Uninstall CouponBar – Remove Coupons toolbar

11/26/2013 UPD: How to cleanly remove CouponBar and fix your hijacked browsers?

Well, this job may vary depending on the way how you installed it. Some users may have direct installed the add-on to the Web tools; while others got this riskware by running the standalone installer program. Anyway, the professional uninstall tool below can effectively help you troubleshoot such PUP troubles if the provided manual instructions do not work on your personal device.

No.1 reason why you must remove CouponBar

  • File name: Couponscom.exe
  • Detection ratio: 3 / 47
    • ByteHero: Virus.Win32.Part.a
    • TrendMicro: PAK_Generic.016
    • TrendMicro-HouseCall: PAK_Generic.016
  • MD5: 95ec8385df0e8445c368521d603a1b34

uninstall CouponBar 2 - 2

In event that you accidentally have CouponBar installed in Windows Internet Explorer (v9/v8/v6), Mozilla Firefox (v13.0.1/v12/10/more other versions of it) and/or Google Chrome, the below sections will present you the detailed steps to thoroughly & completely uninstall CouponBar. As usual, for more computer newbies, it’s highly recommended you download this perfect & smart Windows uninstaller to effectively get rid of CouponBar by automatically detecting and removing its leftovers in Registry Editor.

How do I manually uninstall CouponBar?

NOTE If you just cannot follow the steps below, please run and keep the recommended uninstall tool to force uninstall CouponBar and other unneeded programs you installed in your system.

Recommended Step: Please save and close all the running Windows applications and your personal files

Section 1: Remove or uninstall CouponBar from Windows Internet Explorer

  1. Run the current version of IE installed on your machine.
  2. Click the Settings icon on right top of IE window. Scroll down till you locate the Manage add-ons entry on the menu; then enter it.
  3. In the Add-on Types portion, you first highlight the Toolbars and Extensions in it; scroll down to get the detailed information for the items on right pane.
  4. You will then see the below TWO projects related with CouponBar – you can click the More information link on them for more details. See the details below.
    • Coupons.com CouponBar
      • Type: Toolbar
      • File: thecore3.dll
      • Folder: C:\Programs Files\Coupons.com CouponBar
    • TBSB07898 Class
  5. Select the Coupons.com CouponBar from the list of Toolbars and Extensions; enable the Disable option for it to uninstall CouponBar toolbar.
  6. Select the additional option for the potentially remaining TBSB07898 Class, then you apply the Disable option from Disable add-on to completely uninstall CouponBar, “Do you want to disable this add-on?…”
  7. From the Search Providers, you could first set the Bing as default search engine for IE, add the option “Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider” to cleanly uninstall CouponBar.
  8. Now you locate the Web Search entry on the list, apply the Remove option for it to fully uninstall CouponBar. See more details on the item installed.
  9. Click Close on Manage Add-ons window.
  10. Visit the Internet options in IE Settings menu, you could apply the Use blank option for Home page to manually remove the remaining URL, "http://search.coupons.com/" to entirely uninstall CouponBar. You then click the Apply button and then the OK button on Internet Options window.
  11. Run newly restored version of IE to check out the modifications above to cleanly uninstall CouponBar.
  12. You can watch the below video guide and run the perfect uninstall utility for more instructions to help you rid of or uninstall CouponBar thoroughly!

Section 2: Remove or remove CouponBar from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Similarly, you save and close any running Firefox windows.
  2. Scroll down and then select the Manage Search Engines… entry
  3. You then could first remove (Bing) Web Search from the Manage Search Engine… to fully uninstall CouponBar; and then delete the AVG Secure Search to completely uninstall CouponBar. Click OK on the Manage Search Engine List window to exit it.
  4. Click the expand menu on left top of Firefox; you then enter the Options >> Options on the menu. See the screen shot below.
  5. Click on the General tab on left top of Options window; apply the Restore to Default option to uninstall CouponBar and reset your Firefox’s Home Page setting.
  6. Click OK on Options.
  7. Then you need to enter the Add-ons on the menu I reviewed above.
  8. Click the More link on the following Coupons.com CouponBar item to get more information about it. Launch the Remove option for it to uninstall CouponBar from your Firefox program.
  9. Click "Restart now"; then you may also need to remove AVG Secure Search engine provider again to entirely uninstall CouponBar.

Section 3: Remove or uninstall CouponBar from Google Chrome

  1. Similarly, open your Chrome program.
  2. Please then click on the wrench icon on right top of Chrome browser. Scroll down the menu, then you click the Tools entry >> open up the Extensions entry in the subfolder.
  3. Locate the Coupons.com Toolbar by Coupons.com; click on the recycle bin icon behind it, then you click the Remove button on Confirm Removal ("Remove ‘Coupons.com Toolbar’?") to remove or uninstall CouponBar from Chrome.
  4. Shut down Chrome; re-open it to check the changes made to it.

