Uninstall/Remove Yahoo Toolbar on Internet Explorer

All the conventional runtines won’t let you remove Yahoo Toolbar? Then, you need adaptive instructions to help you thoroughly uninstall Yahoo Toolbar?

This weblog contains content that will help you completely remove Yahoo Toolbar and uninstall the Yahoo! Axis. Obviously, Windows Control Panel does not cleanly remove the Yahoo Toolbar, BCOS you may have checked all the boxes provided by Yahoo!’s one-stop installer Yahoo Toolbar Setup (we will be able to see how it goes later) – that is exactly the reason why some Windows beginners even those intermediate users have the annoying homepage hijacking facts on their PC. If you were an avid professional uninstaller, it will show all the associated traces due to the tool cleaning all the installations of Yahoo Toolbar you’re using.

Use the following information to remove your unwanted Yahoo Toolbar completely

  • Info: "Yahoo Toolbar has been installed!"
  • Options:
    • "Set Yahoo! as default home page and default search."
    • "Install Toolbar on my Firefox browser as well."
    • "I would like to share my browsing data with Yahoo! to help improve products and services. …"

Remove Yahoo! Toolbar - 1

How do I manually remove Yahoo Toolbar from Windows 8?

Slide note The only thing necessary for the triumph of uninstalling Yahoo Toolbar is to remove the unwanted Yahoo! Software Update and then restore the changed "Home Page" for your web tools; and this also requires you to deal with actions that you will need to modify Registry Editor. If you would have issues following the steps below, please use this perfect uninstall tool to permanently remove Yahoo Toolbar from your Windows system!

  1. First of all, I need to close the following Windows Internet Explorer 10; and I save and close other personal stuff.
  2. Remove Yahoo! Toolbar - 2

  3. Then, I log off the standard user account and relog on to my system via the Administrator account.
  4. Now I open up Control Panel on my desktop and go to Uninstall a program in it.
  5. Then Windows Uninstall or change a program shows me the following items from Yahoo! Inc.:
  6. 3

  7. I am now recommending that everybody first remove the above Yahoo! Toolbar by launching the listing Uninstall option on Programs and Features (If you are a WinXP user, you check the "Remove" button next to the toolbar program by Yahoo!.)
  8. Then I simply choose the Yes option from the "Yahoo Toolbar Uninstall" below, "Are you sure you want to uninstall Yahoo Toolbar?".
  9. 4

  10. Then "Yahoo Toolbar Uninstall" tells me that "Yahoo Toolbar was successfully uninstalled. …" – I choose No then the Close button on it and I continue the express uninstall of Yahoo! Software Update.
  11. 5

  12. After launching the Uninstall option for Yahoo!’s updater application, I press the Uninstall button on the following Yahoo! Software Update Uninstall window.
  13. 7

  14. Hit the Close button when the uninstall is completed.
  15.  Yahoo! Toolbar - 8

  16. I Shut down Programs and Features then I run Internet Explorer 10.
  17. 9

  18. I click on the gears icon on the upper-right corner of IE window and choose Internet options on the menu.
  19. I manually delete the following URL setting "http://www.yahoo[dot]com/?fr=fp-tyc9" from IE’s Home page section: I launch the "Use new tab" option for Home page and click Apply button on Internet Options.
  20. 10

  21. Then I go on to visit the Programs tab and open up the Manage add-on portion. And then I look into the Search Providers part, I locate Bing and launch Set as default option; afterwards, I delete the Yahoo! Search to fully remove Yahoo Toolbar. And I close the currently running IE application and re-open it to check my modification made to MS’ web browser.
  22. 12

  23. Please keep mind that improper changes to Windows filesystem and/or Registry Editor might make you run into the unexpected system troubles like the “deadly Blue screen” thus, for more regular end-users, you should save and run the following smart uninstaller, an uninstall PRO does help you cleanly & effectively remove Yahoo Toolbar out of your box.
  24. 13


How can ya become a computer expert?

The following option is meant to use Yahoo!’s default uninstaller to (PARTIALLY) remove the unwanted toolbar application in your system. Now, I’m going to show you how to remove Yahoo Toolbar via this advanced solution:

  • I double click Computer icon and enter the Local Disk (C:) partition.
  • Then I open up the Program Files folder and highlight the Yahoo! folder at the bottom of Program Files window.
  • 15

  • Enter the Common file folder, you will find an application unyt that all of you can use to remove Yahoo Toolbar. Please note, though, the Yahoo! Software Update cannot be uninstalled with the uninstaller. See more details about that unyt.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: Yahoo Toolbar Setup
    • Size: 105 KB (108,462 bytes)
    • Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Yahoo! Inc.



    Note #1 unyt means "Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar".

    Note #2 For Win8, Win7 and Vista folks, you must be logged in as an Admin user to run that uninstaller.

  • I right click on it and choose "Run as administrator"; then I click the Yes button on the UAC below to automatically remove Yahoo Toolbar.
  • 18

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Step 1: Review the Yahoo! Axis Setup

  • Info: "Welcome to Y! Axis Setup"
  • Details: "Y! Axis is a multi-device, multi-session application …"
  • Option: "Perform Automatic Updates"


Step 2: "Yahoo! Axis has successfully installed. You can start searching and browsing the web …"


Reading the following information or referring to steps on how to remove Yahoo Toolbar should navigate you through the uninstallation of Yahoo! Axis. Rashad recommends you use this newly upgraded uninstaller Pro if you have any issue about the express/complete uninstall of Axis.

Manual steps for uninstalling the Yahoo! Axis:

  • First off, I save and close all the browser window(s) that in use.
  • 3

  • I go to Control Panel and enter Uninstall a program. Then the Yahoo! Axis and Yahoo! Software Update are presented to me for removal.
  • I first locate the Yahoo! Axis below and use the listing Uninstall option for Axis.
  • 4

  • Click Yes on the following "Yahoo! Axis Uninstaller", saying "Do you want to uninstall Yahoo! Axis?".
  • 5

  • I press Close when I read "Yahoo! Axis uninstalled successfully.".
  • 6

  • Then, I would like to remove Yahoo! Software Update to fully get rid of Yahoo!’s Axis program.

If you have no luck with the reintallation, or with Windows Uninstall utility, then you should try the following professional uninstaller software which offers option to forcibly and effectively remove Yahoo Toolbar for your Web browser.

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