Uninstall Action Alert – Disable Safe Search

You received a message “Password Incorrect” while you tried to remove Action Alert from your machine? You could not use Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo search engine after the Action Alert had been installed in your Windows computer?

Bit annoying, right? Learn more details below to help you uninstall Action Alert completely. And after that, you may try or use McAfee SiteAdvisor or AVG Secure Search toolbar (a.k.a, AVG (Security) Toolbar) instead to block and filter those dangerous websites.

Review: The Setup Wizard of the Action Alert Program

  • Project: Create an Action Alert Password
  • Info: A password is necessary to protect Action Alert data and settings. Please choose a secure password and do not share it with protected users.

And when you complete the following Setup Wizard, you would be informed by the Action Alert Setup Wizard, telling “To complete setup, please close any open browser windows and click OK”.

uninstall Action Alert - 0

Oh, and one more thing, may be two… Uhh, please check your web browsers installed on your Windows like Windows Internet Explorer 9/8/6 and/or Mozilla Firefox/Aurora, and another brands: I mean you may need to remove the unwanted MyActionAlert[dot]com’s safesearch then restore the Home Page (page) for them after you automatically get rid of Action Alert program.

uninstall Action Alert - 7

How to uninstall Action Alert employing its default uninstaller?

  1. Logged on to your Windows as administrator.
  2. Click on the Start button >> the All Programs or Programs >> the Action Alert folder on the menu >> run the Uninstall Action Alert.
  3. When you read the below content from the yellow UAC window, you choose the Yes option from it.
  4. Fill out the Password item on the Password Required info box, “Please enter the Action Alert password to uninstall Action Alert.“. Then you click on the OK button on it to go on to uninstall Action Alert.
  5. Note In event that you just forgot the correct password for the uninstall procedure, you launch the “Lost Password?” option, then you will get the below instruction from Action Alert Uninstall to reset the password first, informing you “Please visit www[dot]MyActionAlert[dot]com/LostPassword…”.

  6. Click the Yes on Action Alert Uninstall, telling you “A reboot is required to complete the uninstall. Would you like to reboot your computer now?”.
  7. After that, you need to close the below uninstall survey webpage. You need to find and delete associated program traces to completely uninstall Action Alert.

Option 2: You can also use Windows Control Panel to uninstall Action Alert

  1. Hit the Start >> the Settings or direct the Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features.
  2. Locate the Action Alert in the Uninstall or change a program or Currently Installed Programs list; launch the Uninstall/Change option for it to automatically uninstall Action Alert from your system.
  3. You then need to enter the correct, required password to properly uninstall Action Alert program. Then you click OK on the Password Required window.

Additional Task: Restore your Web Browser program(s) to entirely uninstall Action Alert

Note You need to restore the changed Home page (http://safesearch[dot]myactionalert[dot]com/Custom?Key=CPT7HT8SWY2QWYHBSRUDAS2Q5&User=Test) for your web browser(s). And for IE, bro there, you need to remove the "Action Alert Safe Search" to completely uninstall Action Alert.

  • For Mozilla’s product:
    • Click the title of it like the Aurora here.
    • Scroll down the menu, enter the Options, and then select the second on in the sub-folder.
    • Select the Restore to Default option for the Home Page item.
    • Click OK; re-open your Mozilla’s browser to check the modification made to it.

  • For Windows Internet Explorer:
    • Run Windows’ IE on your computer.
    • For IE 9 users, you click on the Gears icon; for other versions of IE, you click on the Tools menu. Then you choose the Internet options.
    • Select the Use blank option for the Home page section.
    • Click the Settings in Search; you first click the Bing in Search Providers, select the Set as default option for it. Then you locate Action Alert Safe Search, launch the Remove option for it. Click Close on IE’s Manage Add-ons; re-run it to check the changes out.

Also: For advanced computer users ONLY, you can use the following tips to uninstall Action Alert…

Tip You could directly remove the installation directory in Program Files or other drive on your Windows – you may try the above method in Windows Safe Mode; moreover, you might manually find and delete those registry keys associated with the Action Alert program. Now, follow the below screen shots for more information.

  1. Load your Windows in its Safe Mode; as the administrator, you then run Windows Task Manager (you press the [Ctrl] key + [Alt] key + [Del/Delete] key); click on the Processes tab on it; if you find the below two images running in it, pgkey.exe and pgtray.exe; then you try to terminate then. To get more details about them, you right click on them, run the Open File Location option for them. For more information, you can upload them to VirusTotal.
  2. Tip You can first locate the pgtray.exe; then you click the End Process tab; answer the End process option for the Task Manager. Similarly, then you terminate the pgkey.exe to smoothly uninstall Action Alert.

  3. Locate the Action Alert Viewer on the (All) Programs menu; right-click on it. Then you can choose the Properties to enter.
  4. Click the Open File Location or the Find Target… tab if you are running a Windows XP machine.
  5. When you enter the installation folder of Action Alert.
  6. Right-click on the Action Alert file folder created in Program Files, run the Delete option on the right menu.
  7. For its registry keys type, run the Windows Registry Editor, search and then delete them manually. What’s more, you then search the drives on your device for any other file type leftovers to cleanly uninstall Action Alert.

If you just do not use Action Alert, you now view the video file below and install Windows uninstaller to permanently remove it on your computer.

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