivid Download Manager using this uninstaller software.
    • To cleanly uninstall iLivid Download Manager, I suggest following additional steps.

  7. Go to Windows Uninstall or change a program / Currently installed programs list, shown below. You may find the following remained iLivid project in it. For Windows 7 or Windows Vista users, you right-click on your programs list, choose the Refresh option on the context menu to ensure you’ve successfully uninstalled iLivid.
  8. To totally uninstall iLivid Download Manager from your computer, you double-click on the listed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 item (or click Uninstall in your Windows XP system).
  9. Click Yes on the following Programs and Features / Add or Remove Programs.
  10. Wait seconds for Windows Installer to prepare to complete your request. Then, for Windows 7 or Windows Vista mates, you select Yes from UAC below. Then you stand by.
  11. To fully uninstall iLivid Download Manager, you need to launch Uninstall option for Search-Result Toolbar that still remain in your Windows programs list.
  12. Now, you click on the Next > button on the following Search-Result Toolbar Uninstall.
  13. Ensuring you’ve completely saved all your personal information, then you can choose the option "Close all browser windows automatically" from the following Uninstallation Options. Otherwise, please select the second one, "I will close my browser windows, proceed with the uninstallation."; and then you click the Uninstall button on it.
  14. Click Finish on Search-Result Toolbar Uninstall.
  15. Reload your programs list, highlight the remaining Torch software, launch Uninstall/Change option for it to fully uninstall iLivid Download Manager.
  16. For Win7 or Windows Vista end-users, you then click Yes from the following UAC box.
    • Program name: Torch Browser Uninstall
    • Program location: "C:\Users\(Your computer/user name here)\AppData\Local\Temp\~nsu. …

  17. Then to complete iLivid Download Manager removal, you add the following two options, "Aslo delete your browsing data?", "Change default browser to: (other installed web tools on your computer such as Mozilla Firefox/Aurora/Windows Internet Explorer)" to the following Uninstall Torch, asking “Are you sure you want to uninstall Torch?”. Then you simply click Uninstall on it – This option will help you effectively uninstall iLivid Download Manager from your currently installed browser programs; or you need to take the additional instructions to revert your web tools.
  18. Go back to your Desktop, you may find the shortcut files for Facebook and Youtube that get left on it.
  19. Now you manually resart your computer. Run and check your web browsers like IE: 1) launch Use blank option for the remained "http://www.searchnu.com/406" in Home page. 2) Remove Search Results from Search Providers. 3) close and then re-open it to check the changes you made.
  20. For few Windows users, you might be able to manually find and remove those obsolete program traces that had been created or installed along with iLivid, Search-Results, Torch and MS Visual program. Again, to safely clean your system, it is kindly recommended to opt the following perfect uninstaller for all Windows OS.

Have more issues or am I missing something that matters? Please feel free to tell me at WindowsUninstaller.Org forum. Please, be sociable, remember to share this update!

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