Cannot uninstall Avira Internet Security 2012?

October 16. 2012 Updated: How to Uninstall Avira Internet Security 2013?

If you wanna downgrade or completely uninstall Avira Internet Security 2013 on your computer, you may try following the detailed instructions to get rid of it manually. In case that you just could not find the unwanted Avira Internet Security on the "Uninstall or change a program" or the "Currently Installed Programs" list, try re-running the avira_internet_security.exe (1.99 MB) to re-install it or fix the broken Avira’s IS application; then you re-launch Windows’ uninstall option to uninstall the Avira Internet Security. Also, if the aforesaid options do not commence either, download the professional uninstaller tool below to permanently uninstall Avira Internet Security along with its leftovers after the "Force Uninstall" process; click here for more tech support.

You might be able to uninstall Avira Internet Security 2013 by using Windows Uninstall utility (also, Aivra’s uninstaller)

  1. Logged on to your Windows via the strongly recommended Administrator account, save and close all your important files, apps and more.
  2. For Windows XP SP3 end-users, ya click the start button, click Settings and Control Panel; for other OS owners, you direct enter Control Panel below.
  3. Then, you click the Programs and Features or the "Add/Remove Programs" entry in CP.
  4. You then should see the following Uninstall or change a progam (Currently Installed Programs) list; press the [A] key on your keyboard to fast locate the unwanted Avira Internet Security; and for Windows Vista/7 users, you then gain the ability to direct uninstall Avira’s internet protection program by simply pressing your Enter key; and for Windows XP friends, you have to click the Uninstall button behind it to automatically uninstall Avira Internet Security 2013.
    • Size: 150 MB
    • Product version:
    • Help link: http://www[dot]avira[dot]com/premium-suite-support

  5. Now you guys all may need to wait seconds for the following Setup of Avira Internet Security to appear, then the following Setup of Avira Internet Security will ask you that “Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all its components?”; then you click the Yes button on it.
  6. By far, we strongly recommend that ya configure a basic level of security for your Windows: to do this, you click the Yes on the Setup of Avira Internet Security below, “Firewall will be disable. Would you like to activate the Windows Firewall?”.
  7. Please be patient while the aforementioned Setup application helps you complete the basic operations, e.a., the Setup will stop its components and remove the main app from your system.
  8. Then the "System restart – Avira Internet Security"will aler you that “Setup has successfully removed Avira Internet Security from your system. To remove all files and directories, you should restart your computer. Do you want to restart the system now?”, ya click the Yes.
  9. After you restart your system, enter the programs list below, you may need to remove the potentially unused "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistrituable – 10.0.40219" to fully uninstall Avira Internet Security 2013: first you launch the Uninstall option for the C++ app, then you select Yes option from the UAC window.
  10. Save and reboot your computer. For advanced Windows users ONLY, you might be able to manually find and clean those unwanted leftover traces of the uninstalled Avira Internet Security 2013.

How to partly uninstall Avira Internet Security 2012?

Well, you can go to the "Backup" in "PC protection" section to save your AIS 2012 settings on a Non-system disk. Read more details to entirely remove Avira Internet Security suite.

I’m sharing methods for uninstalling Avira Internet Security 2012

Fast Method: Run the setup.exe application to uninstall Avira Internet Security

  1. Find or re-download the official Avira Internet Security online installer app; review or read the following additional specs and information. Remember to run the installer as the Admin user.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: avira_internet_security_en
    • Size: 79.4 MB (83,281,656 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 79.4 MB (83,283,968 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Yes

  2. For Windows 7 / Vista people, you then need to select the Yes option from the following blue UAC information box.
  3. Please wait seconds for the Avira Internet Security 2012 to extract those required data.
  4. Then you would have another chance to resolve the problem that may occur when you tried to uninstall Avira Internet Security, e.a., you did not find tAvira Internet Security 2012 in "Uninstall or change a program" list or "Add/Remove Programs" list. And then; you select the third option, “Remove – Remove all installed components” below; click the Next button on Avira Internet Security 2012.
    • Info: Welcome to the Avira Internet Security 2012 Setup Maintenance program. This program lets you modify the current installation. Click one of options below.
      • Modify – Select new program components to add or select currently installed components to remove.
      • Repair / update – Install a new program version or repair an existing installation.
      • Remove – Remove all installed components

  5. Click the Yes button on the Setup of Avira Internet Security 2012 wizard below, "Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all its components?".
  6. Click the below Yes button to re-activate Windows Firewall. And then you need to wait for the requested steps to complete like stopping Avira’s components.
  7. You might directly close the following "Feedback – Personal Products" webpage. Reboot your computer.
  8. Similarly, you then may continue to remove Microsoft’s Visual C++ 2010. Watch the video tutorial below for more information.

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