Uninstall Avast! Internet Security 6 – How to Remove Avast! Antivirus Program (Removal Tool Download)

Your avast! Trial License Key Had Expired, But You Cannot Remove/Uninstall AIS 6 or avast! Mobile Security (Beta) from Your Device? More?

Here, you can refer to my avast! removal guide (YouTube video) below on how can I force and completely uninstall avast! Internet Security 6 from my Windows device. Enjoy.

How Can I Skillfully Uninstall AIS 6 from My Computer?

1. Please visit Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs / Uninstall or change a program > Currently installed software: list > locate avast! Internet Security (v6) item > click Change/Remove button to launch the avast! Internet Security Setup application – anyway, the Setup would guide you automatically uninstall AIS 6:

2. Then you click the Uninstall entry with the Windows Recycle Bin icon, telling "Uninstall current version"- , the Next > button to start the uninstallation of avast! Internet Security 6.

3. Then your Desktop become black, informing you "An attempt has been made to uninstall avast!. This may a legitimate action, but could also be the result of a malware attack. Allowing this action will leave your system unprotected. Do you want to continue? (Select No unless you are performing the action intentionally)":

4. Clicking the More information link, you would read the following useful tips to force uninstall AIS 6.

  • Requesting process:
  • C:\Program File\AVAST Software\Avast\setup\avast.setup

5. Click Yes button on the Uninstall window to automatically remove it. Save and reboot your Windows.

AIS 6 File Leftovers Review

  • AVAST Software, an empty file folder, located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
  • avast.setup, SETUP File, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\_av_sfx.tm~a00232, 3.37 MB (3,539,040 bytes)
  • AVAST.SETUP-10F48C5B.pf, PF File, C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch, 90.0 KB (92,208 bytes)

Note: Then please modify Windows Registry Editor, search and delete avast keys left.

For Advanced Users: The Secret to Uninstalling AIS 6 in Safe Mode?

Note: Scroll up and enter Safe Mode item on Windows Advanced Options Menu.

Note: Enter your current system (type), such as Microsoft Windows XP Profeesional item.

Note: Click Yes on Desktop window to load your system in safe mode as Admin.

Note: Right clicking that avast.setup, rename it to avast.exe; then run that avast.exe, application file type.

Note: While you are trying to uninstall AIS 6, your Web tools may be open a page, linking to http://www.avast.com/go.php?verb=uninstall&lang=eng&prod=suite.

Note: Click Finish button on avast! Internet Security Setup – Uninstall finished window to reboot your device, telling you "The product was successfully uninstalled. Some files may stay in their current locations until the next reboot, though."

What’s More…

Note #1 You then just cannot run that avast.setup file: Windows just couldn’t open it up.

Note 2. Then you might had tried to rename the setup file. But you just could not modify change that file extension, .setup, as to .exe.

Then you would meet the Error Renaming File or Folder window, which would end your attempts to uninstall avast! Internet Security 6, telling you "Cannot rename avast: Access is denied. Make sure that the disk is not fully or write-protected and that file is not currently in use."

avast.setup SETUP File Details Review

  • Type of file: SETUP File
  • Open with: Unknown application
  • Location: C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\Setup
  • Size: 3.37 MB (3,539,040 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 3.37 MB (3,543,040 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Description: avast! antivirus Update
  • Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 AVAST Software
  • Company: AVAST Software
  • File Version: 6, 0, 0, 0
  • Internal Name: avast.setup
  • Language: Language Neutral
  • Original File name: setup.exe
  • Product Name: avast! Antivirus
  • Product Version: 6, 0, 0, 0
  • Digital Signatures: (Shown below)

