How to Uninstall ARO 2014/2013/2012/2011

This update (March 27, 2014) is designed for PC users who wish to uninstall ARO (2014)…

Typically the default uninstaller file of Windows and/or does not have the ability to fully remove ARO software. Needless to say, either of them can rid your system of additional junkware and restore browser options. For example the 2013 version of ARO did spread AVG toolbar. The following uninstall tool pro is simple to install, run and use regularly and has incredible functions like "Force / Clean Uninstall" that will enable you to thoroughly get rid of ARO app.

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Methods for Uninstalling ARO v2014 (from an XP computer)

  • Option 1: start >> All Programs >> ARO 2014 >> run the following "Uninstall ARO 2014".
  • Uninstall ARO  - 1

  • Option 2: Go to Windows’ programs list like XP’s "Add/Remove Programs" >> locate the ARO 2014 (17.43MB) >> hit Remove button.
  • Uninstall ARO  - 2

  • Option 3: Enter ARO’s installation location >> run the following unins000 app (713 KB (730,785 bytes)).
  • AR  3

Recommended steps to uninstall ARO on your own computer…

  • Hit Yes button on the following ARO 2014 Uninstall.
  • A - 4

  • Wait while the new ARO is removed…
  • AR  5

  • Hit the Close button when the mentioned wizard tells you that the uninstallation is complete.
  • AR - 6

  • Press the OK button on the Uninstall below.
  • A  7

March 20, 2013 Updated: How to Uninstall ARO v2013?

So this update started coming up after some of you tried the trial version of ARO 2013, or you had a hijacked web browser on your computer, then you decide to completely uninstall ARO. Now I am providing two solutions to your ARO uninstall problem: 1) For computer newbies, or you cannot find the previously installed ARO 2013 or no uninstall procedure in Control Panel’s programs list, then I would recommend that you use this perfect uninstall tool, a less disruptive option, to force uninstall ARO. 2) You head over to my following detailed steps on how to uninstall ARO from Windows 8 computer.

Reviewing the express installation of ARO 2013 is the key to permanently remove it…

  • Step 1: Setup – ARO 2013
    • Info: "This program will install ARO 2013 on your computer…

  • Step 2: Setup – ARO 2012 (OOPS?)
    • Info 1: Free Support Toolbar by…. (Note To fully uninstall ARO, you may need to remove the so-called Support Toolbar and restore your Windows Internet Explorer later; or this possible unwanted toolbar program disturbs you, and you should choose the Decline option for it next time.)

  • Step 3: "Installing… C:\Program Files\ARO 2013\AROSS.dll…" (TIP If you wouldn’t touch the Windows uninstaller, Add/Remove Programs, Uninstall or change a program, you can permanently uninstall ARO by pasting that installation folder to this smart uninstall tool.)
  • Step 4: Icons and quick launch…

How do I completely uninstall ARO from my Windows 8?

TIP If you do not wish to be prompted to click on the "Next" button, or you wanna uninstall ARO without much administration, you use this uninstall tool on your device.

