Can’t remove/uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus free?

October 24, 2013 Updated: We Editor show you the manual method for uninstalling Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + v11 (aka, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 2014). In any case, if the provided steps are not working, you need to alter the uninstall option: the recommended uninstaller software Pro uninstalls your unwanted or expired Ad-Aware product, but does it many more securely and thoroughly.

8 Steps to uninstall the new version of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus?

  • Step 1: Save all of your stuff, reboot then re-log on to your computer as the administrative user.
  • Step 2: Run Windows Task Manager then terminate all of processes that start with "ad" like AdAwareDesktop.exe, AdAwareService.exe and suchlike.
  • Ad-AwareFreeAntivirus11-1

  • Step 3: Typically, we will first try Windows’ built-in uninstall utility, "Add/Remove" or "Programs and Features" to perform the uninstall of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 11. Follow these simple steps: hit Start, choose (Settings then) Control Panel and then, select your system’s programs manager we mentioned above. Like… if you’re a XP user, you then locate the following Ad-Aware Antivirus (37.15MB), and then you click the Remove tab behind it.
  • FreeAntivirus11-2

  • Step 4: to automatically uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus, you then press the light blue Remove button on the following Updater wizard.
  • UninstallAd-AwareFreeAntivirus11-3

  • Step 5: To continue with the express uninstall process, you then apply the provided Yes option to the aforesaid Updater application.
  • 4

  • Step 6: From now on, that Updater should help you silently uninstall the Ad-Aware Free Antivirus. Please wait still…
  • Ad-Aware-5

  • Step 7: When the Updater tells you "Uninstallation Complete", you must restart your system then or at a later time.
  • UninstallAntivirus11-6

  • Step 8: Afterwards, if you want to restore your browers to the previous settings, you then may need to remove the remaining Ad-Aware SECURITY TOOLBAR in them.
  • Uninstall7

You encountered Error 2721 when you decided to uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus?

Some users also encountered some really nagging information boxes that had really slowed down the installed web browser tools, even your whole Windows operating system; some guys as well ended up with the said Error 2721 while they tried to uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus. To smoothly perform the uninstall progress, you follow these quick steps: 1) Logged on as system administrator, press down the Windows/ Home + D key to enter your computer’s desktop and then, you then cut off the Internet connection. 2) Click the "Show hidden icons" in Taskbar, scroll up the menu, move your mouse to the Lavasoft’s A icon. 3) You then right-click on it, launch the Exit option on the menu and then, you click the Yes button on the Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + info box to verifiy the you wish to complete the operation. For advanced end-users, you can load your Windows in its Safe Mode and then, you go to Programs Files file folder, which is located and saved in Local Disk (C:), find and then remove any remaining installation directory(ies) associated with Ad-Aware Antivirus malware protection program manually. You may also refer to the following detailed tips that would fix the uninstall error I’ve reviewed above.For more regular end-users you should use the below powerful perfect uninstaller to effectively and cleanly get rid of Ad-Aware Antivirus software.

Before we start the standard uninstall of Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro…

We here need to review some more detailed installation options you may have selected or performed. See the below image:

  • Title: Ad Aware
  • Options:
    • Install Ad-Aware Safe-Browsing module and block malicious websites on Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    • Set my home page to Ad-Aware Safe Search and make Blekko my default search provider.

Uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro - 0

The above Ad-Aware will install the following highlighted applications to your system, including the browsers you have.

Uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro - 2

Instructions to Uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus

Now, you may refer to the No.1 to perform the uninstall process.

  1. Logged on your computer using the local administrative account, you save and exit all the running private file(s), application(s) – for the potentially running Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro program, please review the quick tips above to shut it down properly; moreover, you run Windows Task Manager, check the below Processes tab on it, if you would then find the below AdAware.exe, adawarebp.exe still running in the list, launch the End Process option for it/them. Read or review some more info about them.
  2. You first click the Start button and then the All Programs/ Programs on the menu.
  3. You then enter the below Ad-Aware Antivirus folder in the list, scroll down the menu and then, you run the Uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus in the directory to automatically remove the main program on your computer.
  4. Wait seconds for Windows Installer to open the following Ad-Aware Antivirus – InstallShield Wizard.
  5. Wanna reinstall another version of Ad-Aware Antivirus in the future? Then you enable the following options, “Keep my Ad-Aware personal settings” and “Keep my threat definitions for faster reinstallation”; and then you click Next > button on the wizard “Application uninstallation settings”. Or, you then deselect the two listed options to fully remove Ad-Aware Antivirus.
  6. Then the below Ad-Aware Antivirus – InstallShield Wizard will inform you that “… Please wait …”.
  7. To protect any unsaved file(s), application(s), you choose the option “Do not close applications.” for the below Files in Use window and then, you click OK on it.
  8. Then you click Yes on the below blue Windows 7/Vista’s UAC by the installed Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro to go on with its uninstall progress. Then you wait.
  9. You then can directly close the below “We’re Sorry to see you go | Lavasoft – Lavasoft” webpage, an uninstall survey page by Lavasoft.
  10. Then you could open and save the uninstall log related with the default uninstall of Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro by choosing the option “Show the Windows Installer log” on the following Ad-Aware Antivirus – InstallShield Wizard window.
  11. Please ensure you’ve saved all your work then follow the detailed info on the below Ad-Aware Antivirus Installer Information, saying “You must restart your system for the configuration changes to Ad-Aware Antivirus to take effect. Click Yes to restart now or No if you plan to restart later.”.

