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December 12. 2012 Updated: How to Uninstall iTunes 11.0

If the newly installed iTunes 11.0 made weird sound, or had caused on your currently running Windows system, then you can use the following highly effective steps to completly remove or uninstall iTunes 11, including related program components amd/or traces; and then you can have many other better alternatives, such as the lightweight MP3/MP4 freeware player Foobar2000 and so forth, on your computer.

Overview: the express installation progress you may have performed.

  1. Logged on to the Windows computer – which you had the iTunes 11 suite installed – as the administrator account, you then can see the following shortcut file of iTunes on the screen.
  2. Then you open the following (All) Programs menu, then you’ll see the following Apple Software Update has been added to the Start menu.
  3. You then can click the above (All) Programs entry, you can find the following iTunes folder in the list, which contains the About iTunes and the main application iTunes in it.
  4. You then go to Settings or Control Panel on left pane; and then you enter the Uninstall a program or Add/Remove Programs in the control panel window.
  5. If you’re running a Windows 7 computer, you then can see the following projects relating to the iTunes 11 suite in the Uninstall or change a program list, or the Currently installed programs in your Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 machine.
    • Apple Application Support: size, 65.0 MB; (product) version, 2.3.2.
    • Apple Mobile Device Support: size, 24.5 MB; version,
    • Apple Software Update: 2.38 MB, ver.
    • Bonjour, 0.98 MB, v3.0.0.10
    • iTunes, 187 MB, v11.0.0.163

Recommended Steps for Safely Uninstalling iTunes 11 on Your Computer.

Note The following necessary steps will provide the information on how to save or back up your personal data in iTunes library; and more tips on how to properly uninstall iTunes 11 from your current machine.

  • Step 1: Run iTunes 11, click the small gray window on the upper left corner of its main platform, shown below; and then you choose the Add File to library… option on the menu – for experienced users, you press the [Ctrl] key + (letter) [O] key to open the default directory for your saved or downloaded media file(s).
  • Step 2: See the iTunes folder shown below? Open it or you can also right-click on it directly, and then run the Cut option for it, save the downloaded data on other place in your system.
  • Step 3: To safely uninstall iTunes 11, you then run the Exit option for the running main player.
  • Step 4: Run Windows Task Manger, find the following iTunesHelper.exe that still be active in the Processes tab, and then, you launch the End Process option for it to force terminate it. To properly uninstall iTunes 11, you should learn more info about that progress for your current session:
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: iTunesHelper
    • Size: 148 KB (151,952 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 152 KB (155,648 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Yes
    • SHA256: da98a45803eedd63c5053f01d46bb785ae969b313c232f64ce653997144612f2
    • SHA1: 391325c46409981d62dead5f7fb00d10222b9db1
    • MD5: d7936ed15f4aef0fc33f329d0f21ed46

Now, you can uninstall iTunes 11 via the following concise actions!

  1. Highlight iTunes in the Uninstall or change a program list, launch the Uninstall option for it to automatically uninstall iTunes 11 on your Windows 7 / Windows Vista, and/or on your XP computer as well.
  2. Read the following information from Programs and Features for confirmation? You then click on the Yes button on it to automatically uninstall iTunes 11.
  3. To continue to uninstall iTunes 11, (for Vista or 7 users), you then choose the Yes option from the UAC window below.
  4. Then you have to wait seconds while Windows automatically configures your previously installed iTunes 11 program.
  5. To fully uninstall iTunes 11, you double-click on the Bonjour program in the list and then, you choose Yes from the following Programs and Features.
  6. Wait seconds for the Windows Installer to start the default installation process for Bonjour, the optional component for iTunes 11. Similarly, you then click Yes on the UAC dialog box.
  7. In case that any remaining browser window(s) interrupted the automatic removal for Bonjour, you first save and close the web tool, then you click the Retry button on the information message below.
  8. OKay… to uninstall the remained Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Software Update from the programs list, shown below, you can refer or repeat the following on-screen steps you just have taken to entirely uninstall iTunes 11. And the following processes will guide you remove the main program files associated with the iTunes 11 suite. Read and/or watch the following video demon for more information.
  9. Note To completely uninstall iTunes 11, you finish the above steps for Apple Application Support removal.

    Note To totally uninstall iTunes 11, you finish the steps for Apple Mobile Device Support uninstall.

    Note To cleanly uninstall iTunes 11, you finish the steps for Apple Software Update uninstallation.

  10. Save, restart and then verify by going into your Windows desktop, programs list to make sure you have accomplished the steps above successfully – for more related info, please review the Overview section above to completely uninstall iTunes 11.