Section 4: Steps to get rid of CouponBar from Windows XP’s programs list

  • Save your personal items then close all of browser software.
  • CouponBar 2 - 3

  • Go to the Control Panel entry on Windows start menu then choose Add/Remove
  • Locate the annoying CouponBar project (10.68MB), hit Remove button.
  •  CouponBar 2 - 4

  • Windows should help you silently uninstall CouponBar. Close the CouponBarâ„¢ page again.
  • Repeat the above instructions to restore your browser settings.


You should take a clean backup of Windows Registry Editor; find and clean those remnants associated with CouponBar and AVG Secure Search to thoroughly uninstall CouponBar and associated software traces

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{95B7759C-8C7F-4BF1-B163-73684A933233}, FaviconPath – C:\Program Files\AVG Secure Search\favicon.ico; FaviconURLFallback – http://isearch.avg.com/favicon.ico
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\Statistics\Volume{8174a88e-8f6e-11e1-9973-806e6f6e6963}, AvgFragmentsPerFile – 0; AvgFreeSpaceSize – a73
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\Statistics\Volume{8174a88f-8f6e-11e1-9973-806e6f6e6963}, AvgFragmentsPerFile -64; AvgFreeSpaceSize -5a
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Diagnostics\Performance\Shell\StartStop\StartMenu, MinAvgToConsider_ms – 64;
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\CMF\SqmData, AvgCountDiff -c6; AvgFileCount – 178
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1C950DE5-D31E-42FB-AFB9-91B0161633D8}\LocalServer32, Default – "C:\Program Files\Coupons.com CouponBar\TbHelper2.exe"
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{3BDF4CE9-E81D-432B-A55E-9F0570CE811F}\InprocServer32, Default – C:\Program Files\Coupons.com CouponBar\TbCommonUtils.dll
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{57CADC46-58FF-4105-B733-5A9F3FC9783C}\InprocServer32, Default – C:\Program Files\Coupons.com CouponBar\tbcore3.dll
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{8660E5B3-6C41-44DE-8503-98D99BBECD41}, Default – Coupons.com CouponBar
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{8660E5B3-6C41-44DE-8503-98D99BBECD41}\InprocServer32, Default – C:\Program Files\Coupons.com CouponBar\tbcore3.dll

Review: VirusTotal Information for CouponBar

That’s why you might must remove CouponBar ASAP!

  • SHA256: 1cf0768270fc31e4dd1c0cf3b5c03d97106e3b032121e7b5ab9dd584f8ed5f6b
  • SHA1: e7f11d7083c629061637e7e6eba016e322fa758f
  • MD5: 5e5a72ed233255e0adddd819b9813ac7
  • File size: 1.4 MB ( 1469472 bytes )
  • File name: CouponBar.exe
  • File type: Win32 EXE
  • Detection ratio: 13 / 42 (See the detailed report right below)
  • Analysis date: 2012-07-14 03:26:03 UTC ( 1 minute ago )
  • Antivirus & Result
    • AntiVir, ADSPY/Agent.1469472
    • Avast, Win32:Adware-AH [Adw]
    • ByteHero, Virus.Win32.Part.a
    • Comodo, Heur.Suspicious
    • DrWeb, Adware.Coupons
    • Emsisoft, Riskware.AdWare.Win32!IK
    • GData, Win32:Adware-AH
    • Ikarus, not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32
    • Kaspersky, not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Coupons
    • NOD32, probably a variant of Win32/Adware.Softomate.AD
    • PCTools, Heuristic.ADH
    • Symantec, Heuristic.ADH
    • ViRobot, Adware.Coupons.1469472
  • (Other) File names
    • CouponBar.exe
    • 41D4DF31207748EE6C5216089C472E002F4C0838.exe

Need some simple & quick tips to identify and then remove or uninstall CouponBar riskware/adware?

So, here’s some home computer/PC security advice for you: to quickly identify any system process or computer file that might be associated with virus/malware/Trojan horse/other known types of malicious threat or not, you just need to check out the following steps:

  • DO NOT run your downloaded file at once (as an administrator in your Windows).
  • If you just do not have any Anti-Virus program/security suite installed on your machine, you then go to VirusTotal, upload it to it for FREE Antivirus scan. See the newest report by VirusTotal, shown below.
  • And if your system is protected with any functioning antivirus software, you then upgrade it to the newest edition of it, scan the official CouponBar installer file; then your virus protection device may warn you and help you automatically prevent the installation of CouponBar on your computer.


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