Instruction Two (Typical Method) to Uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus…

  1. Click Start, then Settings or the below Control Panel directly.
  2. In the Control Panel window, you then visit the Uninstall a program or Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Locate the below Ad-Aware Antivirus project, you can first launch the Change option for it, follow Ad-Aware Antivirus – InstallShield Wizard below to automatically uninstall the Ad-Aware Antivirus.
    • Publisher: Lavasoft Limited
    • Size: 36.6 MB
    • Product version:
    • Help link: www[dot]lavasoft[dot]support

    Tip Select the Remove option from the above Program Maintenance window, and then you click Next > on it.

    Tip Then above Remove the Program window will then inform you that “You have chosen to remove the program from your system. …", you directly hit Remove button.

  4. You can review the detailed steps in Instruction One to completely uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus. If, Windows Control Panel does not help you do so, run the following uninstall tool to force remove your unwanted Ad-Aware Antivirus software.

To entirely uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus, you need to perform the actions for uninstalling related components and leftover files, registry entries and more…

  1. Simply, you enter the below Uninstall or change a program or Add/Remove Programs list again.
  2. To completely uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus, you then launch the Uninstall option for the above Ad-Aware Browsing Protection (version, 0.90.2) first.
  3. Follow the below Ad-Aware Browsing Protection 0.9 Uninstall widow exactly to complete its uninstall process”. Then you wait…
  4. Click the Finish button on Ad-Aware Browsing Protection 0.9 Uninstall window.
  5. Then you can go on with the express uninstall of Ad-Aware Security Add-on (v2.2.0.11) in the list. After you clicking the Uninstall entry in the list, you then see the below screenshots for the easy tips.
  6. Tip Select the installed language for that Ad-Aware Security Add-on, like the default one, English, you then click the OK on the above Installer Language window.

  7. Then you follow the instructions listed on below Ad-Aware Browsing Protection 0.9 Uninstall window. Then you wait seconds for Ad-Aware Browsing Protection 2.2 Uninstall below.
  8. To fully uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus, you select the provided additional option “Uninstall Ad-Aware Browsing Protection” on the following Ad-Aware Security Add-on 2.2 Uninstall window and then you click Finish on it.
  9. Close the below “Ad-Aware Security Add-On – Uninstall” web page. Reload the Uninstall or change a program list above.
  10. And to thoroughly uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus, take the following steps to restore your installed web browsers, like Mozilla Aurora and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  11. If you have Mozilla’s product installed…

    • Run it and open up the following menu in its title.
    • Click the below Options entry on the menu.
    • Select the “Restore to Default” option for the Home Page entry. Click the OK on Options window.
    • Open up the above menu again, which Options is located, enter Add-ons entry. Then you will see the below Mozilla’s Add-ons Manager window displayed, you then launch the Remove option for the remained Lavasoft Search Plugin 0.6 to completely uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus.
    • Close your Mozilla window and then, you re-run it to check out the changes made to it.

    Open up your current version of IE:

    • Open up the Tools or the following Settings entry directly, scroll down the menu and then, you enter Internet options.
    • For most common Windows users, you then click the Use blank tab in Home page portion and then, you click Apply.
    • Click the Settings in Search; in the Search Providers list, you then first set the Bing entry as default engine and then, you remove the blekko to fully uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus.
    • Click the Close on IE’s Manage Add-on window and then the OK on Internet Options. Re-open your IE to confirm the changes have been taken effect.

  12. Save and reboot your device.
  13. For computer fans ONLY, you then manually detect and remove any program data leftovers associated with the above uninstalled items to completely uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus. If you would then just have been annoyed with the below uninstall errors again, please launch this force uninstall option instead to save you from those annoying uninstall problems related with Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro. For more tips, please review the following YouTube video and visit our support forum here.
  14. Info: “Error 2721. SBInstallRepairHelper_x86.6C2C1262_EACB_455A_90_23_2C597F2E7AC2 not found …”.

    Info: “The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications. …”.

BOUNS: How to Uninstall Ad-ware Antivirus (Free edition)

NOTE Follow the below quick steps to automatically uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus Free.

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