WARNING: As many common Windows beginners and/or other common end-users expected, to thoroughly or forcibly uninstall iTunes 11, and to avoid the pre-existing fatal/annoying issues with Windows Registry Editor, you might wonder how to perform the manual operations for the whole filesystem and Registry Editor I just talked about via detecting and then removing those additional files, folders and the registry values that get left. So the most recommended method to fully uninstall iTunes 11 program is to save and run the fantastic Windows uninstaller, which can perform a clean, fast removal for those unwanted preference data.

To completely uninstall iTunes 10, you may follow my Youtube video on how can I manually do it below:

  • iTunes item listed in Windows Currently installed programs (See more software information about it below)
  • Apple Application Support, version 2.1.6, 62.92 MB
  • Apple Mobile Device Support, v, 24.30 MB
  • Apple Software Update, version, 2.38MB
  • Bonjour, v3.0.0.10, 0.99MB

Enjoy and Learn How to Completely & Manually Uninstall the Player (v10/9/7) from Your Device

1. Ensure the below FOUR things: 1) You log on as system Administrator; 2) BACKUP Windows Registry files; 3) SAVE all your other work; 4) Exit the player by clicking on the the silver gray Close button. See the related screen shot below.

2. Typically, you would need to visit Add or Remove Programs or the Programs and Features in Control Panel.

3. I will uninstall iTunes 10 first, meanwhile I can get below details by clicking the support information link on it; then I click the Remove button behind it.

  • Publisher: Apple Inc.
  • Version:
  • Contact: AppleCare Support
  • Support Information: http://www[dot]apple[dot]com/support/
  • Support Telephone: 1-800-275-2273
  • Products Updates: http://www[dot]apple[dot]com/iTunes
  • P.S.: If this program is not working properly you may reinstall it by clicking Repair.

And you can also get the similar Support Info about the Apple Application Support, Aplle Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update and the Bonjour item, which may help you overcome other technical problems occurred among the above products.

4. Then you need to click the Yes button on Add or Remove Programs window, informing you "Are you sure you want to remove iTunes from your computer?":

5. Please wait seconds while your Windows would tell you below information:

  • Title: iTunes
  • Info: Please wait while Windows configures iTunes
  • Details: Gathering required information

6. Then you go on click on Yes button on the iTunes window, telling you that "You must restart your system for the configuration changes made to iTunes to take effect. Click Yes to restart now or No if you plan to manually restart later.":

7. Please save your personal work then follow that message to reboot your Windows.

8. Then you need to remove another FOUR Apple applications on the programs list. follow me via the following:

  • Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs;
  • Launch the Remove option for the FOUR Apple applications:

Step 1: Remove Apple Application Support

Tip Click Yes on Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features.

Tip To completely uninstall iTunes10, you need to wait for the above automatic install process to complete.

Step 2: Remove Apple Mobile Device Support

Tip Select the Yes option from Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features.

Tip Please be patient.

Step 3: Remove the Apple Software Update

Step 4: Remove Bonjour

9. Restart your machine. And if you encountered errors or difficulties uninstalling the main program, the below video and uninstall tool will help you effectively resolve them.

10. Follow my YouTube video below to start manual searching for those iTunes files left in your system, then you delete them by hand: you first modify Folder Options, then visit Windows Search item, enter iTunes in the blank, then you start the automatic search for the related leftovers. If you just could not manually clean them, download the uninstaller here.

To fully uninstall iTunes 10, you need to remove the following file leftovers:

  • iTunes, a file folder left in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music, containing 6 Files, 5 Folders (By Windows), 76.0 KB (77,824 bytes)
  • iTunes, Library Extras.itdb, ITDB File, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\iTunes, 16.0 KB (16,384 bytes)
  • iTunes Library.itl, PLIST File type, 3.88 KB (3,980 bytes)
  • iTunes Music Library.xml, XML Document, 12.3 KB (12,646 bytes)
  • iTunes.Preferences.plist, 305 bytes (305 bytes)
  • iTunes.EXE-1A268432.pf, ITUNES.EXE-1A268432.pf, ITUNESSETUP.EXE-164E09CF.pf, located in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch

To fully uninstall iTunes 10, you need also clean the following associated registry files:

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.aif, iTunes_back, REG_SZ file type
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AudioCD\shell\play\command
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\i-10, (Default)

Related Uninstall Error Review

  • Title: iTunes
  • Info: The following applications should be closed before continuing the install
  • Details: iTunes
  • Option #1: Cancel
  • Option #2: Retry
  • Option #3: Ignore

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