Remove/Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter Serial

If you know application blacklisting little, their are chances you need to thoroughly uninstall IObit Malware Fighter. Why? Read on ‘n get the solution.

First off, here are some examples of misusing IMF (accidentally) so that the installed IObit Malware Fighter or its configuration file "remember.ini" restricted a Windows user from installing/running program like Microsoft’s AppLocale, HP Software Framework, “Garry’s Mod”, "TERA: Rising" and suchlike.
Well, your best decision would be to effectively restore your blocked apps and/or troubleshoot any other potentially unwanted software on your computer with a PUA remover PRO – Save, install and run the recommended smart uninstaller software below, ensuring you a fast, PUP-free device. This how-to article is also written for telling you how to manually and completely uninstall IObit Malware Fighter plus how to manually edit the aforementioned "remember" file.

Uninstalling a single IObit Malware Fighter should be easy, but you might be having other unneeded apps that have "insinuated" on your PC and, using the Yahoo! hijacked web browsers…

  • "Welcome to the IObit Malware Fighter Setup Wizard. …"
  • uninstall IObit Malware Fighter - 5

  • "Please read the following important information before continuing. …"
  • uninstall IObit Malware Fighter - 6

  • "Free IObit Apps Toolbar by Spigot for Internet Explorer and Firefox (optional) … Set Yahoo! as my default search engine… Install the Slick Saving, …"
  •  IObit Malware Fighter - 7

  • "Where should IObit Malware Fighter be installed?" (IMF not listed? Use this perfect uninstaller supporting all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems to forcibly get rid of IObit Malware Fighter!)
  •  IObit Malware Fighter - 8

  • "Select Additional Tasks"
  •  IObit Malware Fighter - 9

  • "Installing. Please wait…"
  •  IObit Malware Fighter - 10

  • "Install AccelerateTab" and/or "Install Advanced SystemCare Ultimate …"
  •  IObit Malware Fighter - 11

Well whether you installed the above bloatware we’ve highlighted above by accident or not, here’s the fix you can entirely uninstall the IObit Malware Fighter program, including so called "IObit Toolbar", AccelerateTab and ASC.

How to fully uninstall IObit Malware Fighter?

  1. Use the administrative rights to exit the running IMF and all of its associated processes.
  2. uninstall  - 12

  3. Then, you manually turn off ASC’s real-time protection.
  4. uninstall  - 13

  5. Use WTM to terminate IObit-related images so that you can smoothly remove the IObit Malware Fighter. They are: ASC.exe *32, Monitor.exe *32, SearchSettings.exe *32.
  6. uninstall - 14

  7. Now, you may be able to perform the uninstall of IMF via one of the following 3 options:
    • Method 1: start >> All Programs >> IObit Malware Fighter >> run "Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter".
    • uninstall - 15

    • Method 2: start >> Control Panel >> "Uninstall a program" or Add/Remove if you’re using a XP computer >> try using Windows Uninstall utility to get rid all of the apps you do not want to keep any more from Windows programs manager.
    • uninstall - 16

    • Method 3: Right click on IMF’s shortcut file on desktop >> launch "Open file location" >> run the following unins000 application (1,151 KB).
    • uninstall IObit Malware Fighter - 17

  8. For W/8, 7, Vista, you too may meet the following UAC alert, then you need to use Admin permission to apply Yes to UAC below.
  9. uninstall - 18

  10. To automatically uninstall the IObit Malware Fighter, you now select Yes from the below "IObit Malware Fighter Uninstall" dialog box.
  11. uninstall - 19

  12. Hit OK to exit that Uninstall.
  13. uninstall - 20

  14. To cleanly uninstall the IObit Malware Fighter, we suggest you remove all of quarantined items, all of software remains and then, restore your browsers’ settings to the previous ones.
  15. To reset your changed web programs, you may need to delete the living Yahoo! from Firefox’s "Manage Search Engines…".
  16. uninstall - 21

  17. Go to Firefox’s Add-ons Manager, remove the "ASC Surfing Protection 1.0" ‘n the possible incompatible "AccelerateTab" that get left.
  18. uninstall - 22

  19. Now, reset Firefox’s "Home Page", press OK on Options then close FF windows.
  20. u23

  21. For IE guys, you delete Yahoo!’s URL setting in "Home page" section.
  22. u24

  23. Then, you may only be disable the remaining "ASC Browser Protection" (v1.0.0.0).
  24. u25

  25. Now, look into Search Providers list, you first set Bing as the 1st engine then remove Yahoo from the menu.
  26. u26

How to unblock/remove your desirable apps/games from IObit Malware Fighter’s application blacklist?

Now, try referring to the following 7-step instructions to free your blocked items, NOT malware.

  • Save all of your personal data. Restart then log on to your computer as the system administrator.
  • If you’re using the pre-set IMF, you then need to exit it first – IObit Malware Fighter has been set to run with Windows Startup: find it in "Show hidden icons" area >> launch the listing Exit option.
  • u1

  • Press OK on the following IObit Malware Fighter warning you "… Do you really want to exit?"
  • u2

  • Open up Computer on desktop. Input "iobit" in Windows Explorer’s search box then press Enter. Wait. You then double click on a file folder "C:\Users\TEST (your PC name here)\AppData\Roaming\IObit".
  • u3

  • Right click on a file named "remember", enter "Open with" then select "Notepad".
  • u4

  • Change 1 (number, one) to 0 (number, zero) for corresponding # (any good & safe app has been denied rights to run) such as the following format:
    • 1=1 ==> 1=0

    WARNING: BE CAREFUL while you’re editing in the said blacklist! Otherwise, other apps you installed can also be crashed!

  • Save, restart your system and then, re-try executing your apps.

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