Detailed avast! Internet Security 6 Files Info Review

  • 1033, a file folder, C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast, 354 KB (362,784 bytes), contains 8 Files
  • defs, a file folder, 65.6 MB (68,822,228 bytes), contains 55 Files, 1 Folders
  • Setup, 175 MB (183,949,808 bytes)
  • Aavm4h.dll, avast! Asynchronous Virus Monitor (AAVM) application, 312 KB (319,784 bytes), v6.0.1367.0; Company, AVAST Software; Internal Name, Aavm32; Language, Language Neutral; Original File name, Aavm32.dll; Product Name, avast! Antivirus; Special Build Description, mar2011
  • afwCore.dll, avast! Firewall Core library, 31.1 KB (31,896 bytes); Internal Name, afwCore
  • afwCoreClient.dll, avast! Firewall Core Client library, 155 KB (159,616 bytes); Internal Name, afwCoreClient
  • afwServ, avast! firewall service, 124 KB (127,192 bytes); Original File name, afwServ.exe
  • AhAScr.dll, avast! Script Blocking library for Windows Scripting Interface app, 113 KB (116,368 bytes)
  • AhResP2P.dll, avast! P2P Shield AAVM Provider Library, 40.7 KB (41,696 bytes); Internal Name, AvResP2P
  • ashCmd, avast! Command line, 60.8 KB (62,272 bytes); Original File name, ashCmd.exe;
  • ashQuick, avast! Virus scanner, 95.0 KB (97,304 bytes);Internal Name, aswQuick.exe;
  • ashServ.dll, avast! antivirus service, 147 KB (150,864 bytes); Internal Name, aswServ; Original File name, aswServ.exe
  • ashUpd, avast! Antivirus updater, 82.4 KB (84,408 bytes); Internal Name & Original File name, aswUpd.exe
  • ashWebSv.dll, avast! Web Scanner, 597 KB (611,768 bytes); Internal Name, aswProxy; Original File name, ashWebSv.exe
  • ashWsFtr.dll, avast! Web Shield Filter Module, 46.7 KB (47,864 bytes); Internal Name, aswWsFTR; Original File name, aswWsFtr.DLL
  • asOutExt.dll, AsOutExt Module, 267 KB (273,440 bytes); Internal Name, AsOutExt; Original File name, AsOutExt.DLL
  • aswChLic, aswChLic component, 74.9 KB (76,704 bytes; Original File name, aswChLic.exe
  • aswCmnOS.dll, Antivirus HW dependent library, 95.5 KB (97,840 bytes),
  • aswRegSvr, aswRegSvr application, 21.5 KB (22,016 bytes)
  • aswRunDll, aswRunDll application, 105 KB (107,568 bytes)

Note It may help you manually clean AIS 6 file leftovers on your hard drives.

Learn Detailed Modifications Made to Your System by AIS 6?

1. Any version of Mozilla Firefox installed? Then you run it, then click Tools menu and then, enter Add-ons item:

2. Then you will see that an extension associated with avast! has been added to your Firefox application, avast! WebRep 6.0.137 (Web Reputation Plugin) – You may check out this Add-ons portion in your Firefox.

Check out and Uninstall avast! Firewall NDIS Filter Driver

1. Right click on Local Area Connection icon in Taskbar, then please enter Status item:

2. Go on click Properties tab on Local Area Connection Status window, then please look into General box, you will find the avast! Firewall NDIS Filter Driver installed, highlight it, then click Uninstall button, then click Yes option on Uninstall avast! Firewall NDIS Filter Driver window to uninstall avast! Internet Security 6, telling you that "Uninstalling a component removes it from all network connections. Are you sure you want to uninstall avast! Firewall NDIS Filter Driver?":

Remove avastUI from Windows System Configuration Utility

1. Logging on as system Administrator, then copy and paste this msconfig command in Run section, and then click OK button:

2. Go on visit Startup tab on System Configuration Utility, uncheck the avastUI item, commanded from "C:\Programs Files\AVAST Software\Avast\avastUI.exe /nogui", which is located HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsof\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Then click Apply and OK button; saving your files, click Restart button on System Configuration window, telling you "You must restart your computer for some of the changes made by System Configuration to take effect.":

How Can You Get The Detailed Information on AIS 6?

1. Please log on your device as Administrator, right click on avast! realtime tray icon running in Windows Taskbar, and then scroll up and enter About avast! item on that menu:

2. Then you would learn the detailed info on your avast! software:

  • Title: ABOUT AVAST! (Information about your avast! security application.)
  • Item: avast! Internet Security
  • Program version: 6.0.1367
  • Virus definitions version: 111128-1
  • Copyright: © 1998 – 2011 AVAST Software. All rights reserved. avast! is a registered trademark of AVAST Software.
  • Credits:
    • The products uses the following components:
      • HTMLayout, Copyright © Terra Information Software
      • libPNG, Copyright © Glenn Randers-Pehrson
      • libJPEG, Copyright © Thomas G. Lane
      • OpenSSL, Copyright © The OpenSSL Project
      • IDEA encryption, Copyright © MediaCrypt AG
      • UPX, Copyright © Mark F .X.J. Oberhumer, Laszlo Molnar and John F. Reiser
      • Zlib, Copyright © Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
      • 7-Zib, Copyright © Igor Pavlov
      • unRAR, Copyright © Eugene Roshal
      • XML, Copyright © Frank Vanden Berghen
      • Redemption library, Copyright © Dmitry Strechenko
      • SQLite, in public domain

And there are some more other info recorded by your system, which is located in Windows Currently installed programs: list, avast! Internet Security, 328.00MB – This would be the normal entry where you can automatically uninstall avast! Internet Security 6:

  • Publisher: AVAST Software
  • Version: 6.0.1367.0

Wanna install the newer version AIS, 7? Then you’d better completely remove the old or problematic 6, then download and install the official installer for it.

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