  1. First off, I need to shut down the following ARO® 2013 Tutorial: click Close button or launch Cancel option from it.
  2. Click Stop Scan button behind "xxx Errors found" section.
  3. Then I press the blue Close button on the upper right hand corner of "ARO® 2013 Trial Version" window.
  4. I right click on ARO’s shortcut file, "Check PC For Errors" on my desktop and choose Properties.
  5. Click Open File Location and press OK to exit Check PC For Errors Properties. You can also cleanly uninstall ARO by adding ARO’s installation folder, "C:\Program Files\ARO 2013\" to this professional uninstall tool!
  6. I press the [U] key on my keyboard till I locate the following unins000 application. For more details about it, see the following content. Then I right click on it and launch "Run as administrator", you then may directly press Enter to automatically uninstall ARO 2013.
  7. To perfectly uninstall ARO, I choose the Yes option from the UAC below.
  8. Then the following ARO 2013 Uninstall asks me that "Are you sure you want to completely remove ARO…"; I simply click Yes on it.
  9. I directly hit the Close button on the ARO 2013 Uninstallation Complete window, "Wait! Get the full version for FREE…".
  10. Then ARO 2013 Uninstall informs me that "ARO 2013 was successfully removed from your computer.". I press OK on it.
  11. Uninstalling Ask Toolbar will enable you to fully uninstall ARO. Follow the steps below:
    • I close the Program Files window and double click on the Control Panel entry on my display.
    • Click Uninstall a program in Programs.
    • I first highlight the unwanted Support[dot]com Toolbar and launch Uninstall option for it to entirely uninstall ARO.
    • When the following Programs and Features appears, I click Yes on it.
    • Support[dot]com Toolbar says "Please wait windows (Windows) uninstalls Toolbar".
    • Then User Account Control warns me that the following 41aae3.msi application wants to make changes to my system, I click Yes to fully uninstall ARO 2013.
    • Well, I find the Support[dot]com Toolbar Updater (product version, remaining in my Programs and Features list.
    • Then I locate it and launch Uninstall option for that updater from Ask. Then Programs and Features informs me that "An error occurred…", I click OK.
    • I close Programs and Features and run my Windows Internet Explorer 10. Then I enter Internet Options and then, I manually remove the following URL "" from Home page to cleanly uninstall ARO 2013.
  12. Since the express installation of ARO program and Ask addon will definitely leave its preference data on my computer, I will look for them and delete them manually. For you regular users, there’s a absolutely safe & easy non-technobabble way to uninstall ARO 2013: you download, install and run this smart uninstaller program.

You wanna uninstall ARO from your Windows machine…

Well, you may overwrite the currently installed of ARO 2012 or completely uninstall it and reinstall it. Learn more on uninstalling ARO 2012 software.

How Would You Uninstall ARO from Your System?

Preface: Please save your work and then, close them.

  • Extra tips that can help you uninstall ARO: Double click the "Check PC For Errors" icon on Desktop, wait > Then the Reminder will inform you that "To remove ARO…, please click here." > ARO 2012 will say "Please choose ARO 2012 from ‘Add Remove Programs’…”.
  • Method 1: Run the unins000.exe in ARO’s install folder to automatically uninstall ARO 2012 (Note: You can read more info about it below.)
  • Method 2: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Currently installed programs: > locate ARO 2012 item (Size, 16.63MB) > run the Remove option to automatically uninstall ARO.

Search, remove associated remains in Windows system to thoroughly uninstall ARO…

  • http://events.webflowmetrics[dot]com/metrics.asmx/RecordEvents?sEventNames=ARO80ASK_20120124_1205_uninstall, RPI_uninstall&sEventValues=,ARO80ASK_20120124_1205_uninstall, XML Document, 80 bytes
  • http://www.sammsoft[dot]com/HTA/aro/2012/uninstall.aspx?name=ARO80ASK_20120124_1205_uninstall, Firefox HTML Document, 1.86 KB
  •, 57.8 KB (59,250 bytes)
  •, 12.9 KB (13,308 bytes)
  •, 36.8 KB (37,720 bytes)
  •, 39.6 KB (40,562 bytes)
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\Programs\ARO 2012, 0038 20 00 41 52 4F 32 30 31 .ARO2O1, 0058 14 00 00 00 41 00 52 00 ….A.R.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache, C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\CleanSchedule.exe – ARO 2012, C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\is-J67FH.tmp\ARO2012_bt.tmp – Setup/Uninstall, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\ARO2012_bt.exe – ARO 2012, C:\Program Files\ARO 2012\aro.exe – aro, C:\Program Files\”A-2″\AROTutorial.exe – ARO 2012 Tutorial

You can review my video demo below to manually uninstall ARO 2012. And for more regular users, you should run the following best uninstall tool to safely clean ARO’s leftover registry files!

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