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November 15, 2013 Updated: How to uninstall Advanced SystemCare 7?

Lots of users want to remove Advanced SystemCare due to its recommended "junkware" like the potentially unwanted Spigot browser plugin. Some starters had to pay extra money on deinstalling the wrong drivers and reinstalling operating system. To effectively save you from such terrible disappointment, run and keep the following professional uninstaller software on your computer. Furthermore, you can view the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 uninstall video guide below if you too do not want to use the said ASC Ultimate 7.

The below screenshot can explain the reason why you got the "IObit Apps Toolbar" by Spigot.

uninstall Advanced SystemCare - 1

Manual Steps to Uninstall the Advanced SystemCare

  • First off, save all of your personal information, save and reboot. Re-log on to your computer as the Admin.
  • Exit ASC 7 that runs with Windows.
  • uninstall Advanced SystemCare - 2<

  • Now, press Ctrl + Alt + Del/Delete to run Windows Task Manager and then, check the following Processes tab. You manually terminate all of IObit-related images. They are LiveUpdate.exe, ASCService.exe,
  • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 3

  • Now, you may try out 3 options to process the removal progress:
  • Method 1

    • Go to start menu >> enter ASC 7 folder below >> run the embedded "Uninstall Advanced SystemCare" in it.
    • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 4

    Method 2

    • Hit start button >> choose Control Panel >> choose "Add/Remove Programs" >> highlight the unsatisfying Advanced SystemCare 7, click Remove tab behind it.
    • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 5

    Method 3

    • Find out the below IObit install folder >> enter ASC sub-folder >> run the following unins000 app.
    • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 6

  • If you do not want to use IObit’s other products, you direct hit the Uninstall button on the following "Get Advanced SystemCare PRO for FREE" dialog box.
  • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 7

  • Please stand by while IObit’s supplied uninstaller processes the uninstall of ASC automatically.
  • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 8

  • Afterwards, you had better reboot your device manually, plus you clean ASC’s leftovers such as the following "Database" folder, ASCExtMenu.tmp and other PUA (IObit Uninstaller that’s not listed in Control Panel ‘n Surfing Protection) on your computer.
  • Advanced SystemCare 7 - 9

January 2. 2013 Updated: How to Uninstall Advanced SystemCare (the Ultimate 6 edition)?

Cannot get rid of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 on your Windows? Then following copyrighted content will help you fully remove it and all of potentially unneeded files, registry entries and other optional programs in your computer. If you failed to accomplish the standard uninstall progress of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6, please download and run this smart uninstaller program instead to perform the force uninstall procedure in just few minutes.

To fully uninstall the Advanced SystemCare (Ultimate 6), you need to know all the installed items in your system…

  • Step 1: Select Destination Location … C:\Program Files\IObit\
  • Uninstall Advanced SystemCare 1

  • Step 2: Select Additional Tasks
  • Uninstall Advanced SystemCare 2

How to Uninstall Advanced SystemCare Properly?

  1. To safely uninstall ASC Ultimate Free 6 from your system, you should take the following additional steps:
    • Click Show hidden icons menu in Windows Taskbar;
    • Right-click on the following dark blue Letter C in it;
    • Launch the option “Turn off Real-time Protection”.
  2. Then you select the following source to erase the unwanted Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Free 6 from your system, Method 1 – Method 3:
    • Method 1:
      • Open All Programs menu, locate Advanced SystemCare Ultimate folder, run "Uninstall Advanced SystemCare Ultimate" option in it;
      • If you’re running a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, then you need to choose the Yes option from the following UAC window. See more info on it:
        • Program name: Setup/Uninstall
        • Program location: “C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare Ultimate\unins000.exe …

      • To fully remove the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Free 6, you choose the option “No, I want a full uninstall” on left pane of the following Uninstall Advanced SystemCare Ultimate window; otherwise, you click on the green OK button.
      • “Please wait while Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is removed from your computer”.
      • To totally delete Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6, you answer the Yes option from the following Uninstall.
      • Save your work, and, you manually restart your PC then.

    • Method 2:
      • Find out the unins000 application in the installation folder of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. For more details about it, see the following content:
        • Type of file: Application (.exe)
        • Description: Setup/Uninstall
        • Size: 1.12 MB (1,184,128 bytes)
        • Size on disk: 1.13 MB (1,187,840 bytes)
        • Digital Signatures: Yes and, shown below
        • SHA256: 4060285a3230c62df20532450a20aaf16fa4243ed6fecaded73c7fccc8c2bfb8
        • SHA1: 3a6bee13be27ef81e8f82d76141b9ec7bd2f3deb
        • MD5: 6ca14382e4b8c66b0fbaee91cda625e2

      • Right-click on it, launch "Run as administrator" option on the menu.
      • Go back to Method 1 above and complete the rest of requested wizards.
      • You then can manually remove the remained program files in it.

