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1.20, 2014 Updated: How do I uninstall the WordPerfect Office X6 (Standard Edition)?

If you had an unsuccessful installation of WordPerfect, or you are disappointed in Docs created in WordPerfect, take a more effective way for Windows starters to get rid of WordPerfect Office X6. To do so, save and run the following uninstall tool pro, a better alternative to Windows’ built-in uninstall option ("Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs & Features"). You too can skip this portion and read the 2nd part "How can you uninstall Corel Office manually".

And if you too wanna get rid of the Corel Home Office 5, please view the below video guide:

To fully get rid of this new version of WordPerfect, you need to check your own programs list then remove the following components in the list: WordPerfect (the main application), Quattro Pro, Presentations and WordPerfect Lightning. Further, remove associated Microsoft .NET products (like .NET 2.0) and the extra Google Chrome software if you do not use them. And to force your unwanted WordPerfect to uninstall, try throwing its installation folder the above uninstall tool pro.

WordPerfect - 1

WordPerfect - 2

- 3

How to get rid of WordPerfect from an XP sp 3computer?

  1. start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs.
  2. I locate the following WordPerfect Office X6 (929.00MB), hit Change/Remove button.
  3. - 4

  4. To fully remove the WordPerfect, I manually enable the "Remove User Files" option then choose the listing "Remove" option and then press Remove button on the following WordPerfect configuration wizard.
  5. - 5

  6. I sit tight while my computer helps performs the standard uninstallation.
  7. WordP - 7

  8. Hit Finish then.
  9. WordP - 8

  10. Save then reboot. Rid other unwanted software like the said “WordPerfect Office IFilter 32-bit” in the programs list above.

Did not know how to run Corel Write in Toolbar Mode? Or you just did not know how to insert a link in Your Corel Write File Type(*.aww)? You have other difficulties when you try to run Corel Office 5.0 Trial, and you wanna deinstall/remove it from your computer?

To resolve the Toolbar Mode issue, you follow this tip: click Save icon on left top, or you click File menu, run the Save Ctrl + S command in it; click Options link on right top corner of CO, and then enable the option Toolbar Mode; select option OK from Corel Write info box, informing “Restart application to apply new settings.”. And for the link inserting problem, please read related tutorial below.

And if you were directed to this blog entry to resolve uninstall error(s) or completely uninstall Corel Office, please review or learn your preferred instruction below. Moreover, the manual removal of CO registry data left can be a risky operation, which would also take a long time, so for computer beginners, I highly recommended downloading the perfect Windows uninstaller to safely & effectively remove Corel Office on your computer.

The following content procedures to uninstall Corel Office completely

Why? To completely get rid of Corel Office and/or other Windows program, we had better review its default INSTALL progress you performed or chose.

  • Step 1: Please enter your information (product key)
    • Option: I have a serial number
    • Option 2: I do not have a trial number and want to try the product.

    uninstall Corel Office - 1

  • Step 2: Destination Folder
    • Install Corel Office to:
      • c:\Programs Files\Corel\Corel Office\ (NOTE If you had problems with its express uninstallation such as the previously installed Corel Office does not appear in Programs and Features (Uninstall or change a program) / Add/Remove Programs list, and if you know little about Windows filesystem and Registry Editor, then you can force uninstall Corel Office in two methods. The first is to Spam run this smart uninstaller to effectively uninstall Corel Office and its program traces on your computer. The second is to continue reading my manual steps below.)
      • Info: 132 MB required of 51.95 GB (your disk space number) available on drive: C:\

    uninstall Corel Office - 2

  • Step 3: "Select the program features you want to add or remove, and click the Next button to proceed."
    • Corel Write
    • Corel Calculate
    • Corel Show

  • Step 4:
    • Choose the languages you want to install…

How can you uninstall Corel Office manually?

Option 1:

1. Click Start button > All Programs > open up Corel Office file folder.

2. Scroll down and run the Uninstall application at the bottom of that sub-folder to automatically uninstall Corel Office.

3. Wait for Corel Setup loads, you then select option Yes from UAC to continue its uninstall wizard to uninstall Corel Office. Read or review some more details below.

