Uninstall SpeedMaxPc – How to Remove SpeedMaxPc

Is SpeedMaxPc Legit or Scam? Wanna learn more tips to thoroughly uninstall SpeedMaxPc?

Although the said downloadable system optimizer could be probably harmless, most of users do want to remove it according one thread posted on Microsoft Community. Before you remove SpeedMaxPc, you first launch the option "Stop Scan" to stop the bogus System Scan. Moreover, you may manually clean the cookies and the files that may still saved in Windows Recycle Bin later on. And , if, you’re one of those dissatisfied users, you can refer the video guide and run the Windows uninstaller to clean all the related traces – this way is to entirely uninstall SpeedMaxPc from your system.

How to properly get rid of SpeedMaxPc from your machine?

Well, for regular Windows users, you better be careful when installing software cuz very often, an application installer including online installer like the one from Softpedia provides optional or sponsored project(s). Then to fully uninstall SpeedMaxPc, let’s take a walk through its express install together.

  • Choose Components: Choose which features of SpeedMaxPc you want to install.
    • Info: Check the components you want to install…

    uninstall SpeedMaxPc - 1

  • Choose Install Location…
    • (By default:) C:\Program Files\SpeedMaxPc\SpeedMaxPc (Note You can forcibly uninstall SpeedMaxPc via this smart uninstall tool if you cannot find it in Windows programs list.)

    uninstall SpeedMaxPc - 2

  • Now, take the additional steps to make sure that you can uninstall SpeedMaxPc without unexpected trouble…
    • You can directly click the Stop Scan button in System Scan portion; or you then click OK on the SpeedMaxPc window below, "There was an error communicating with the server…".
    • You can ignore the displaying error details and close SpeedMaxPc. You then check the option "Don’t Ask me again" and launch Exit on the following alert window.

Now you can continue with my detailed solutions below or run the recommended uninstall tool to force uninstall SpeedMaxPc and its residual items on your computer.

How uninstall SpeedMaxPc properly?

Option 1: Run the Windows’ default uninstaller to uninstall SpeedMaxPc

  • Visit the Home key in Windows Taskbar.
  • Select Control Panel from that menu you see.
  • Open up Programs -> Uninstall a program.
  • Press S key, locate and launch the listing SpeedMaxPc to directly uninstall SpeedMaxPc from your programs list.

  • Select option Uninstall from SpeedMaxPc Uninstall dialog window, “Are you sure you want to uninstall SpeedMaxPc?”
  • Click Close on Uninstallation Complete, “Uninstall was completed successfully.”
    • Run the uninstall.exe Application in the mentioned folder to uninstall SpeedMaxPc

    • To view the file extension for it, you click on Organize menu, then enter Folder and search options section in it.
    • Click View tab on Folder Options; scroll down and disselect the option “Hide extensions for known file types” and then, you click Apply and OK button.
    • You will be able to learn the following details on uninstall.exe so that you can better know how to uninstall SpeedMaxPc on your computer.
      • Type of file: Application (.exe)
      • Description: SpeedMaxPc
      • Size: 514 KB (527,152 bytes)
      • Size on disk: 516 KB (528,384 bytes)
      • Copyright: Copyright © 2011 SpeedMaxPc In.
      • Language: Language Neutral
      • Digital Signatures: Shown below
    • Again, you select Yes on User Account Control to let Windows uninstall SpeedMaxPc automatically.
      • Program name: SpeedMaxPc
      • Verified publisher: MaxTuneup LLC

    • Click Uninstall button on SpeedMaxPc Uninstall.

    Detect and clean the associated remains to fully uninstall SpeedMaxPc

    To completely uninstall SpeedMaxPc, you may need to review and delete the related files as follow

    • CommonLoggingExtension.pxt: PXT File (.pxt) (opens with Windows Shell Common Dll), 146 KB (149,504 bytes), v1.2.0.0; Copyright, Copyright (C) 2009; Internal File name, CommonLo
    • CommonSpecialist.pxt, 144 KB (147,968 bytes),
    • ExtensionManager.dll: Application extension (.dll), 76.0 KB (77,824 bytes); File description: Extension Dynamic Link Library; File version: 1.2.00; Copyright, Copyright (C) 2007; Original filename, Extensio.dll
    • HandleUpdate.dll: 1.54 MB (1,619,456 bytes); Product version,; Copyright, ParetoLogic. All rights reserved.
    • LiteUnzip.dll: 46.5 KB (47,616 bytes); File description, Extract the contents from a ZIP archive; File version,
    • LiteZip.dll: 39.0 KB (39,936 bytes); File description, Create a ZIP archive
    • MyResources.dll, 759 KB (777,272 bytes)
    • privacy.db: Data Base File (.db), 38.0 KB (38,928 bytes); Attributes, A
    • RegHookSpecialist.pxt, 130 KB (133,120 bytes)
    • SandBoxer.dll: 540 KB (552,960 bytes); Product name, SandBoxer Module
    • sqlite3.dll, 325 KB (333,043 bytes)
    • Utility.pxt, 896 KB (918,016 bytes)
    • whitelist.dat, DAT File (.dat), 7.35 KB (7,528 bytes)

    See the remaining registry keys below:

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\Audio\PolicyConfig\PropertyStore\2605efae_0, (Default) – {}.{727f6b74-41b1-4ef1-adbe-fb61f2c0a0db}|\Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files\SpeedMaxPc\SpeedMaxPc\SpeedMaxPc.exe%b{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SpeedMaxPc, (Default)
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SpeedMaxPc\SpeedMaxPc, includes AutoClean – 0, CacheCompleteFlush – 0000 D6 DB D2 4F 00 00 00 00, CACHEDMD5, MORE
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SpeedMaxPc\UNS\SpeedMaxPc, AppState – unreg, CancelUrl, RegisterUrl – http://rd.nubrandsoftware.com/?aid=4&vid=55&lid=EN&uid=0&cpid=133&pid=25&key=, SettingsFilename – C:\Program Files\SpeedMaxPc\SpeedMaxPc

    WARNING: For computer newbies, it’s strongly recommended running a professional Windows uninstaller to uninstall SpeedMaxPc SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY!

    Dislike continuing to use or keep this PC speed maximizer by ParetoLogic and wanna completely uninstall SpeedMaxPc from your Windows device? You can review my video guide, and download perfect uninstaller to uninstall SpeedMaxPc cleanly!

    For more associated optimization products removal, please read on the posts below.

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