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What’s the best option to uninstall Google Chrome on your computer?

From computer newbies to literates, you all can review, learn some basic and advanced tips about uninstalling Google Chrome in an incomplete/complete way: this how-to page contains instructions on how to remove Google Chrome, and on how to remove Google’s Toolbar/Talk/Earth/more other apps. After all, uninstalling Google Chrome depends on your OS, on your browser usage and more; here’s a wise move you should take to dramatically remove your unwanted Chrome and other PUPs: you’ll need and use a lightweight yet feature-packed uninstaller. Meanwhile, if you’re one of those Windows starters – sorry, no offense at all – it’s true that a performance-slow PC can result in over 90% chance of installing lots of similar/unused programs; here we’re talking about the types of Windows-based web browsers such as Microsoft’s IE, Opera software, Mozilla’s Nightly/Aurora/Firefox, and more.

Situation One: How to softly uninstall Google Chrome?

NOTE I will show the steps of resetting Win8’s Internet Explorer 10 as the default browser, and you may refer to the following actions if you only wish to "softly" uninstall Google Chrome. Otherwise, please feel free to take uninstall instructions in Solution Two below to permanently remove Google’s Chrome browser from your computer.

  • I direct open up Control Panel on my screen.
  • I press the Programs then.
  • uninstall Google Chrome - 1

  • I choose the "Set your default programs" in it.
  • uninstall Google Chrome - 2

  • Then "Set your default programs" displays all the apps and informs me that "To set a program as the default for all file types and protocols it can open, click the program and then click Set as default.".
  • 3

  • To softly uninstall Google Chrome, I select Internet Explorer on left pane and launch the option "Set this program as default."; then I click OK. Learn more details about this action.
    • Description: Windows Internet Explorer 10 provides an easier and more secure web browsing experience. …
    • Option 1: "Set this program as default"
    • Option 2: "Choose defaults for this program. …"


  • Then, I close Default Programs and run IE to check the changes I made above.
  • 5


If you’re a WinXP owner, try the following to change the major browser as you wish:

  • You go to Add or Remove Programs and click the "Set Program Access and Defaults", "A program configuration specifies default programs for certain activities, …".
  • For Windows beginners, you can tick the option "Custom"and expand all the content in it.
  • Then you can choose IE, Nightly and/or other browsers you installed and then, you click OK on Add or Remove Programs.
  • 28

If you’re a supporter of IE/Firefox/more, you can also take the following instructions to uninstall Google Chrome:

For IE fans to uninstall Google Chrome softly:

Solution 1

  • Run Internet Explorer.
  • Launch the provided option "Set default browser" on the following "Internet Explorer is not your default browser" webpage.
  • 7

Solution 2

  • Click on the Gears icon in the top right of IE instance.
  • Tab the Programs section and click on the link "Make Internet Explorer the default browser.".
  • 8

  • Review or go back to the aforementioned steps above to SOFTLY uninstall Google Chrome. Meanwhile, you can make Firefox or other web tools the default one that matches up to your taste.
  • 9

For me, I can also directly open my Firefox and then…

  • Click the Yes button on Mozilla’s Default Browser window, "… Would you like to make it your default browser? (Option: ) Always perform this check when starting Firefox."
  • 10

  • OR… click Firefox’s title -> choose Options -> click Advanced tab -> launch "Make Firefox the default browser" option in the System Default section and then, click OK.
  • 11

Furthermore, if you wanna uninstall Google Chrome due to the unwanted app(s) / extension(s) you installed, try the following steps:

  • Go to Chrome’s installation folder.
  • Enter the version of folder you’re using like the 26.0.1410.64 below.
  • 12

  • Choose the default_apps folder, keep the following items: docs.crx, drive.crx, external_extensions.json, gmail.crx and youtube.crx. For the others, you’d better take a backup of them and then you use the recommended Admin rights to delete those potentially unwanted apps.
  • 13

  • Similarly, you can only keep using the external_extensions.json, and remove others in Extensions. you may also go to Extensions in Chrome’s Settings; then you unselect the "Enabled" option or use the "Delete" for any unwanted items in it.
  • 14


How to thoroughly uninstall Google Chrome on your Windows?

Well, if, you have encountered some "uninstall failed" message box, or you have other uninstall issue, and/or you just wanna start all over again, then you particularly need a silent uninstall of Google Chrome by initiating this professional uninstall software.

How can I uninstall Google Chrome from Windows 8?