  • Program name: Setup.exe
  • Verified publisher: Corel Corporation
  • File origin: Hard drive on this computer
  • Program location: “C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Local\Temp\60FBA125\…

4. Please select option Remove listed to automatically uninstall Corel Office and click Remove button on Corel Office below.

5. Click Finish on Corel Office, “The Installation Wizard has been successful. Thank you for choosing Corel Office. Use the Finish button to exit the wizard.”

Follow the Instruction #2 to uninstall Corel Office (Level: Easy)

1. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs >> Uninstall a program (Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP SP3) > highlight Corel Office and then you can launch Uninstall/Change option to automatically remove it; or you can directly launch it by pressing Enter key to automatically uninstall Corel Office.

  • Item: Corel Office
  • Publisher: Corel Corporation
  • Size: 131 MB
  • Version:

2. You then just need to review the steps in Instruction #1 above to complete the rests of wizards and uninstall Corel Office from your system.

Learn the following Instruction #3 to uninstall Corel Office (Middle Level)

1. You can right click on the Uninstall application and launch the option Open File Location on Uninstall Properties window – You can review related information in Instruction #1 above.

2. Run the SetupARP.exe in Setup file folder as admin and then click Yes on UAC to uninstall Corel Office on your Windows computer.

  • Type of file: Application (.exe)
  • Size: 641 KB (656,744 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 644 KB (659,456 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Product name: Setup.exe
  • Copyright: Copyright (C) 2010 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • CompileDate: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 4:34 PM
  • Revision: 123

3. Follow the options listed and/or review the instructions above to automatically remove or uninstall Corel Office.

What to do if you would encounter the following errors while you wanna uninstall Corel Office…

Note: The Corel Office Said, “The following applications have been detected running on your system…”.

  • Option 1: Automatically close and attempt to restart applications.
  • Option 2: Do not close applications. (A reboot will be required.)

Tip: Before you uninstall Corel Office, you should save and exit the three programs related with it: Corel ® Write, Corel ® Calculate and/or Corel ® Show. Read more details below.

Additional Information for Advanced Users to Thoroughly Clean Corel’s Installation Files and Registry Subkeys

Warning: 1) Log on to your machine with a local administrator account; 2) Take a clean, newest version of backup for Registry Editor.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\RestartManager\Session0000, RegFiles0000 – c:\Program Files\Corel\CO\CorelCalc.exe
    c:\Program Files\Corel\CO\CorelShow.exe
    c:\Program Files\Corel\CO\CorelWrite.exe
    c:\Program Files\Corel\CO\FormEdit.exe
    c:\Program Files\Corel\CO\CorelLauncher.exe
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.aww\OpenWithList, a – CorelWrite.exe
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Persisted, C:\Program Files\Corel\O\Setup\SetupARP.exe – 1
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tracing\CorelCalc_RASAPI32, ConsoleTracingMask – ffff0000, EnableConsoleTracing – 0, EnableFileTracing – 0, FileDirectory – %windir%\tracing, FileTracingMask – ffff0000, MaxFileSize – 100000

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If you have been annoyed error(s) related with CO, you can first try to restore the following components required for Corel Office running and or/then try the Repair entry to reset it.

Note: The CorelCalc.exe warned that: “This application has failed to start because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Re-install the application may fix this problem.”

Note: The CorelLauncher warned that: “Setup.xml not be loaded. This may indicate that the file is corrupt.”.

Note: The CorelShow.exe wanrned that mfc100.dll was not found.

Note: CorelWrite.exe & MSVCR100. dll not found.

Note: DIM.EXE & mfc100u.dll not found.

Note: Amyuni Document Converter informed that “Copying acfpdf.txt file. Error Code: 2. Info, The system cannot find the file specified. … Installing Amyuni PDF printer driver. Error code: 2. … Error Code, 1797. Info: The printer driver is unknown.”

Still wanna change or uninstall Corel Office for Microsoft Office product, like Office 365, Office 2010, Office Professional 2010, Office Home and Student 2010, and more? You can review or follow the video guide below, which can guide you through the uninstallation of it.

If you wanna learn more basic tips on how to use Corel Office…

Support – Welcome to Corel Support – Copyright © 2013 Corel Corporation.

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