Uninstall Free Download Manager – Remove from Chrome

Why you wish to remove Free Download Manager (FDM)?

Users reported they just could not download any video file on YouTube?! Even the “Download It” option did not show up. Or your currently installed version of Free Download Manager has always made Mozilla Firefox freeze?! Then can follow or review the below effective solutions to fully uninstall Free Download Manager from your Windows-based machine. If the following manual solution just cannot help you completely get rid of Free Download Manager, please switch to the automatic option.

Run the default uninstaller to Uninstall Free Download Manager

  1. Click on the Windows’ Start button >> if you’re running a Windows 7/Vista machine, you then click on the All Programs; or you look into the Programs on your Windows XP SP3 computer.
  2. Uninstall Free Download Manager - 3

  3. You need to scroll up your mouse, then locate the Free Download Manager on the menu, single click on it; and then scroll down the application list in it, launch the provided application "Uninstall Free Download Manager" to automatically remove or uninstall FDM from your computer.
  4. Uninstall Free Download Manager - 4

  5. Then you need to select the Yes option from Windows’ UAC to continue the uninstallation. Read or review the details on it below.
    • Program location: “C:\Program Files\Free Download Manager\unins000.exe” /INITPROCWND=$40518

  6. Click on the Yes button on Free Download Manager Uninstall.
  7. Wait seconds; to save or keep your current FDM settings, you then select No from the below Free Download Manager Uninstall info box, asking “Do you want to delete all Free Download Manager’s data files also?”. Of course, you could click the Yes on it to fully uninstall the Free Download Manager in your system.
  8. Finally, you click OK on Free Download Manager Uninstall, informing “Free Download Manager was successfully removed…”.
  9. Save and then restart your Windows. If you need to remove any problematic or half installed/uninstalled FDM from your device, you now can review my YouTube video file and download the powerful Auto Windows uninstaller to forcibly remove or uninstall Free Download Manager program.

Solution Two: Find and run the following unins000(.exe)

Tip 1 This way will also help you fully uninstall Free Download Manager software.

  1. Right-click on the shortcut file of Free Download Manager application on Desktop, scroll down the right menu; select the Properties on it.
  2. Then you click on the Open File Location tab on the Shortcut tab; or the “Find Target…” on your XP (SP2/SP3) machine.
  3. Then you will see the below Free Download Manager folder; and then you can click the OK, Cancel or the Close button on Free Download Manager Properties.
  4. Scroll down the created files in the above folder, or you can also press the [U] key to fast locate and run the below unins000 application, which is the default remover for the Free Download Manager software. See more information about it (by Visit VirusTotal).
    • Type of file: Application (.exe) / Win32 EXE
    • Description: Setup/Uninstall
    • Size: 1.11 MB (1,174,467 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 1.12 MB (1,175,552 bytes)
    • File version: 51.1052.0.0
    • Language: Language Neutral
    • SHA256: de10efaa6211207fe1b3d9fd2fb08c2b663cd8519975331447622714d9979736
    • SHA1: 2aa1b499f81a919630f0a371556dd01feeb5a87e
    • MD5: 4567d76761d71a2afc108d2ee116c138
    • Detection ratio: 0 / 42

  5. Again, you need to click on the Yes button on the yellow UAC to go on to uninstall Free Download Manager.
  6. Now, you can repeat or review the related steps in Solution One above to finish the automatic installation of Free Download Manager.
  7. Save and reboot your computer. Search and delete related leftover files on your hard disk. Read more content below to completely uninstall Free Download Manager.

Solution Three: Launch Windows Uninstall option

  1. Click the Start >> the Settings or the Control Panel directly >> the Uninstall a program / Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Highlight the following Free Download Manager (3.9), you then direct launch it from the list to automatically uninstall Free Download Manager from your computer.
  3. Select the Yes from the Free Download Manager Uninstall window; follow it to complete the process. Easy, huhh?
  4. Save and reboost your Windows-based machine.

Expand Section: Detect and remove unneeded leftover files and registry keys

WARNING To prevent any unexpected errors that occurs in your system and/or in Registry Editor, I strongly recommend you first back up the optimized, clean system and the registry files. For more regular computer starters, download the smart uninstall tool to effectively find and remove those unwanted or problematic data associated with the Free Download Manager application. Also, see the related uninstall error below.

Note While you try to deploy the Free Download Manager, you may would encounter the Uninstall error above, “File ‘C:\Program Files\Free Download Manager\unins000.dat’ does not exist. Cannot Uninstall.”.

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