  1. I Hit the Close icon next to the following Next Tab window.
  2. 17

  3. Then I choose Desktop on the following Start page.
  4. 18

  5. I open up Control Control and then, I enter Uninstall a program this time.
  6. I use the provided Uninstall option to automatically uninstall Google Chrome.
    • Publisher: Google Inc.
    • Product version: 26.0.1410.64


  7. Then the following Uninstall Google Chrome asks me that "Are you sure you want to uninstall Google Chrome?", and provides me with additional removal option, "Also delete your browsing data?", at this point, I can partly or ‘completely’ uninstall Google Chrome by enabling the option below, then I hit Uninstall button on it.
  8. 20

  9. Then I close the following "Page not available" page (URL, https://support.google[DOT]com/chrome/contact/uninstall?hl=en&crversion=26.0.1410.64&os=6.2.9200)
  10. 21

  11. Well, if you are one of the users who had bad experience with this Google’s product, you’d better cleanly uninstall Google Chrome by cleaning its traces on your device.
  12. 22


If you’re running a Windows XP SP3 computer, uninstalling Google Chrome is little different:

  • Hit start button and then go to Control Panel on the menu.
  • 24

  • Click Add or Remove Programs and check the following "Currently installed programs" list.
  • Highlight the unwanted Google Chrome program (Size, 237.00MB); click on the Remove button to automatically uninstall Google Chrome v26.
  • 25

  • Please be sure you’ve saved and closed all Chrome-related instances before you use this Windows Uninstall utility to uninstall Google Chrome. Why so? See or review the Google Chrome alert below, it warns me that "Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again."
  • 26

  • Then the following Uninstall Google Chrome will provide you with two options while performing the removal request. Like I’ve said before, you at least can/should select the tickbox "Also delete your browsing data?" and/or "Change default browser to: (Default Host Application / Internet Explorer / Nightly / more)" to enable you to fully uninstall Google Chrome and restore your default web tool.
  • 27

Related “How to” guide #1: removing the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

To do this, you’d better review its express installation page as follow:

  • Item: Configure your search settings
  • Option:
    • "Set Google as default search in Internet Explorer and notify me of changes"
    • "Set my home page to Google"


Well, disabling the additional installation options can speed up Google Toolbar uninstallation process! Whatever, the following steps will walk you through a clean Google Toolbar removal:

  • Save your data and shut down related IE windows.
  • 2

  • Open up Control Panel and click "Uninstall a program" in it.
  • Launch Uninstall option for the unneeded Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer (product version, 7.4.3607.2246)
  • You may directly close the following "Toolbar has been uninstalled. – Toolbar Help " page or complete Google’s survey. Then check your "Uninstall or change a program" or "Add/Remove Programs" list in Control Panel.
  • 3

  • Run your IE application, check the General tab in the Internet Options below; remove "http://www.google[dot]com/" in IE’s Home page section.
  • 4

  • Go to Programs tab again, click Manage add-ons, check Search Providers; you first set Bing as default search engine and then you remove Google from the list.
  • 5

Related “How to” guide #2: rid of the Google Talk for a Windows 8 PC

  • Method 1: Go to Uninstall or change a program list -> find the below "Google Talk (remove only)" ->hit Enter key or launch Uninstall/Change option.
  • 1

  • Method 2: Find out Google Talk’s installation folder (which should be contained in a file folder Google) -> run the uninstall app (78 KB) ->use your Admin rights and let UAC proceed with the "Google Talk Uninstall" wizard.
  • 2

Related “How to” guide #3: Deploy the Google Earth

  • you first close it: click the File menu and run Exit option.
  •  1

  • you then go to Windows’ Uninstall or change a program or Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.
  • Scroll down till you find the below Google Earth program (180 MB; v7.1.1.1888), locate it and press Enter key or launch Uninstall option.
  • 2

  • Click Yes on Programs and Features to confirm that you wanna remove the Google Earth.
  • 3

  • Please wait while Windows Installer gathers required installation info and automatically configures the Google Earth product.
  • 4

  • Choose Yes from the below UAC and let Windows run the 86c4d.msi application. Wait again and restart your PC.
  • 5

Related “How to” guide #4: How to eliminate the Google Drive

  • Close the below Google Drive sign-in page; run Task Manager and then end all Google-associated processes like Google Crash Handler, Google Installer and so forth.
  • 1

  • Find the Google Drive entry (v1.11.4865.2530; 29.3 MB) on the programs list and, launch Uninstall or hit the Enter key.
  • 2

  • Again, you need to click on the Yes button on Programs and Features.
  • 3

  • Apply the Yes option to the below UAC to allow the 86de9.msi to proceed with your request.
  • 4

So.. To sum this post "How to Uninstall Google Chrome" up…

The following professional uninstaller software help you force uninstall Google Chrome and Google-related program for your computer, if, you are just unable to manage the uninstall problem, e.a., you did exactly follow some other tutorials about the conventional methods of performing the standard uninstall process, but your Windows still kept the unwanted Google software.

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