    • Method 3:
      • Go to Windows Control Panel
      • Launch the Uninstall option for the listed Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6

  3. You need to remove the remaining Advanced SystemCare Browser Protection (Surfing Protection) from the web tools you have.
  4. And to thoroughly uninstall Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 from your Windows, you might be able to manually find and clean those redundant traces of the removed Advanced SystemCare program.

Note If you have problems finding and deleting all the unneeded traces of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate program, then using the Auto Uninstaller can effectively resolve the unexpected uninstall issues you have. For more uninstall problems including other security, toolbar software, please pay a visit to our community section.

Have you been annoying with the Autocare.exe or the DelayLoad.exe error associated with IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 6 program?

To completely and effectively get rid of the above errors on your Windows, you need to thoroughly uninstall Advanced SystemCare Are in your system; then re-install the newly released version of it like the crazy cool one, version 6, shown below. Cheers, guys there!

3 Methods to Uninstall Advanced SystemCare (v6)

Plan A: Run the default uninstaller for Advanced SystemCare 6 program

  1. Logged in as the administrator on your Windows, then you ave and close all your running personal file(s) and other application(s).
  2. Hit the Start button, then you enter the All Programs or Programs on the menu.
  3. Then you enter the following "Advanced SystemCare 6" entry on the programs list; scroll down and run the "Uninstall Advanced SystemCare" in its folder.
  4. If you are running a Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer, you then need to select the Yes option from the below UAC box by IObit’s Set/Uninstall application to automatically uninstall Advanced SystemCare.
  5. Then you will see the below Advanced SystemCare Uninstall Option window, choose the second option on the window, “I want to uninstall”, then you go on clicking the blue Next button.
  6. If you then wanna change the current Advanced SystemCare (Free) program for its Ultimate version, you can click the green "Free download" button on the below wizard; otherwise, you click the dark gray “No, please uninstall” button on the left pane to uninstall Advanced SystemCare via its provided wizards.
  7. Follow or read the following Advanced SystemCare 6 Uninstall window, telling “Please wait …”.
  8. Save and reboot your device – then you should have completed the standard uninstall of Advanced SystemCare 6 program. Again, for experienced computer fans ONLY, you then might be able to manually detect and delete those leftover files and registry keys created by the above IObit’s PC optimizer software. Having any problems related with the Advanced SystemCare 6 uninstall? Please use this uninstaller program, and, click here for more support.

Plan B: Find, run its default uninstaller saved in its installation folder

  1. Find the above "Uninstall Advanced SystemCare" application I reviewed; right-click on it, choose the Properties; click the "Open File Location" or the “Find Target…” tab on your Windows XP SP3 system. And then you close the below Uninstall Advanced SystemCare Properties window.
  2. Then following unins000 application will be highlighted. Run it as system administrator. You can read or review some more information about it.
  3. Choose the Yes option from the following Windows’ UAC again if you see it again.
  4. Review or follow the below IObit’s removal wizards to uninstall Advanced SystemCare automatically; furthermore, you can clean any unneeded files in its installation directory! Want a clean uninstall of Advanced SystemCare 6? Click here!

Plan C: Launch the Uninstall option for Advanced SystemCare on Windows’ Uninstall or change a program / Add or Remove Programs list

  1. Click Start, Settings or Control Panel direct.
  2. In Control Panel, hit the Uninstall a program or Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Press the [A] key to fast locate Advanced SystemCare 6 program, for Vista or 7 folks, you can directly run it from the list; and for XP users, you then click the Uninstall button behind that unwanted project to automatically uninstall Advanced SystemCare.
    • Publisher: IObit
    • Size: 59.9 MB
    • Product version: 6.0
    • Help link: http://www[dot]iobit[dot]com

  4. Follow the easy uninstall wizard to complete the express uninstallation procedure of Advanced SystemCare 6.

How to Uninstall Advanced SystemCare (Ver.5)?

  • Option #1: Click Start >> All Programs/Programs >> Advanced SystemCare 5 folder >> run the Uninstall Advanced SystemCare >> allow the said Setup/Uninstall to run >> select the Yes option from the " Advanced SystemCare 5 Uninstall" window, asking “Are you sure you want to completely remove Advanced SystemCare 5 and all of its components?” >> click OK on the Advanced SystemCare 5 Uninstall window, telling “Advanced SystemCare 5 was successfully removed from your computer.”
  • Option 2: Find and run the default uninstaller for Advanced SystemCare 5
  • Option 3: Launch Windows’ Uninstall option for Advanced SystemCare 5:
    • Size: 82.9 MB
    • Product version: 5.1.0

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