Uninstall Any Video Converter – Remove subtitles

Windows did not allow you to completely uninstall Any Video Converter from your device at once?

Why is a complete uninstall of Any Video Converter is so "hard"? Well, contrary to the Anvsoft’s own uninstaller, the aforementioned uninstallation program does NOT have responsibility to get rid of AVG Secure Search (a.k.a, AVG toolbar), a PUP that comes along with Any Video Converter (See more related shots below), thus, for your information, cleanly uninstalling AVG toolbar can enable you to fully remove Any Video Converter! If, you’re tired of uninstall instructions, the unwanted video converter freeware and its sponsor AVG toolbar will be thoroughly uninstalled from your PC by using this perfect uninstaller. Furthermore, you may learn tips on how to uninstall Any DVD Converter / Any Video Converter Ultimate / Any Video Recorder from this response from WindowsUninstaller.Org.

WindowsUninstaller.Org is launching the ultimate solution to uninstall the Any Video Converter…

Slide note: A Review of the setup of Any Video Converter

  • "Select Destination Location"
  • Uninstall Any Video Converter - 1

  • "Select Additional Tasks"
  • Uninstall Any Video Converter - 2

  • "… Any Video Converter recommends the AVG toolbar to improve your internet protection."
    • "… Install the AVG Toolbar, set AVG Secure Search as my homepage, newly opened tabs and and default search provider."
    • "*Applies to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. …"


  • Or… "Install TuneUp Utilities 2013 – Recommended by Any Video Converter"
  •  9

    NOTE If you have been prompted to install TuneUp Utilities 2013, read the recommended tutorial above so that you can forcibly remove it, at that point, you can cleanly uninstall the Any Video Converter.

How to thoroughly uninstall Any Video Converter?

NOTE If, you are new to Windows system and/or you are lost with your computer, use this perfect uninstall tool to effectively uninstall the Any Video Converter and other unwanted software I’ve mentioned above; or you can take the advanced actions to clean up what a standard uninstallation leaves behind.

  1. Firs of all, I need to shut down the running Any Video Converter: I click on the dark blue video button, scroll down the menu and choose Exit (E) option on it.
  2.  4

  3. Then I save and close internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  4.  5

    NOTE The Solution #1 below allows me to uninstall Any Video Converter without the administrative rights

  5. Now I open up Control Panel then, I visit the Uninstall a program entry in it.
  6. Then, I locate Any Video Converter 5.0.5 and I launch the listing Uninstall option for it. Read more specifications about it.
    • Publisher: Any-Video-Converter.com
    • Size: 10 MB
    • Help link: http://www.any-video…
    • Update information: http://www.any-video-converter[dot]com/
    • Support link: http://www.any-video…


  7. Then I see the following "Any Video Converter Uninstall" appears, informing "Are you sure you want to completely remove Any Video Converter …"; I simply choose the option Yes on it.
  8. 7

  9. Soon, the "Any Video Converter Uninstall" says "Any Video Converter was successfully removed from your computer.". I click OK to terminate the express uninstall of it.
  10. 8

  11. I continue with the uninstallation of AVG SafeGuard toolbar (Product version: I highlight AVG’s toolbar program and then I choose "Uninstall/Change" option for it.
  12. 10

  13. Applying the option "Remove the AVG toolbar and AVG Secure Search", I click Next on the following AVG Secure Search wizard.
  14. 11

  15. "Please wait while AVG Secure Search and the toolbar are being removed".
  16. 12

  17. Then, "AVG Secure Search" informs me that "You have successfully removed AVG Secure Search and the toolbar."; I press the Done button and I direct close the "The AVG SafeGuard toolbar…" webpage.
  18. 13

  19. Afterwards, I run the newly modified browsers to check the actions I took to remove AVG’s toolbar.
  20.  14

    NOTE I have to access the Admin mode to uninstall Any Video Converter employing the Solution #2 below…

  21. I wish to stop the TuneUp Utilities 2013 from running in background so that I can smoothly and fully uninstall Any Video Converter; but, I’ve come to realize that I cannot use Task Manager to terminate that so called system optimizer!
  22. 15

  23. Well, I go to the following AnvSoft folder (in Program Files) and then, I locate the wanted unins000 application in it; I right click on it and launch "Run as administrator" to automatically uninstall Any Video Converter.
  24. 16

  25. Then I choose Yes from the UAC (by Any Video Converter Installer program from AnvSoft Co., Ltd) to go on with the uninstall of Any Video Converter.
  26. 17

  27. I click on the Yes button on the "Any Video Converter Uninstall" below.
  28. 18

  29. Then I press OK on it.
  30. 19

  31. I manually delete the remaining AnvSoft folder to completely uninstall Any Video Converter.
  32. 20

  33. I again go to Programs and Feaures in Control Panel; then I locate the totally unwanted TuneUp Utilities 2013 and launch the Uninstall/Change option for it.
  34. 21

  35. I click Yes on the following "TuneUp Utilities 2013 uninstallation" by ignoring the listing measures.
  36. 22

  37. Then I have to click the OK on the TuneUp Utilities 2013 window below.
  38. 23

  39. "Please wait while Windows configures (removes) TuneUp Utilities 2013. …".
  40. 24

  41. Then I direct close the following "TuneUp Utilities 2013 – You …" page.
  42. 25

  43. And then I perform the reboot action on my machine. After all, I have to detect and remove all associated remnants to FULLY uninstall Any Video Converter.
  44. 26



RELATED #1: How can I uninstall the Any Video Recorder version 1.0.2?

  • Go to its default "Output Directory" folder and save any media file(s) in it and close Any Video Recorder.
  •  1

  • Open up Control Panel and enter Uninstall a program in it.
  • Launch Uninstall option for the listing Any Video Recorder version 1.0.2 (size, 24.9 MB); click Yes on "Any Video Recorder Uninstall".
  • 2

  • Wait and follow the onscreen prompts below to complete the uninstall procedure.
  • 3

RELATED #2: How to Uninstall the Any DVD Converter Professional 4.6.0?

  • I click on the File menu and launch the Exit option in it.
  •  1

  • I direct enter AnvSoft folder and look for the following unins000(.exe) application; then I use the administrative privileges to start the express uninstallation of Any DVD Converter Professional.
  •  2


How to uninstall Any Video Converter (Ultimate version)?

  • First, I exit it and then I go to "Uninstall or change a program" list.
  • Locate the following Any Video Converter Ultimate 4.6.0 (size, 114 MB; publisher, Any-Video-Converter.com) and launch the "Uninstall" option for it.
  • 1

  • Not a huge change, you should be able to uninstall Any Video Converter Ultimate automatically. If you’ve experienced PC errors, a straightforward resolution is to use the following smart uninstall tool to force remove the Anvsoft’s product(s) and/or any other unsed Windows apps.
  • 2

If you want to successfully uninstall Any Video Converter and/or any other unwanted programs without facing uninstallation errors – which can be caused by the bug(s) that has been contained in the standard routines – this is the expected solution to such uninstall and leftover issues!

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